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Nikon Z6 - Body + FTZ Adaptor + 32GB XQD Card & Reader $2599.95 @ Ted's Cameras


The Nikon Z6 is one of the best cameras that you can get now. Probably better than the Z7 if you are shooting videos. I have been told that they have also released new firmwares for the Z series and you can do amazing stuff with video recording.

Definitely best price I have seen so far as I have been waiting for a few weeks to take the shot ;)

Better price than online only shops like CameraPro which has been listing it at $2,699.

Plenty of good 2nd hand lenses on Ebay too.

Take your shot! Bundle this with the free poster deal from Teds too. I recommend getting another battery, either a ProMaster or Nikon, as I emptied mine after just over 300 shots ;)

FYI: I price matched this at Michaels Camera today as Andreas and Daniel there have always been very helpful to us.

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  • Looks like they have also applied the discount to their ebay store, so you can stack it up with any additional ebay deals, eg PRINCE10 brings it down to $2,499.95, free shipping with ebay Plus, or plus $8.95 for standard shipping.


    • Damn I got too excited and forgot about that! Good on Teds for not jacking ebay price!

  • Good price

  • Pity it only takes expensive XQD cards and all the good video features of the camera require a $1000 Atomos Ninja V

    • Not to mention that the XQD card has been officially discontinued…

      • Are you saying they're no longer made?

        • Yes and No. Sony seems to commit to it but not Lexar.
          Being only a handful of manufacturer for xqd cards, price wont drop far.

          However Nikon promised CFexpress support via firmware update on the Z, til then happen am staying with my D5 :D

  • "Better price than online only shops like CameraPro which has been listing it at $2,699."
    fyi, Camerapro is not just online, they have retails stores as well..

  • Just curious. Did Michaels actually price match the 3,499 EBAY + the 32GB Card and reader?

    • hey mate no I forgot about the ebay deal so I only got them to price match the Ted's deal on their website.
      The 32GB Card and Reader comes in the pack with Z6
      Z7 comes with 64GB Card but no reader.

      • Thanks for the reply! Oh damn that would've been half of a new XQD Card in savings.
        Hmm, must be different stocks. I called Digidirect few days ago because they were the cheapest and they told me the kit/pack doesn't come with the card and card reader.
        Glad i din't buy it and waited.

  • expired:(

    I was about to get one this morning.

    • yeah bad luck man! If you are in Melbourne I think it is still worth trying Michaels to see if they will still honour and maybe you can get it for $2599, PM me if you need some help. Worst case is CameraPro still has it at $2699 or you can get Michaels to match it.

      • Haha, it is OK. I am only looking for a secondary cam for the night shooting and indoor shooting for my D800. I can just wait until EOFY sales:)

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