Sony HDR-PJ410 Handy Cam with Projector $322 @ JB Hi-Fi


Sony HDR-PJ410 HD Camcorder with Built-in Projector
13lm Built-in Projector with External Input allows footage to be shared with anyone, anywhere
XAVC S 50Mbps High Bitrate captures details of complex scenes with clarity
Optical SteadyShot corrects camera shake to capture scenes with unsurpassed smoothness and stability
Exmor R CMOS Sensor produces superb image quality even in low light conditions

(Its available at HarveyNorman as well for $318 but that doesn't seem to have much of store stock; will need to have it delivered for extra shipping cost)

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    It's a pity it isn't 4k a this price.

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      1080p @ 50mbps upscaled to 4K will look fine if you just want Youtube 4K style quality. 4K isn't always '4K'.

      There are many other variables that affect picture quality.


        It will look horrible because the source footage looks horrible at 1080 despite the codec/bitrate.

        It’s typical tiny sensor low dynamic range, soft yet digitally oversharpened camcorder trash. Mobile phones from 2015 like the iPhone 6 beat it in every category apart from having a zoom lens. This camera came out in 2015 and has a less powerful processor than mobile phones at the time, but the same sensor size.

        It has a party trick of being able to project the video you take and can zoom a bit, but the video quality is crap and upscaling it to 4K won’t make any difference when the source material is bottom of the barrel.

        I highly suggest people look at sample footage and reviews on YouTube. It’s a very low quality image.


          upscaling it to 4K won’t make any difference when the source material is bottom of the barrel.

          This is exactly what I said, 4K isn't 4K. 4K means nothing in video quality. Even if thing advertised 4K it would look exactly the same as 1080p outputted here.

          Clearly my simple comment triggered you and you then failed to read my last line about there are many other factors that can affect quality ie sensor size as you said.


    Wow! 13 lumens! That's amazing.


      You want to make sure you have a very dark room and even then you aren't sure if it's working.


    What a weird feature to include. You'd be much better off with a $2 HDMI cable…

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    Bought this almost 3 years ago. Got better results from my phone which was crazy. Projector was a cool little gimmick though, I did use it once. The rest of the time I just used my TV. Somehow you could connect to your PC and project the PC screen.


    I didn’t realise they were still making handicam style cameras. Lot of people seem to use their dslr for videos now. Interesting.