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Latest Living provides you limited-time $15 OFF on Xiaomi Yeelight Candela Rechargeable Smart Ambience Lamp.

Only limited quantity available in our Sydney Warehouse.
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About Yeelight:

Yeelight, as part of Xiaomi ecosystem, is an innovative leader dedicated for smarting lighting application. Working actively with Amazon, Google and Microsoft team, Yeelight brings you the best lighting experience you may imagine for a smart home!

Yeelight have published dozens of smart lighting products, with millions of connected lighting products shipping to Asia-pacific, Europe, America and Middle East, covering over 100 countries and regions in the globe. A majority of Yeelight products have been certified with CE, CB, UL, RCM and TISI to best satisfy the needs and requirements from the local market.

Yeelight works actively to integrate cutting-the-edge technology with distinctive designs. Also, Yeelight products apply the latest technologies; AI ready, Wi-Fi enabled, remote control, etc. enable your home with multiple smart potentials. Yeelight products are international design award-winners, recognized with for instance, IF Design Award 2017, Reddot Award 2017, IF Gold Design Award and Good Design Award. Yeelight presents fine art pieces loved by fancy smart home users and enable you to design your home with smart lighting!

See the world in a new light, Yeelight!

About Xiaomi Yeelight Candela Rechargeable Smart Ambience Lamp:

-New design with a seamless brightness transition

Candela adopted the quiet gear drive design. Our factories carefully inspect every gear to ensure that each teeth bites perfectly and turns smoothly. This technology allows for a smooth, seamless transition when adjusting the brightness.

-Multiple lights, countless displays

With Bluetooth BLE Mesh technology, Candelas can communicate with each other, allowing you to simultaneously control up to 30,000 Candelas at once. Simply rotate any one Candela and watch all the other Candelas collectively spring to life, matching the brightness of the one Candela you are controlling.

-A warm candle light for a heart-warming feeling

The Candela holds a 1600K color temperature, the same colour temperature as a candlelight, and has adjustable brightness, thus allowing you to mimic the same warm feeling of a candle but without the flame. Designed with health in mind, Candela produces minimal blue light.

We tested 32 different materials’ life span, melting point, radiating capability, and thermal condition efficiency and determined the Copper alloys-bass to be the lamp wick material for Candela.

-Built-in rechargeable battery for a long-lasting life

The built-in 2100mAh battery allows for up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The portability lets the Candela be part of any moment in your life.

-Your phone: your remote to a beautiful candlelit night

Smart control your Candelas by connecting to the Yeelight phone app. With the app, you not only can control one Candela but also can control multiple Candelas at once. In fact, you can select certain Candelas into one group and program the different groups to display various beautiful patterns.

-Hidden charging port and 3-control settings

Designed with both beauty and longevity in mind, the charging port is strategically placed to not detract from the elegant aesthetic and to protect itself from breakage. Hidden from plain sight, the bottom of the Candela includes three control settings to easily turn on/off or connect with Bluetooth and a two-color indicator light to display the charging status.

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  • +10 votes

    "Ignite the romance with a single rotation"

    I wish it was that easy.


      Haha, i do hope so as well. But having a noice little lamp would help when having home dinner date, right?


    Your post says:

    Working actively with Amazon, Google and Microsoft team, Yeelight brings you the best lighting experience you may imagine for a smart home!

    which suggests this is compatible with Google Assistant/Alexa but the product page says:

    our engineering team is working to make it compatible.

    Which is it?

    • +1 vote

      It’s not compatible, Bluetooth only. Well at the least the one I bought is


      Ah, i see a misunderstanding here!(Maybe just my poor writing, forgive me)
      So, the compatible part is about Yeelight as a brand, many of its products are compatible with Google Assistant/Alexa. However, not every product does compatible with Google Assistant/Alexa. For example, this ambience light does not.

  • -1 vote

    Save is oy $7 because shipping is not free.


    Thanks OP, that's a good deal mate.

    Ordered 2. Order #: 2033

    Too late for shipping today?

    • +1 vote

      I am afraid so man. The post stop doing sameday shipping after 3pm. So even if we packed, ready the product and send it to the post. It would be shipped in tomorrow as well.

  • +1 vote

    thanks, got 2 too

  • +1 vote

    thanks, got 2 too


    i'm in the process of setting up some smart devices at home and found to connect any of the Xiomi home products to Google Home it requires a Xiomi gateway hub - these lamps supposedly can be controlled but only if the app is configured to the china location from what I've read.. I haven't found a cheap place to buy a gateway device yet..

  • +1 vote

    Just wanted to say I've had these a few days now and I love them, such good funcionality and the lighting is nice and relaxing.

    They're awesome, thanks rep.

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