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Steam Sale - Battlefield and Medal of Honor Weekend Sale Upto 75% off


I was particularly interested in BC2 for $6.80US

I bought a few copies to play at LAN since a new coop patch has been introduced. Great single player game. Haven't tried MP yet.
I also bought BC2:V for myself on single player.

Take advantage of the following deals today!
- Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - 66% off
- Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam - 50% off
- Medal of Honor - 50% off
- Medal of Honor: Airborne - 75% off

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  • Gonna go check out reviews if BC2 Vietnam is any good.

    • +1

      BC2 Vietnam is good, and my game of choice over vanilla BC2

      • Does the steam version work with EADM version? :\ (vietnam)

        • Nah you need the steam version of BFBC2 in order to use the steam vietnam map pack by the looks of things…

  • Tempted to buy for such a low price. I'm not really huge on the war genre.

  • is battlefield 2 good? price wise looks awesome, $3.75 for complete collection. and very good price for vietname!

    • If you're looking for a good single player campaign, go for BC2 over BF2.

      • -2

        And if you want multiplayer, I prefer BF2 over BC2 any day of the week.

        BC2 is like COD.

        BF2 is more vehicle based - much larger maps. BF2 is 7 years old but still has a strong following with a 64 player Gamearena server often being full every night.

        • +1

          BC2 is nothing like CoD. Heck, this is the whole reason I play it, to avoid the CoD crowd.

        • Agreed, BC2 is nothing like COD. If you think this you have clearly not played it.

        • I have played it and BC2 blows compared to BF2…

        • Sure, in your opinion BC2 blows, however I actually hated BF2 and love BC2… but that isn't what they're criticising you for. repeating that you think BC2 blows compared to BF2 doesn't mean that BC2 is anything at all like COD, because it isn't.

        • definitely not like cod, here's a list why
          1. much larger distances on maps
          2. inaccurate sniper rifles. none of this quickscoping and no scoping like cod.
          3. no overpowered killstreak rewards, instead rewards are decent
          4. knifing is not ridiculously overpowered, none of this commando teleporting stuff
          etc etc way too many differences to list

      • I found the single player campaign just crappy! The characters really annoyed me lol but the multiplayer game is good for sure!

  • +16

    Prices for those who don't have/can't be bothered to check Steam:

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - $6.80 USD (66% off)
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam - $7.49 USD (50% off)
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2: SPECACT Kit Upgrade - $2.99 USD (50% off)
    Battlefield 2 Complete Collection - $3.75 USD (75% off)
    Medal of Honor - $34.99 USD (50% off)
    Medal of Honor: Airborne - $2.50 USD (75% off)

    • I can't see those prices, what's the url? Or is it over now?
      It's >$10 for most things for me.

  • +3

    Medal of Honor is $15USD in the US Steam store! I'm sick of Australians always being price-gouged :(

    • +4

      FYI: Guide to paying the 'right'price for Steam games:

    • +1

      couldn't agree with you more!

      I had a b!t$h about it here:

      vote with your wallet, don't buy anything that rips off aussies…
      http://www.steamprices.com is a great resource to check before buying.

    • Hey sometimes our prices are cheaper than overseas, eg during the Crysis and Need For Speed daily deals the our prices were the cheapest

      • +1

        but they are so few and far between!

    • wasn't that great a game anyway, tried too much to be like cod

  • Thanks andolee90….i forget to post prices


  • +1

    Bad company 2 all the way. Such a good game

  • Peoples get BFBC Vietnam. In my opinion it's better than the main game itself and your EXP points go towards vanilla BFBC2!

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      • +2

        FAIL! thats still part of the same sale wisc so you're now no longer the dupe nazi…
        see here: http://store.steampowered.com/sale/eaweek
        note the url.
        and thers the battelfield and MOH sale prices

        • +1

          ack i cant believe i missed this… the weekend sale through me…

          I revoke my POSITIVE!

      • +4

        This is part of a different sale? The 7 day sale runs from the 3rd to the 10th. Today is the 9th. Go figure.

      • +2

        lol, like others have said… this is still the 7 day EA sale. This is definately a dupe.

        • -1

          yep i reported dupe and if mods dont take down i will be upset… when i posted one of the deals outta the EA week sale they took my post down :(
          fairs fair…

        • Really Chux? You would get upset because a mod didn't take down this thread?


          I heard the forecast for the next 2-3 days is nice and sunny :)

    • +1

      Based on + votes, people seem too lazy to go back and check the other one. I think while dupe-posting like this should be avoided, the increased popularity of this deal means it can stay. Just my thoughts.

  • Thanks OP I would have missed this otherwise. Bought Vietnam and SPECACT mods.

    Really getting sick of Modern Warfare 2, with the lack of dedicated servers, the rampant hacking and the hordes of ten year old griefer trolls.

  • Does anyone know if getting medal of honor will still give you access to the battlefield 3 beta?

  • +2

    Everyone should buy BC2. IMO BEST multiplayer game of its genre ive played.

  • Can the vietnam pack be downloaded and played as standalone or do I need to buy BC2 beforehand?

    • +1

      Vietnam pack requires BC2.

    • +1

      You need a Steam version of BC2, retail version will not work. Steam won't let you purchase Vietnam without you either already owning a Steam copy of or purchasing BC2.

  • So this sale ends around midnight tonight WST (Perth)?

  • What is this new co-op patch you speak of?

    • nm coop is for PS3 and Xbox 360 only. They never did release Onslaught for the PC.

  • +1

    Has anyone successfully used a vpn to get a steam game? US$15 is a lot better than $AU30 for Medal of Honor.

    • I'd like to know this too. I don't mind paying $15USD for it if someone purchases it over Steam for me :P

      • Just tried adding a different c/card with a US address on my account and it failed.

    • I have.. from the UK though. I bought the uncensored Left4Dead2 4 pack..
      You only need the VPN to buy the game.. after that, you can download through your regular connection.

  • +1

    Damn impulse buys, bought both even though I bought retail BC 2.

    Although Crysis 2 is so cheap 20 USD.

    • +1

      Yeah its like $20 just to get Vietnam maps from EA or now like $15 for both from Steam…tempting but meh I dont have enough time for games atm lol

    • you mean crysis? crysis 2 is still full price

      • That's because the sale is over. :(

  • Damn steam is running so slow.. everyone in the entire world must be leeching.

  • It is slow for me too.

  • +1

    Play BC2 with the Logitech G35 headset and it'll be like having an orgasm, for your ears

    • Definitely one of the high points of the game compared to the relatively "low-tech" graphics and sound that you get in cod. Even better than the G35 if you have the money, get a better pair of dedicated analogue headphones then hook it up to a sound card. You'll get the same positioning technology but it will sound even better :D

  • Might as well try this seeing as i can do bugger all with my Playstation at the moment. Suffering from killing withdrawal….

  • So does BC2 have many people still playing MP? Or go for BF2?
    Was going to buy BF2 for the lolz. Love annoying bf fanboyz who think vehicles involve skill

    • BC2 still has a lot of people playing MP, dunno about BF2 though.

    • The main GameArena BF2 server still fills up most nights. Lots of hack users though, I suspect, and if you're not getting raped by hackers you're getting raped by aircraft in that game.

  • Bought BC2, my very first Battlefield game :-)

    • using proxy?

      • huh?

        • -1


        • +1

          I believe he's asking if you bought it through a proxy (thus buying it from a non-Australian version of the Steam store)

        • No Blitz, really? Thanks…

          Mark - ah right, thanks for the clarification. Nope, I don't bother with all of that messing around. If I think it's cheap enough I buy it, if it's not I don't. Nice and simple. :-)

        • It was MoH that had the price difference. BC2 was the same price in both stores so no need to bother with a proxy, etc.

      • That is incorrect.

        BC2 was $50 USD when it first came onto steam.
        Then I'm guessing an Australian distributer noticed this and complained and they put it up to $70 USD.

        Then after a long time they discounted the game and put it to the same price as the US store.

        I would know because I was forced to get someone in the US to gift it to me, I was so annoyed I didn't preorder it as soon as I saw it on steam.

  • I Love TK'ing in BC2

  • Apparently the Vietnam key works in retail games as well, but you can't buy it until you've bought BC2 on steam. No Lan Support, No Co-Op Campaign.

    And it hates my Belkin Wireless N+ router, instant kick within first minute.

    • is it a punkbuster related kick?

      If so the firewall of your computer or router is probably blocking Punkbuster but not the game.