out of stock Beoplay E8 Truly Wireless in Ear Phones (Black) $234.40 Delivered @ Videopro eBay



$15 cheaper than my previous deal making this the lowest ever price! This is one of the best sounding wireless headphones out there! E8 V2 has been recently released, hence the price drops.


JB Hi Fi - $399

Amazon - $293

Harvey Norman - $400

  • Bose Soundsport Free $214.40. Not the lowest price though

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    rather pay more for v2.

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      sure… If you wanna pay $550 for V2

      V1 was selling for over $400 for a long time! Price was the biggest issue with this model to start off in comparison to Bose Soundsport Free or Jabra Elite 65T's…..

      So you can expect V2 to stay above $400 for a while!


        im not in a hurry. fine with my h9i. it seems you are interested in e8. if you do see a good deal for v2, pls post by all means. appreciated.

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          I was tossing up between e8/soundsport free/elite active 65t and ended up getting the Jabra. Extremely happy with it.

          Bose looked ridiculous even though sound quality was good.

          E8 was over $300.

          Got the elite active 65t for $190.

          Having followed these models, the 2nd gen versions won't drop in price anytime soon.


          Just wondering how much did you get the h9i for? With this 20% off it's $552… Is this a good price?


            @Ultraman: i got my h9i a while ago from this seller with 20% off. this is the best price i have seen. havent come across anything significantly lower than this price yet.


    v1 is lower than 200aud in China now
    and V2 is almost 3000aud-350aud in China now

    by the way the sony 1000xm3 is almost 500aud in china
    I have reselled many the headphone

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      the point of such a comparison is …. what?

      but 350aud for v2 in China? based on what op just replied to my comment, it seems like a very good price. jd or tmall?


      nvm. 2700rmb for v2…

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    Would these or the jabra 65t be better for taking and making calls?


      I bought the jabra 65t actives and they're TERRIBLE for calls - sounds like you've got a mouth full of cellophane and have to keep repeating myself on calls. Eventually got so frustrated I just swapped to my old corded earphones.

      Sounds quality for the jabra is good, so it's okay if you don't plan on using the mic. Ever.


    Bought it. Thanks OP.


    I bought it too! Thanks, OP!

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