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1,000 Free New Yorker Pizza Giveaway (18-22 March) @ Domino's (Facebook Required)


Just saw this on Frugal Feeds.

Domino's Instagram page

From 18 to 22 March 2019, you can get one of 1,000 Free New Yorker Pizzas on Instagram!

To take advantage of this deal keep an eye out on their Instagram page here, and when the post is up, click the link to get your free pizza code!

There’ll be a new Instagram post every day with a link to get the code and there’s a limit of one free pizza per customer.

18 March Sold out
19 March Sold Out
20 March Sold Out
21 March Sold Out*
**22 March will be in person at Domino's Queen St Brisbane 12pm AEST

Note: Links are released on Domino's Instagram Stories, not the regular Instagram page. You'll need an Instagram login to see the claim link but only Facebook to claim it.

Link to Terms and Conditions

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  • GOT ONE this time wooo hah

  • +2

    This is BS

  • +1

    Seems notification is slightly late, probably depends on device. None here either

    • I didn't even get a notification lol.

  • Ffs…didnt even have time to log into my facebook.

  • Got hit by… Haven't logged in from this browser before and needed a code to be generated… Which I can't do..

  • I got one but the email didn't come through and I have already closed the page. My order for dominos last night didn't come through either or their support email. Is it something wrong with my email account or dominos? The account is fine receiving any other emails.

      • It was incognito tab I sent from my phone :(

    • I received my code in the email 1 hour after closing the tab (I always take screenshot straightaway but), and I ordered with dominos yesterday without problem. Maybe dig into your spam folder?

      • Yeah I have checked spam and gone through everything. I have noticed my last few dominos order emails did not come through, neither the kogan voucher I agreed to last night after the order. I spoke to dominos to complain about a pizza this morning and they sent an email to my account which never got there. Then the New York pizza voucher never got into my inbox. Something is weird with Dominos related emails to my account. No filters or anything on it either

  • +1

    Got one! Wooooo
    Just happen to refresh 16s after it was posted :)

  • Don’t see anything on the Instagram page.

    • They add a new story (it's not a normal post).

  • Do you have the direct link, went to page that OP posted and there’s nothing…

  • +3

    And again, missed out :(

  • That’s where I been to everytime and that video asking to swipe, am I meant to skip this video?

    • +2

      Why would you skip it when it's asking you to swipe? You're meant to swipe up so you can access the promo.

    • On your phone you swipe up

  • +3

    I managed to get one after receiving phone notification but dang they went fast (clicked again a minute later to see if available still and it wasn't). Good look tomorrow to those who haven't got one yet. For those who already got one, please don't try again - let those who haven't got one yet have a shot.

  • +1

    Bladdy oath probably more chance of winning the lotto.

  • +3

    For those with two or three pizzas while other ozbargainers missed out. How do you sleep at night? You're obviously more technologically savvy than yours truly.

    • +3

      For Brodens with two or three…

    • +1

      it's not just Ozbargainers… There are 70,000 instagram followers and only 200 pizzas so chances of getting a pizza are 3%

      • Yes, rub in some more. Some people here beat these odds three days running. While others haven't even scored a slice. :(

        • +1

          I was in the same boat then ordered 2for1 loaded pepperoni last night. Tastes even better today, especially when you pay $7.45 for 2x pizzas

          • @knobbs: I'm happy for you. As for all Brodens who've won. Just disappointed I haven't.

        • +1

          you just need to be ready when you get the notification and you'll get at least one, fingers crossed. I've gotten 3 codes so far using this method (gave away 2 codes tho)

          • @barozgain: Thanks the advice. Twice my phone started playing up at the crucial moment. Plus I'm slow.

  • +1

    anyone else eagerly waiting?

    • +3

      I am!

    • Let me win something, a pizza preferably, for once. 🙁

    • +3

      Eagerly waiting.. for the next promo that might be achievable.

      No seriously Domino's, please make it soon. My productivity is plummeting xD

      Edit: the story changed and I was like OMG but no code. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME! 😂

      Edit 2: think I broke it refreshing too much, now says page is not available lol

      So sick of monkey_tay rn…

      (Yes, I'm bored)

    • Is it easier to get it from a phone or PC?

      • It ain't that easy I can tell you that much.

  • +2

    None out of three can anyone beat that.

    • +2

      I'll probably be able to soon.
      And I was actually online and on the page the first day codes were active, but didn't know to go under stories :/

    • +1

      None out of three as well

    • Time prediction lads?
      Guessing before 3pm!

      • +3

        Just because I'm ready.

      • 3.03pm (Melbourne time)

        • That is today's date as well.
          21/03 (3:03)
          Let's see.

          • @ProBoDoBo: Today's date as a time would be 9:03pm?
            Oh I get it you add them? Wow. Lol

  • The funny thing is I'm planning to have it for dinner tonight (as I get home late) but in the time I've just been refreshing I could've made something for dinner anyway 😂

    It would be a cruel trick to put it in the existing video under a new story.

  • +3

    Starting to see a pattern here. When I'm a bit late they release the codes early. When I'm early they decide to release them late.

  • How does this work? Do you have to redeem the code on the spot or do you enter your email and get sent a code? Please help.

    • +2

      Code that is redeemable for a few weeks.

    • +1

      I think you get emailed the code

    • +1

      Thank you for the swift response :)

      • All good :) I've got nothing else to do right now haha

    • +1

      How does it work?

      You spend hours refreshing the page only to miss out but you try again the next day because you're in the grip of 'Fear of Missing Out'

      • How does refreshing the page show you that they updated their story when you have to click on it to see it?

      • +5

        At this point it's not even about the pizza. It's a symbol of perseverance and reflexes.

        • +1

          it's a symbol of fast, lag-free internet connection (NBN-much?)
          with optimized caching (clear Dalvik!)

  • +3

    so, looks like these were the times posted this week:

    • Mon 18/3 ~ 01:53pm AEDT
    • Tue 19/3 ~ 03:05pm AEDT
    • Wed 20/3 ~ 12:30pm AEDT
    • Today will be 5pm on the dot.

    • +1

      It'll be later in the day, to sort dinner out for the footy. Off course, I'll miss out. Good luck to all.

  • +1

    Any moment now, gut feeling.

    • +1

      That's been my gut feeling throughout the entire day…

  • +5

    This is actually just making me hate Domino's ahaha

    • +3

      This constant refreshing is giving me Click Frenzy flashbacks…

      • That "pending verification" was the worst lol. How many of them actually got approved?

        • I know mine didn't.

      • Do you actually have to keep refreshing? I thought someone said the ring just glows when they post a new story

        • I have no idea haha but refreshing is fun. Gives my thumbs a cross between a workout and RSI.

        • Yes you're right on the part where it glows blue… but I find refreshing more satisfying personally :P

          • @Smogul: So you're telling me I don't need to be pulling down to refresh every second?

            • @DisabledUser193539: If you're on phone, I would pull down constantly just to be on the safe side. I'm not sure if the circle updates real-time.

              • @Smogul: Okay thanks.

    • +1

      I didn't think I could hate pizza. Ever. But then here we are ….

    • +1

      I'm going to give up at 4pm.

      • +3

        Me too (probably). Watch it be at 4:01pm.

        • Knowing my luck, probably…

  • is it finished for the day?

    • Hasn't even started 😂

    • No! hang in there.

  • Do you have to use the code today if you get one?

    • No… Says valid til 1/4

  • +2

    This is why we need robots. Tried training the dog to hit refresh. Unfortunately didn't go as planned.

    • +1

      just get an auto refresh plugin and set it for 10 second intervals

      • 10 seconds?

        They'd be gone by then

      • +1

        10 seconds? I'm refreshing every 2-3.

        • really? I thought people were saying that it lasts like a minute or so?
          This is my first attempt.. so I dunno

          • @DN38416: It takes most people most of that minute to do the requirements.

            • @pennypincher98: Takes professionals less than 15s!

            • @pennypincher98: What are the requirements?

              • @WilkyBoy: basically entering your email and logging into facebook

              • @WilkyBoy: First it asks for email, then takes you to facebook where you have to login again (i suggest being already logged in). Then back too woobox.com to complete and receive voucher.

      • Cheers bud that sounds refreshing.

  • This is madness.
    Report the bloody Pizza corporation!

    • For… giving free pizza?