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[VIC] Korean Buffet All Day, Everyday Lunch & Dinner - $19.80 @ Miss Korea Kitchen 288 (Nunawading)


In tune with our commitment of providing our guests the best possible variety of Korean food at the best price, we have introduced an all day, everyday new price of $19.80 per person

Lunch - Now $19.80

$22.80 pp Mon - Fri (12:00 ~ 15:00)
$24.80 pp Sat - Sun (12:00 ~ 15:00)

Dinner - Now $19.80

$29.80 pp Mon - Thu (17:30 ~ 22:00)
$39.80 pp Fri - Sun (17:30 ~ 22:00)

* Kids Under 4 Eat Free
* Children between 4-10: $12.00
* Bookings recommended for groups of 4 or above (

Session Times
Lunch: 12:00pm – 3:00pm (Last serve @ 2:00pm)
Dinner: 5:30pm – 10:00pm (Last serve @ 9:00pm)

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    한식뷔페 많이 애용해주세요.

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      매우 우스운 이야기

      • What's very funny about Griffindinho?

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    This place is pretty good if you want to eat a lot of nice Korean food, would reccomend!

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    Food is actually really nice with quite a variety - would recommend.

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    Do we have to book for party to 2 to get this price?

    • +1

      Hi prisonmike,

      No need to book to get this price.

      Just that we get a bit busy on weekends so we recommend groups of over 4 make a booking via the website.

      Hope that helps

  • When exactly does the promotion end? Other than that good deal OP. :)

    • +1

      Hi Dollarino,

      Thanks for your kind words!

      Currently, there is no expiry date on this promo although prices may be subject to change in the future.

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    Came here a few months ago for dinner. Highly recommend.

    Food was pretty fresh as they didn't stack the bain-marie to brim and leave it - they seem to put smaller amounts in there and restock when required.
    Variety was pretty good - all my Korean street food favourites were there, bibimbap, korean fried chicken, soups, and others.
    Quality was alright - better than other AYCE's, but not as good as an a la carte Korean restaurant, but hey, can't argue with the price!
    They also had a dedicated chef cooking pizza, and prawns which was pretty cool.
    There was also a huge freezer of ice creams/icy poles which had a good variety of Asian and non-Asian flavours.

  • Are you BYO?

    • Hi antonthenet,

      Unfortunately, only our Camberwell restaurant is BYO.

      However, we have a wide selection of drinks available in our bar area if need be!

      • No probs. Will still come and check it out.

        Just didn't want the awkward moment of rocking up with a bottle of wine in hand.

  • +5

    Best Korean buffet ever and very friendly staffs. I had visited here couple of times. Foods are great!
    Brand Smart is closing down, hopefully this restaurant will be survived with such low all u can eat price.

    • +3

      I tried to find news about brand smart closing down and couldn't find anything. Are you sure it is? Or are you referring to the constant state of emptiness which has been like that forever ?

      • Local newspaper said they are going to do renovations. Who knows. but when I went there last month, I felt walking in a ghost town. only 5 or 6 shops were open.

    • -1

      I wouldn't call this $19.80 buffet cheap but reasonable for the food they are offering because in Brisbane CBD, you can get KOREAN BBQ buffet lunch for $16.50.

  • Do you have any Gluten Free options?

    • +1

      Hi jepiterr,

      We do have gluten free + vegetarian options available.

      Feel free to check out a sample of our menu for more detail

      • Thanks for the reply. I looked at the menu but I didn’t see anything that was explicitly marked as Gluten Free.

        • Hi jepiterr,

          Most of our side dishes, ssam and bibmbap menu are gluten free.

          We also have sushi / kimbap which are also gluten free as well.

          Hope that helps.

          p.s. if you are still not 100% sure, feel free to show this image to one of our friendly staff and they will be more than happy to help you out with the food selection

          • @ev3nfl0w: Thanks! That’s actually great. I’ll definitely make a stop with the mates.

  • is it buffet where you go up and pick what you want? or do you order what you want?

    • Hi supasaiyan,

      It is a self serve buffet where you go and grab the food you want.

  • Hi, is this deal in 2 days? the website already shows the $19.80 price with no date?

    • Hi chk,

      We are doing our new price 'launch' from Friday but have been making preparations from today via our web presence (FB, Website and Ozbargain of course :))

      However, feel free to book from today if you are keen to try our food a bit earlier.

      • ok thank you kindly!

      • So it's $19.80 from today?

        • +1

          Yup, feel free to book it in from today - just say that you saw the deal on Ozbargain :)

  • Hi I haven't tried Korean Buffet before and wishes to know if there a list of food available?

  • we 3 are leaving melbourne tomorrow afternoon. Bummer! would be nice if starts tonight

    • +1

      A reason to stay longer?

    • Look at OP's response to chk's comment, above. You can go tonight

  • Is there any difference between the lunch and dinner and weekend menu?

    • Hi there cj3,

      We will be trying to keep a uniformed menu across lunch and dinner.

      However, it is very hard to keep it the same as the number of patrons on any given day varies quite drastically.

      In saying that, our main core menu items remain the same which you can have a look via our website.

  • Tried last september….it was oooooook - bit too much ordinary fried food. I can only assume lunch on the weekend would be the best time to go to ensure freshness..

    • Hi cjb,

      Great to see one of our earlier patrons :)

      We have tried incredibly hard to listen to our customers feedback and therefore our menu is a bit different from when we first opened.

      Whilst we still love our healthy dose of fried chicken, dumplings and spring rolls - we have an assortment of fresh salads and foods that make up the majority of our foods now.

  • Does the special begins this Friday for dinner?


      We are doing our new price 'launch' from Friday but have been making preparations from today via our web presence (FB, Website and Ozbargain of course :))

      However, feel free to book from today if you are keen to try our food a bit earlier.

  • Hi, do you do any birthday party deals and bookings for maybe a party of 10-20 people and what would be the process? Thanks

    • Hi joeiwu,

      Can you give us a call on (03) 8806 4922 and we will be happy to facilitate based on exact requirements.


  • +2

    This looks great. And major kudos to @ev3nfl0w for answering every single comment here!

    • Thanks for the kind words and support RickMeasham!

  • Are you guys open between 3pm-5.30pm?

    • Hi crunch

      No, we are not open between those times as it is prep time for dinner.


  • Zomato review is not that goood

    • +3

      Hi apakabar,

      3.8 / 5.0 isn't that bad on Zomato considering a lot of the negative scores were from when our earlier days due to (1) issues keeping the food warm and (b) getting it out to patrons on time.

      We are constantly listening and trying to improve and hopefully our more recent feedback on Zomato, Tripadvisor, Facebook and Google are a better indication of what it is like at this point of time.

    • +2

      In fairness, most zomanto review averages are well below "standard"

    • +1

      We've been a few times and surprisingly I'd rate almost every single dish as not bad or above, and the variety definitely makes the price worthwhile.
      Compared to other buffets, the quality of food and the price makes it excellent value.

  • Aw got excited as I thought it was Korean BBQ, though will still give it a try in the near future. A bit of a drive from where I am.

  • +1

    Went not so long ago, very worth it for the price!

  • are there any limitations on sitting time? tried to book via website for 2 people, but haven't received any reply yet, probably was already after 5.00pm, so hope to hear back tomorrow. thanks for the post!

    • +1

      Hi Ametric,

      We have been properly ozbargained today and three of us are still going through a backlog of booking requests..

      Hopefully you would have received a reply by now but if not kindly send me a PM and I'll see what I can do!

      • posted a reply yesterday from an app, but it is not here somehow, so I will leave it here.
        Yes, all was done and booked for coming Sunday (booking was received yesterday closer to 11.00 pm), so was really amazed with this level of service and happy so far, thank you so much!

        Btw, are there any restrictions on sitting time?

  • -1

    I have a 3.5 year old child. How much will he be charged?

    • +1


  • By bringing the diner price the same as lunch, does that mean that diner would have the same selection as lunch? Or the variety is larger in diner? If larger, what the additions are? Thank you.

    • Hi jingsu6688

      We try to keep a uniformed menu across lunch and dinner.

      However, it is very hard to keep it the same as the number of patrons on any given day varies quite drastically.

      In saying that, our main core menu items remain the same which you can have a look via our website.

  • Website down? Nice deal!

    • Hi there,

      Website is up from what I can tell -

      Let me know if you are still having issues accessing the site!

      • +1

        Thanks, access blocked by work! (have confirmed site working on my mobile phone)

        Error message:
        This site can’t be reached The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

        • IT ensuring that they can book by blocking all staff access to the website, smart!

    • +1

      Hi maikhoi,

      First off, apologies for the negative experience you experienced yesterday in regard to your booking.

      Can you send me a PM with the details and I'll be happy to attend to this personally for you and see what I can do for you.


  • The OP above said there are gluten free options. BEWARE, the female staff at first said there was NO gluten free options, when pressed the manager on duty said only some was gluten free and did not really know what gluten was (he thought rice was gluten until I corrected him). He said soy sauce was used in all the cooked food, I am not going to a buffet to eat only raw foods. They also said they had no time to talk to us about what was gluten free in their menu. I do not trust this bunch with my health.

    OP should not claim the restaurant has gluten free options when the staff there are not educated about it!!

    • +2

      So sorry to hear that fanny.

      There are several gluten free options as per my previous post but I don't think this was passed on to the new staff members correctly.

      Language barriers also look as though they played a part (that is why the link to the 'gluten free card' image was a Korean one) and I apologise once again for your experience.

      I will personally make sure to pass on your feedback, and will ensure that from now on, proper labelling of gluten free / vegan options are displayed with our menus.

      In the meantime, if you would like to PM me your details, I will be happy to try and sort something out with you for your troubles.

      • Thanks for replying. Language was not the problem, they understood English well, they just did not understand what gluten really was to begin with and when I tried to explain it, they told me they were too busy to talk about gluten, and simply warned that soy sauce was used in all their cooked food. I do not think a buffet of raw foods only will be satisfactory. I will come back some time later, after you have sorted out the gluten free labelling in the menu. May I suggest that gluten free soy sauce is an option if soy sauce is such an essential ingredient for your restaurant's cooked food.

        • Hi fanny

          Please check your inbox.

          Sincere apologies once again.

          • +4

            @ev3nfl0w: The OP very politely and professionally sent me a PM to rectify my previous problem with gluten free at the restaurant. It is not easy being gluten free, and the OP was very understanding. Their Camberwell branch already has gluten free labelling on their menu, and apparently this is transferring to the Nunawading branch. I am pleased to see this restaurant treating gluten free seriously (unlike many other restaurants), and take back negative comments I made about this restaurant previously. I like a restaurant that has the drive to improve not only for the majority customers but also the minority customers, and will try this restaurant again for my gluten free needs.

  • +1

    I tried this restaurant last, I think the staff were really overwhelmed by the demand so most of the buffet dishes were empty most of the night or if they were refilled were quickly emptied as there wasn't much else to eat.
    Hopefully this will improve eventually.

    • Hi porsche804,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback and we have taken on board your comments.

      We were not expecting the type of influx of people this weekend and will make sure that we are better prepared moving forward.


  • +2

    Eating here right now. Have been here maybe 3 or 4 times before.
    Still excellent value and quality for the price.
    Extremely busy today!

    • We were absolutely 'ozbargained' this weekend and I know that there are a few things we need to address to improve our patrons experience moving forward.

      Means a lot when we get support like this!

      Thanks edrift :)

  • +1

    Hi Rep

    Had a good dining experience there last night, however a bit confused as we asked a staff about booking for a birthday lunch next Saturday for 15-20 people, and he (I'm not sure if you are the same person as him here OP) gave a very confusing response about ringing back Monday or Tuesday to book? It's a bit odd, as we would obviously like to secure the space so that we can actually notify our friends and family. Are you able to help? I would have thought its guaranteed booking for your business but the guy didn't seem too keen to take the booking? Thanks.

    • +1

      Hi joeiwu

      Glad that you had a good dining experience and thanks for your message.

      Unfortunately we are fully booked all next weekend as well hence why I think our staff member wanted to call you back to confirm during the week.

      If you can PM your details once again with time and no. I will try and follow it up from my end as well for you neverthless.

      Hope that helps


  • +1

    Had a lovely experience while dining yesterday there. While some plates have not been updated during all our time there (approx. from 6.00 pm till 7.30 pm), i.e. seaweed salad and some have been updated with delay (fully understandable due to plenty of patrons) and we have not seen any pizzas (only thin zucchini slice which was looking kind of like a pizza), the food is really nice and fresh. Staff is making their best for the crowd there, almost all tables were busy, anyway missus and I have really enjoyed the dishes. Some dishes were exceptionally nice, i.e. Kimchi, spiced pork, Japchae, Bulgogi, Korean fried chicken, shiitake mushrooms and some salads, as for the desserts, rockmelon was lovely and the fruit salad and cheesecakes were super-yummy. So, we will be definitely coming back sometime. Thank you!
    P.s. our booking was not on the list, but we were advised that there were some glitches with online-booking and after showing a confirmation email we have been provided with a lovely spot (table 43) away from the main crowd :)

    • +1

      Appreciate the feedback Ametric and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

      Will also take on board comments re: filling up quicker and the booking system.

      Kind regards

  • +1

    Need more dessert options - otherwise really good !

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