[PC] Steam - Scythe Digital Edition $14.15 (50% off) @ Humble Bundle


Humble Bundle have the digital bundle of the board game Scythe at 50% off. Most professional reviews I've read were positive and it seems really good value, especially at this price.

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  • +2 votes

    great board game, but be careful if you play the physical version as well… you only need to get a handful of games ahead of the rest of your group before you'll really start to wreck people without even trying in this game. Very low luck factor as far as board games go.

    as cheap as this is and as quick as I'm sure it is to play, unlike something like Race for the Galaxy which shines in digital form, I'd highly recommend the physical version - too good face to face.


      Than you just had a group prepared to gang up on you and take you down. That is the nature of territory control style games.


    Female Komrade on the artwork looks a lot like FLOTUS. lol