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Nike Hyperfuel 709ml Water Bottles - $10 Each (Min Purchase 2) + Free Shipping @ rebel


Rebel Sport currently have a combination of deals that reduce the cost of a 709ml Nike Hyperfuel bottle down to $10, when at least 2 are purchased.

The bottles individually normally sell for $24.99, but there's currently a multi-buy deal for 2 for $40.

On top of that, there's an automatically applied discount that reduces the cost of each bottle by $10. So, it's $14.99 for one (i.e. $24.99 - $10.00), or $20.00 for two (i.e. $40.00 - $10.00 - $10.00).

On top of that again, there appears to be free shipping automatically applied, irrespective of the order total (the site says that free shipping is normally only applicable for orders over $150).

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    Thanks OP, got 2


    Think their site is a bit glitchy. Made an order but not in my account - orders

    And got no confirmation email yet

    Be sure to take a screenshot of your


    Cheers OP, kids were due for new water bottles.

    EDIT: scratch that, they charged me $20 for each bottle even though they were $10 in the cart; cancelling the order

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    normally sell for $24.99

    What are their special features?

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    The features:

    Leakproof Puff Valve Spout to avoid splatters and spills
    Translucent body to track your consumption throughout the day
    BPA Free - Smaller carbon footprint!

    So, for $30 normal price, not even an insulated bottle. Pass.


      BPA Free - Smaller carbon footprint!

      The irony is that a person engaged in vigorous exercise produces 8 times the normal amount of co2. Plus we are 18% carbon.

      So it would be better not to worry about banning Adani or buying BPA free when the population is increasing.

      The solution is genocide (joke). I'm sure the Greens will take one for the team and start with themselves.

      • -2 votes

        Well, if people aren't exercising then what else are they doing that generates CO2 - e.g. driving a car, watching TV or the internet using electricity…

        Also, the 18% of carbon should be returned to the soil when our corpse is buried so doesn't contribute to atmospheric carbon.

        Statistically, if current trends continue, world human population should level out at 10 billion. Today's young people will have fewer children once they get to child-bearing age as education, health and prosperity increases in 2nd and 3rd world countries. There is a TED talk on it by a statistician. On the other hand, if rich countries don't care about the planet, then … By any measure, though, that is still a big ask - 10,000 million people is still having to feed 50% more people than currently.

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          People need to go just knock themselves unconscious. That way they aren't contributing to CO2 levels.
          And cows need to stop farting. Maybe we can harvest their farts (Yes, I know CH4 is different to CO2, but CH4 is a lot more powerful/"efficient" than CO2)

          I think I just ruined this whole comment by getting technical, so this comment is in a weird place. It's too technical to be funny, but not technical enough to be truly informative.

          And yes, I'm bored xD

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    They fixed the 10OFFPRO since it was getting applied to all items

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    is there any reason to believe these water bottles should be worth more than $5?


      im happy with my $6 Aldi ones I bought on Wednesday. No swoosh on it, but its only a water bottle.

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    you paying for the brand ….bottle itself is $2

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    Now 2 for $40.

    The game is over.

    They fixed the website glitch.


    It shows $40 for me when I select multibuy.?

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    I'd rather spend that money and get a Camelbak instead of paying for the tick


    Can’t get the bottles down to $10 as described. 2 bottles for $40 with free delivery is as much as I get. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

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    This cricket season I've discovered the difference that an insulated bottle makes, don't think I will ever look back…

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    That extra 9ml of capacity could be the difference between finishing your training session, or not.

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    Damn they fixed that quick! Went to pay with PayPal but had a security challenge and had to reset the password. By the time I fixed that up it was back to $40.

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    I got in quick and received my shipping email already

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    No longer works unfortunately.