Used GTX 1060 from eBay Retailer

So essentially I bought a Asus 1060 6gb from a rep who posted on ozbargain, It got ozbargained pretty fast and they ran out of stock, so they offered me an alternative, Gigabyte gtx 1060 3gb, so I bought 2.

Almost a month after, i received my card (Delayed postage, changed address, etc) Opened it up and was suprised to see dust and finger print marks on both cards, dust hidden between the fans and what appears to be some sort of liquid damage and scratches, not what I was expecting.

Check the post again and sure enough there was some people who had used cards, and thought it was interesting how no one made a forum or post about it, I would also like to ask the rep what is going on here?

Edit: pictures of card

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  • I mean, for $180, it was pretty obvious something was going on. They were cheaper than an 1050ti! How could that not have alarm bells going off?

    • Not that unbelievable, 1050ti are over priced, the rx 570 is around 200, and 1060 6gb has been out for almost 3 years

      • Yeah only reason you go for a 1050ti is for the low profile variant to put in one of the value prebuilts that were super popular earlier this year and last year

      • That makes no sense. All cards are overpriced. The 1050TI is certainly overpriced but that doesn't mean a more powerful card is going to be cheaper. The Radeon comparison certainly doesn't help either given they are usually cheaper than their Geforce equivalents anyway.

  • It might help if you share what you'd like the retailer to do about it? eg: Do you want a full refund, a partial refund, a new card replacement

  • The real question is does it work alright?

    Are you getting any hiccups with performance and is it performing as expected?

    Because if so that is a bargain.

    Sub $200 GTX 1060 6gb = wowzer of a bargain

    If it is faulty and not working then yeah full refund or replacement.

  • Same here. They said via phone the card was new just without the box.
    Also provided 2 years warranty. Do you reckon can get gigabyte warrant for that?

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