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Get $10 Cashback on Your First Purchase (Normally $5) from PokitPal


got email today stating "To celebrate St Patrick's Day, PokitPal are offering $10 cashback on your first purchase instead of the standard $5.

All you need to do to get started is link your Visa® or Mastercard® and start spending!

So whether you're going out for a meal, enjoying some drinks with friends, or just brightening up your life, this one's on us. Sláinte!"

i think you can get an extra $10 too if you use a referral but not sure where to find it on the app.?

Referral Links

Referral: random (9)

$10 for referee. $10 for referrer, after referee makes first purchase.

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  • For others who have no idea what PockitPal is (like me) it seems to be a rewards system that tracks your MasterCard or Visa spending and in return gives you cashback.

    • thats right. anyone know where to find the unique referral code in the app ? i cant seem to find mine. i wanted to refer family.

  • Cashback can be withdrawn once $30 is reached…

    • yes $30 is a bit of downer but depending on your spending habits shouldn't be too hard. they sell discounted e cards too via the app hopefully that will count towards the $30 cash out?

  • I received this promo email this morning and needed a 5% off Rebel Sport gift card anyway so bought one not long after. Nothing showing up pending in my account for any points so unsure if egift cards actually qualify? Might need to be an actual venue but there's no T&Cs related to the promo :\

  • T&C say that after 90 day period of inactivity they charge pockitpal $3 fee. That's a deal breaker for me.

    • good spotting. i signed up many months ago and never used it until adding my visa card today to purchase a discounted e gift card and never have been charged a fee. if they do and try to back date it ill be closing my account. To keep account active i wonder if a simple online e card purchase or a pizza hut or subway in store purchase at least once every 90 days would suffice?

    • Wtf?! Definitely deleting my account now

    • Is that at a participating retailer? Or anywhere??

  • eGift cards are not eligible for this promo. Has to be a purchase instore. Confirmed with a rep.

  • So do you need a code? Or just sign up today?
    Can a moderate put a link to the referral links up the top of this post please?

  • Di they have a list of participating retailers available before you sign up?

  • Any referral code

  • Perhaps admin can setup a referral system for this?

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