[PS4, XB1] Far Cry: New Dawn $39 @ Big W


Far cry new dawn at the cheapest price I have seen by around $20

Link to XB1 Version

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    It’s $34 from Amazon.


    A lot to buy a map pack.

    Wish ubisoft had just given us a patch that fixed the ending of FC5…


      Little changes from year to year unfortunately

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      Different weapons, enemies, story, armour, etc. They took a shortcut but it feels a different game to me. The map is downsized, not expecting as many hours from this one.


      What was wrong with the ending?

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        Without giving it away, they wrote the "canon" ending before the game was finished, so the game came along and developed and became something more than the original sum of its parts.

        Unfortunately the original story writers had a hard on for the original ending of red state, which was famously reeled in by the studio to stop kevin smith's ego taking a mediocre film into a complete trainwreck.

        Guess what happened to fc5… the original intended ending made it in and backed the series into a corner.

        They're now in the same spot that saint's row is in, there they've backed themselves into a corner and they're trying to go with the canon doesnt mean anything way which… ask star wars how that went for them after nuking the EU.


          Wouldnt say they were in the same spot as Saints row…the saints row series actually had a decent story but also had the notion that it was a GTA rip off hanging over their head despite having a lot more fun activities than GTA. When it came to 3rd installment instead of continuing on the crusade against Dax who would have been at the top of Ultor corp, they decided to make a crap story with a lot of shitty gameplay elements that are probably fun for the first 2 hrs. That pretty much was the downfall of the saint row series, no interesting stories anymore just some over the top bland story from there on out. Hell even the activities were bland.

          On the other hand, Far cry New dawn tests the waters for having future sequels adopt the Assassin creed Origin/Odyssey route adapting the rpg elements in those games to a Far cry series game. The game has very minimal grind making the microtransactions very useless. The story itself is again not bad but not of the same length as FC5 and follows up on the original canon ending of FC5. Besides that the strongholds/ camps and the various other activities are fun and take a good 12-15 hours to complete in normal mode and have good replayability. The game definitely was not worth $59 but more like a $40 game. But people as usual just cling on to the notion " It just a reskin bruh", "ubisoft wanted a quick buck" or " Should have been given for free as part of the FC5 season pass". If u enjoyed fc5 and liked the new format for assassin creed then this is definitely for you, if not dont bother.


            @darkoverlord: You raised a valid point with the rpg elements added, which works against it as many sections are a grind, especially when trophy running the game.

            Ubisoft have openly admitted they want all games as a service. But take a lot of the elements in this that were played up and amounted as nothing more than killing of ways the franchise could grow.

            They nuked air travel bar wingsuit drops without saying this prelaunch, then talked up how you could do expeditions to other parts of america after the apocalypse… these amounted to nothing more than some extremely average maps all with a dull fetch quest.

            Again, storywise the series has been backed into a hole here and they've already started saying how they're going to treat this and the canon ending of fc5 as "canon but far cry is a state of mind not a storyline" crap to just ignore this and do the next one which again just cheapens the story.


    I got some keys for pc I am selling much cheaper than this for who my concern


    Just goes to show much much these lazy reskins are,they're dropping the guts out of it to get rid of stock

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    Paid $29 for it digitally via the Xbox US store and $35 on the AU store.

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