Annual Membership - Essentials $220, Premium $660 (Save $110) @ InvestSmart


I see a few people here who are keen on getting stockmarket advice. I attended InvestSmart’s seminar recently to listen to Alan Kohler and Nathan Bell; and today received an email with the coupon code “Forum19” which takes $110 the annual pricing of their “Essentials” or “Premium” Annual membership. Currently the price for “Essentials” is $330 and this coupon brings it down to $220 and the price for “Premium” is $770 and this coupon brings it down to $660. There is also a 30 day money back guarantee

Before you apply the code, toggle the membership option from “Monthly” to “Yearly”

I know there are lots of people in here and Whirlpool who do their own research and are experts at investing in the stockmarket. This deal might not suit them.
There are also many people who do their research but additionaly would appreciate some external opinion. This deal might benefit them.

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    Thanks OP!

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    This stuff is not rocket science.

    Any dumbass could become a financial advisor with a three month course previously.

    I suggest reading books and learning them.

    Idiots become financial advisors all the time and then proceed to fleece people for their money. These people are not idiots but they're still trying to remove your money to impart basic things that you can read in a library book for free.


    This reminds me of They made me input an email address to read their share investment articles and I now receive endless weekly emails on incredible "never to be repeated" and "cheapest it's ever been" promotions.
    I don't know if InvestSmart subscribes to this marketing method, but something to note for those thinking it's an incredible deal and rushing into it.


      I've been a Fool for a while, and I totally agree. I think it totally tarnishes their reputation when they advertise the same way '6-pack shortcuts' do, long long emails, selling the success and the dream, when shorter, simpler advertising would suffice.

      I throw my money on the ASX regularly based on Motley Fool's recommendations, it saves me a lot of thinking, just need to grow a pair and trust the experts. Of course, YMMV.


        Hi schwinn,
        How have the recommendations been in terms of returns?

        I see "sponsored" links that go to Fool in Yahoo so wonder how well the predictions go.

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          I subscribe to 2 products, Motley Fool Pro, and Share Advisor.

          I started with Share advisor, in the good old days when they would prepare a monthly PDF, like a newsletter covering their recommendation, reasons to buy, risks, when to sell etc. they still do that now but the format has changed to a webpage instead of the emailed PDF, to reduce people forwarding the info on. Anyways, Share Advisor just gives purchase recommendations, and does not make recommendations for allocation (not a full portfolio management service).
          Because they do not track allocation, they can only give average gains, and are currently sitting at 90% gain per recommendation against a benchmark of 33%.
          It’s a cheaper service, and has had some hits and misses but is still outperforming the asx on an average based.

          The other product, Motley Fool Pro, is a portfolio recommendation service. So you decide how much your investment capital should be, eg $200K, and the recommendations are to buy certain shares in certain amounts/percentages of your capital. This has been doing very well, currently at a 260% gain compared to the ASX gain of 43% since its inception in 2014 (I think).

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          To add to that, the Pro product, and the Australian Fool company seem to have had a bit of issues holding on to their analysts. A few good analysts have moved on, some to greater things like being a managed fund manager, or some for external reasons unknown. So while we still have reliable analysts on the team, the investment style is changing based on the personality of the analyst at the helm.


    The truth is “never to be repeated” offers by this group get repeated all the time, many times at less than half “normal” price, whatever that is. They still bombard me with stuff three years on even though I quit after the trial period. Kohler is a smart guy though. He managed to sell his “investment” newsletter to NewsCorp”, making millions in the process. That’s how he made his money.

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    Have been using a free account on IS for a few years to track my Super and have found it helpful in terms of seeing a Performance chart and being able to do a "health check" on it.

    Gives me ideas on where I need to increase/decrease funds to balance out various "sectors" like Australian or International Equities or Fixed Interest or Property depending on what outlook I have for say 7 years or 10 years.