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Dripster Cold Drip Coffee Maker $99 ($50 off) + $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping @ Alternative Brewing


Limited Time Sale Ends Sunday Midnight - $50 Off - Brew Coffee At Home and Save your daily expensive cafe visit!

Video Guide Online - Simple!

Enjoy the riches of slow-drip cold brew with the innovative Dripster Cold Brew Coffee Maker. With a compact design, fully-adjustable dripper valve, and a permanent stainless steel filter, it’s the perfect device for coffee lovers who want to make this exclusive style of cold brew from the comfort of their own home.

This ‘slow-drip’ method takes far less time than the more common ‘immersion’ method—only about 2-3 hours total—but still produces a rich and vibrant cold brew coffee concentrate. Thanks to the adjustable dripper valve, you have complete control over the dripping rate of your water, which means you can customize your technique at any time.

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  • Buy a nut milk bag and put it in a tupperware jug, same end result for for about $10

  • Agreed. Overpriced.

  • tried cold drip before and the result always comes out more a watery tanned coloured coffee… nothing black like the pictures. I don't see how it can be made the same as the picture. I just steep my coffee now for 2 days to get the desired result.

    anyone else have any experience with cold drip? got better result than me?

    • You just have to find the correct ratio.. i’ve made mines with 2 nespresso pods with 3/4 water full in a french press from ikea and works great!

      • what you are doing is steeping the coffee. I'm asking about cold drip. I believe this is where water is dripped onto the grounds and slowly makes its way to the bottom chamber.

    • I've used my parents cold brew system (Bruer cold brew system) with the beans I use & the beans they use and both times get black coffee - not the watery tanned colour you've mentioned. maybe the beans you're using aren't quite roasted enough?