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2 Loaded Pepperoni Pizzas for $7.45 @ Domino's


Even though it says on the coupon it's excluded from the deal, it let's you check out (for now).

This means you can grab 2 Loaded Pepperoni Pizzas (Under the traditional pizzas section) for $7.45

Thanks to the 2 for 1 Tuesdays post by donyal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/445314

https://puu.sh/D29zK/b2eeaed6ec.jpg (image of coupon)

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  • Champ just ordered

  • +1

    $8.45 at my store. I picked up a loaded pepperoni and a cheesy garlic value pizza. Thanks.

  • Just as I'm trying to go on a diet!

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      Don't worry it's only 6424kj each pizza ;)

      • What's the recommended daily intake of kilojoules for a male adult lol roughly 1.7m

    • Eat them both and you’ll probably spew up all the calories.

    • Diet starts….. Tomorrow! (story of my life)

  • +2

    Can't wait to get 2 ”Loaded” zas and get an extra freebie when my store gets salty lmao

  • +2

    Can you order for pickup the next day….?

    • Just tried…says voucher expired.

  • $7.90 at my local ordered will have some for lunch tomorrow 🙂

    • $13.45 at my local….I didn't bother

  • Dam u ozbargain and these unhealthy foods, not like I’m going have rest on my body, youfoodz is prob the only decent one.

  • Coming up as $8.45 for me.

  • +1

    Just ordered. Dinner and work lunch sorted. Saved having to turn the oven on. Win-Win

  • It only works when my order is for today. how are u guys getting it to work for tomorrow?

    • +6

      Reheating it. Comes up a treat in the sandwich press.

    • +1

      Obtaining it for today and keeping for tomorrow I would say.

      Thanks OP ordered for family 8.45 for me.

  • $7.70 for me. lunch and dinner tomorrow! thanks op!

  • Showing as expired for me :-(

  • +1

    What does "loaded" mean?

  • Thanks OP

  • +3

    Cheap fast food is the worst!

    Thanks OP, bought.

  • Wow.
    $13.45 at my local store.

    No deal.

  • Check the topping when you pickup. My local Dominos at Woolloongabba has a few times recently served up a normal topping instead of loaded.

    • +1

      Yeah that's what happened to me tonight at woolloongabba. Won't be going back.

      • Same here, wasn't anything like the picture and covered the whole thing. Was more like the normal pepperoni picture (maybe even less than that). Despite this though the normal pepperoni I get from them always has less than what is shown on the site so what I got was more than normal but not what is shown. Complaining via FB, will see what happens

        • Yeah im ok with the 5 dollar pizzas being a bit low on the topping because it's so cheap, but definitely not acceptible for loaded. I'm going to start asking for a refund of the difference in price

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