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Engage in an action RPG experience with Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. An exciting new instalment in the successful franchise, The Division 2 takes players to an action-packed online battle where guts and tactics are the keys for survival.

The Capital in Crisis
The Division 2 features a plot that revolves around saving Washington D.C. from the brink of collapse. As a member of an elite civilian defence group, you must gear up and utilise your unique set of skills to restore peace and order in the city.

Closer to the Battlefield
More realistic than ever, The Division 2 features a faithful, 1:1 representation of Washington D.C. to bring you closer to each action-packed sequence. The game’s comprehensive map features natural-looking views of landscapes, landmarks, enemy hideouts, and more.

Conquer Various Enemies
With various enemy factions to defeat, The Division 2 offers a more tactical-based approach in order to fulfil your objectives. Fight against the smart and organised True Sons; the hedonistic Hyenas; the indiscriminate Outcasts; and the mysterious and highly-equipped Black Tusks.

More Ways to Play
For those looking to deviate from the solo campaign, The Division 2 offers a co-op mode where you can team-up with friends while taking on missions and a PVP mode where you can put your skills to the tests against other players.

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