[Steam] SEGA Football Manager 2019 ($27.89 USD) (~AU $41.04) @ 2game


Cheapest price so far.

Official Steam reseller and official key that can be activated in Australia. Note - most other Official resellers sell EU region locked keys.


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    Just as bad/good as Civ's one more turn for me - except you can end up wanting to throw a boot at someone after beating first place and then losing to 20th place who've been on a 10 game winless streak the next game


      I agree, that used to happen. 2018 was also a bit of a dog, with the UI, training and scouting being botched. I ended up going back to 2017.

      I've thrown in a heap of hours into 2019 and I'm finding the AI and "algorithm" seems much more balanced this year than previous years. Far fewer weird losses (20 opportunities vs 1 for the AI and the AI scores from that 1 ofc) and far fewer injuries this year. Scouting is still subjective - a lot of people prefer the old format as it was far easier. I prefer the new scouting but it is indeed more of a challenge. Training is far, far better.

      2019 is looking to be one of the better editions to date IMHO.

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