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Lead the battle against the deadly Highwaymen together led by the twin sisters Mickey and Lou and fight through the adversity of a post-nuclear calamity world in Far Cry: New Dawn. Civilization is struggling to rebuild, and it’s now up to you to determine the future of Hope County, whether with a friend in co-op mode, or as a solo gunslinger.

The World After Nuclear Winter
Set in Hope County, Montana, 17 years after a nuclear apocalypse, Far Cry: New Dawn features a lawless world with a rich yet harsh “superbloom” environment. Experience the struggle for survival across vibrant landscapes and various makeshift structures.

For the Future
The dangerous and nihilistic Highwaymen are intent on stripping the area of its resources, and in Far Cry: New Dawn, the county’s survivors call for your help to defeat this threat. Against these vicious scavengers, you’re now Hope County’s only hope.

Assemble Your Arsenal
In Far Cry: New Dawn, survivors have gathered different materials from the crumbling fragments of the old world to create tools, shelter, and weapons, giving them a fighting chance against several threats. Build your own weapons and vehicles for an edge against various enemies.

Survival and Beyond
Serving as Far Cry: New Dawn’s central hub, your Homebase can be upgraded to let you create stronger weapons and gear to aid your quest for survival. You can also embark on Expeditions to explore territories outside Hope County, including a desert canyon, swampland, and the coast.

Allies in the Fight
The game lets you recruit various characters from its Guns and Fangs for Hire line-up, to help you survive while traveling across dangerous locations and encountering deadly threats. You can even play with a friend in co-op mode.

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Harvey Norman
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