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Asus DUAL-GTX1060-O6G Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 OC 6GB (Open Box) $188 Delivered @ FTC Computers


We also have some limited offer for

Gigabyte RX570 8GB $188, https://www.ftc.com.au/item?pid=73306

Gigabyte GTX1060 Windforce 2 OC 6GB $188 , https://www.ftc.com.au/item?pid=91258

Genuine Australian Stock

Free Australia Wide Delivery

Tax Invoice Included
This item is selling without retail box.

This is open box item.

But 100% NEW with 2 Years Warranty.

It will be shipped with well protected package. Please don't worry.

Happy Shopping :)

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  • Bought one off eBay…

    Do I need it? No…

    Guess I'm just early in buying components for my next Zen 2 build :)

    • Is that wise considering Zen 2 is not for another 4 months? No… Guess you did it anyway :)

  • Wow i just bought the rx570 4gb for same money less than a month ago…..

    Should i upgrade to this?

    • Eh. It's a nice performance bump, and absolutely the cheapest it'll ever be, but it's also a single tier up performance wise for the same price you've already spent.

      If you were planning on giving away your GPU or are confident you can sell the 570 for $150~ at least on something like gum tree go for it.

    • Nah. In fact in some games the RX570 beats the 1060 6GB (Resident Evil 2).

    • Should i upgrade to this?

      Only if you can sell your existing card for the same/more.

    • No. Not a big enough difference. When you upgrade, I recommend doing it with a 1070/2060/2070+UP or NaVi equivalent.

  • This come with normal warranty? How long?


  • I just bought one but didn't come with free delivery even after I sign up. They charged me 15 dollars.


  • Of course this happens 1 week after I buy an RX580 for $233 thinking it's a good deal.

  • I would be very cautious about buying from this seller. I purchased one of their Gigabyte mining RX580's from them via their ebay store for $240. My experience wasn't particularly bad, I requested pickup of the item from their store which they obligated to no problems. I was pressured by sales staff to provide ebay feedback before I walked out of the store, which was a bit strange. Item appeared new and I provided the positive feedback after the item was tested to be without issue. 1 week in and it is a fantastic card.

    I recommended that a friend of mine also buy from them as it was a good deal. He found it on their website for $215 and also requested pickup. His story is particularly horrendous and I have asked him to post in this thread with his experience with this store.

    I do question why both the RX 580's and these GTX 1060's are priced so much lower than the competition for "new" stock, and how there are new 1060's without boxes? I am only aware of the RX 580 mining variant as being without boxes as new.

    • Unsubscribe.

    • That's why I paid via PayPal.

    • If you paid via Paypal, and then collected, you can literally just file a Paypal claim not received and they don't have any shipment tracking numbers to prove it. eBay will just side with you and refund, and their only recourse is to file a police report for fraud. If you leave feedback, you can't make a not received claim - only a not working or as described claim. That's why they wanted you to leave feedback ASAP.

      tl;dr don't pay with Paypal on eBay and expect to be able to pickup. Sellers won't take the risk.

      • Ask them to ship via website. If it has 2 years warranty I'm happy haha. Just might gonna ask my 15 AUD back since the shipping supposed to be free. Also I will check the card very well when arrives. Hehe Thx anyway

      • Yep when I sell and people want to collect I ask for photo ID and take picture …some stores record last 4 digits of license with PayPal sales.

    • +2 votes

      I pulled the trigger at $215. The first two days of waiting, they told me that it was in stock at their warehouse and that it would arrive the next day. It never did. The third day they said to wait for the confirmation email. That never came. On the fifth day I demanded a refund. There was a lot more that went on in that time - misinformation and BS. Their refund process wasn't as simple as a phone call and a chargeback, which made me very wary of their capacity to support a warranty. They'd tried to talk me out of it by saying they'd shipped it. I literally had to interrogate to reveal that as untrue.

      After all that, I was told that the card was in the shop. I asked to see it. It was sitting on the bench. No static bag. No Gigabyte security seal. No protective covers on the output ports or PCIe contacts. I have no doubt that this has been pre-loved and now they're flogging them off as "100% new". Dodgy AF.

      If you want cheap and you think they'll support warranty, go ahead and buy it. If you want new and unused from a reputable trader, go somewhere else.

      @dkstorm - I've purchased OEM cards before. Still has the static bag with sticker sealing it shut - and not much else. No adaptors,
      etc. This card isn't that…

  • Dunno how trustworthy they are when they spelt components wrong.

  • Damn already sold out? Deal was only posted 56 mins ago ;(

  • Ended up getting one from panda pc before they sold out. Buy first, ask questions later

  • wew almost pulled the trigger even though i had a 2070 from that computer alliance a while back. why is it so hard resisting a deal eventhough ive no use for it

  • Sub $200 GTX 1060 6gb? Damn that is the new benchmark now for me when I judge my future GPU purchases.. this one is gonna sting a little bit.. a GTX 1080 is like 1.75 the performance but at triple the price using this as a new benchmark.. and a 1080 Ti is 2.15 the performance but at 4-5x the price.. so this is getting harder now to justify an upgrade for me.

    Still running a 1050 Ti low profile and I can see it struggling with some games at high settings at 1080p.

  • Out of stock already… :S
    Maybe this is the beginning of the cheap VGA card wave as much of these cards destined for the mining market is no longer wanted…

  • I currently have a ASUS strix 960 2GB. is it a huge performance bump if I upgrade to this?

  • Just missed it :(

  • I think I speak for most people who bought one tonight. Didn’t need it, have no use for it, but how can you resist that price.

  • Is 2 years warranty standard? I thought it's 3 years.
    Is it former miner?

    • Cards lablled "Mining" usually are 3mths warranty, I read somewhere (?on Ozbargain) FTC just extends it to 2yrs and take on the risk themselves.
      I'm read somewhere (not Ozbargain) that reliability is about the same as the retail boxed version, just that mining rigs will run the card 24/7 and overclock it +++ therefore they only quote 3mths. I don't know the reliability of the above claims.

      My guess is these cards aren't being sold due to falling crypto prices making them not worth it, so I'm expecting stock like this to eventually flood the market.

  • Why not call them used GPU instead of open box. Open box usually implies unused item.

  • I love that even though it's out of stock. I can still "add to cart",. But the cart remains empty and I can check out an empty cart and pay $15 for shipping of absolutely nothing.

    First time I've ever seen that happen on a store.

    • When a tech store is too lazy to even manage a decent ecommerce template, lol.

    • It didn't work like that for me last night? I missed out on the 1060 which was in stock when I added to cart, but as soon as I went to save billing details it popped up and said sorry it's now out of stock.

  • Still rocking my 960 and of course I miss this deal!

  • its labeled as mining card on the website but description says %100 brand new what kind of marketing is this ?

  • Gosh darn it really want to update my 960 but always miss the good deals

  • Unbelievable price!

  • How many damn times has this been said before in these deals.

    The mining cards are sold without packaging to keep cost down. Plus does a miner need 10 boxes to dispose of? Saves on packaging/shipping cost.

    They ship in a big box with multiple cards that only have antistatic protection packaging.

    Plus the mining cards only have a 3 months warranty generally when used for mining purposes. That is why this is stated in the listing.
    This is a brand new card ffs how hard is that to comprehend?

    • That's very easy to understand, when it's explained.

      • True but people can do some research and get this information instead of flying of handle calling out scam/fake. Every time a card that is similiar (mining card) deal is posted here some one writes the same thing as me.

  • So I ended up paying for shipping, there was no option not to. Did others?

  • This one is still in stock, same price but different card


  • I need a red flashing light and a buzzer to go off on these sorts of deals.

  • OMG good price of course when I am asleep

  • Damn it, I've been looking for a deal on this card… I should really stay up later.

  • Awww. Too slow :~(

  • So I monitored the price of this card for months, was hoping it would drop in price after the release of RTX 2060. That didn't happen so I went ahead and bought for $360, cheapest I could find. 3 weeks later they release the 1660 Ti and now shops are dumping their 1060 stocks by the dozens. FML!

  • What a steal for those who got it before stock running out.

  • Got an email from FTC saying that "our system was accepting the order even we have sold all the Qty on this card". They're offering the Gigabyte GV-N1060WF2OC-6GD or the Gigabyte RX570 Gaming 8G MI card instead. Along with a 1x Rapoo 6080 Bluetooth Mouse for the inconvenience. Am I entitled to a refund as well or do I have to pick one of those cards? Money has already been taken from my account.

    • IMO take the Windforce card ASAP.

      Get onto it soon before they remove the Windforce card as an option and only let you have a 570 or a refund.

      • Took your advice but I missed out on the Windforce too. Asked for a full refund and they quickly obliged. Good communication.

    • Same, opted for Gigabyte GV-N1060WF2OC-6GD

    • Yeah they ran out of the 1060, they offered me the 3gb version gibabyte 1060 for 129 each, picked up 2 for a total of 116 each after the 10% off code, bargain

  • I'm guessing the Radeon card doesn't include the 2x free games on offer.

  • Bit cheeky but if anyone is upgrading and wants to offload their old card send me a PM :)

  • Great stuff. I bout onne but should have bought 2 thanks OP

  • Fantastic.
    Don't have any left of the one I ordered.
    Would you like this different one? I reply OK 10 minutes later.
    Oh now we don't have any of those either
    Do you want a 3GB instead for $129?
    What a joke of a retailer!

  • They charged me shipping and I haven't bothered to follow it up with them yet. Anyway, I've just received an email from them saying they noticed I was charged shipping, in error, and they've refunding that to me through Paypal.

    That's pretty good service imo

  • The deal was for a 6GB GTX-1060 but was sent a 3GB GTX-1060 instead. Let's see what is done to correct it.

    • Keep us updated!

      • Unfortunately, there is still no reply or update after almost 24 hours :( I'm hoping this will be sorted before it is escalated through eBay.

        • My guess is the return postage for the 1060 3Gb + resending the 1060 6Gb postage is more than what little margains they have on these cards, so they'll probably offer you to keep your card, refund the difference between 6Gb & 3Gb, and also refund you extra for good will.

          Which just gives me a thought… you receiving a 1060 3Gb must mean they have a stack of 1060 3Gbs open box/mining yet to be sold, which means they'll probably pop up on Ozbargain pretty soon. I missed this and the RX570 one, aren't going to miss a 1060 3Gb sale!