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50% off Outlet Items (Clothing, Shoes & Accessories), $8.50 Delivery or Free with $100 Spend @ Reebok


50% off all the 1,000+ outlet items at, from clothing, shoes and accessories. Running is about the only sport I do these days so,

Sizes are limited. Many other lifestyle/athleisure shoes on sale as well. Note that Reebok is owned by adidas, but they also came out with their own TPU-based midsole that's similar to Boost. Harmony Road 3 and Grass Road 2 have just been released with the new foam which might be why the older models are much discounted.

Sale ends 25 March. Shipping is $8.50, or free with $100+ spend.

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  • Hi Scotty, just a dumb question from me, do you think Reebok is better than Puma? Thanks

    • For running shoes, Reebok is definitely having a come back with a full range of offerings from fast flat (Run Fast Pro) to maximalist shoes (Grassy Road). Not sure how much of that is influenced by adidas.

      Puma shoes on the other hand are just hilarious.

      • Would you suggest these for walking long distances? if so, what are your recommendations?

      • Why are Puma shoes hilarious?

        I was beginning to like them after i got cheap pair on boxing day, i usually only rock nikes

      • I have no issues with puma sneakers and think they’re great quality for the price .

        • Yeah I specifically stated "running shoes" as that's what I usually buy, rather than sneakers, trainers in gym, etc. Most of Puma's "running shoes" look like lifestyle sneakers that aren't really comfortable for running.

      • Thanks Scotty, I have got many shoes, many of which are sock like fits, UB, Epic Reacts, Alphabounce etc, I am looking to buy something is supportive not just light and fashionable.

      • Puma shoes on the other hand are just hilarious.

        Agree Pumas are cheap, but if we are talking hilarious…

        • Puma became followers. They had really good designs up until about 2010 or so imo. A lot of their stuff now is the puma version of a trend somebody else made. I had a Puma Cell in about 2002 and it had energy return, so every step you took kind of pushed you slightly forward. The Tazon looks like what I would like, something that is not mesh and should last a long time. Reebok has a few chunky shoes like this.

      • "Puma shoes on the other hand are just hilarious"

        I have 18 pairs of pumas and never once have they said a good joke to label them hilarious. Hmm.

      • Usain Bolt runs in Puma (admittedly track shoes) Lol.

    • I think scotty is saying "yes" :D

    • +1 vote

      do you think Reebok is better than Puma?

      Dunlop KT26's are the go…

  • Would you recommend any of those shoes in particular? Not very experienced myself.

    • I've not run in Reebok but I'll pick up Harmony Road 2 at this price if they have my size. Sorry I can't really recommend as I don't know what's your intended use.

      • @scotty, you're an NB man right?

        • That's correct. I don't mind trying other brands but often just going back to New Balance.

          • @scotty: I have a lot of NB shoes recently because they are wider than Nike/Adidas/Puma. Puma shoes are the worst shoes I had, very unconfortable and hurt my feet a lot. I guess you have wide feet too

            • @ntt: I actually normally wear D. It's more of arch support in New Balance (as well as Brooks, but they are rarely on sale) works for me. I'm currently running in Saucony Freedom ISO (from a Running Warehouse sale). Great shoes, but really kills my PF.

  • please note delivery in title

  • I have to ask scotty, do you have more shoes than your wife? :P

  • Hi do you guys have any idea which one is good for gym training? Like sth solid for squat, weight lifting or similar? Thanks in advanve

    • I wouldn't buy running shoes for gym work.

      Any comfortable shoe would work.

    • Their powerlifting shoes aren't on special but I've heard mixed reviews from Reebocks anyway.

      For squatting you can purchase squat shoes with a broad solid wedge in the heel that keep you stable and give your legs a better angle to squat deeper with, like this

      The thing is you can't use those shoes for deads, which you need a flat shoe like chucks or volleys for (or barefoot). Just don't lift heavy in running shoes or anything cushioned really, they don't provide a solid base and you lose power in the transfer to the floor.

    • Running shoes have cushion and the heel is often higher than forefoot — I heard it's not good for lifting when you need a stable platform.

    • Honestly, shoes are super hard to recommend. Ultimately, it is up to the individual in terms of comfort. For gym, I'd say you should focus on shoes with flat feet (a smaller heel to toe drop compared to standard 8mm-10mm in running shoes), and a distraction-free fit so you can keep your mind on the lift/squat. The sale is going to last for a while so in the next few days, see if you can drop by a store and try them on before buying. If not, Reebok does have free returns. If you had any more questions, don't be afraid to shoot them my way :)

  • Checkout Nanos.

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  • Thanks OP, just bought 2 trackies + t-shirt + socks all for 105 shipped free ( over $100 free shipping ), if it doesn't fit you can return them for free using parcelpoint :)

  • Thanks. I bought two pairs of shoes.

  • What's their fit like? Never bought reebok before. Is it similar to Nike or Adidas

  • Further 8% off with ShopBack, if it tracks….

  • Any chance anyone wants to split an order to my parcel locker in Adelaide CBD? Only after a $30 pair of shoes for the kid.

    • What exactly are you not sure about? Quality? Fit? Looks? You're buying sports goods, not a message, which may or may not be controversial.

  • Just got an email from Reebok saying that they’ve cancelled my order. No explaination why. Bit disappointing.

  • I don't really get running shoes categories.. I usually run outside, on tracks through nature, either (unsealed) walking tracks, fire roads, sandy tracks, that kind of thing. What category of shoes best fits that description?

    And another unrelated questions - are some running shoes better than other with dealing with sore knees?

    • A good running form protects the knees, not running shoes. For example always land under the centre of mass, not overstriding, etc. Running shoes protect your ankle and your feet when landing. So something that provides stability preventing your feet rolling inwards (overpronation), or enough cushion (lessen the pain over thousands of impact), or a bit of both.

      Ultimately, just wear something you feel comfortable.

      • Thanks Scotty! Any ideas how I could improve my running form?

        And what do you reckon about which category of running shoes best fits my description?