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[XB1] 20,000 Free One Month Xbox Game Pass Keys (New or Inactive Accounts Only)


You will need a browser that can translate French e.g. Chrome. I was able to redeem the key on my mobile.

Enter your email address, answer the Captcha and you'll get a free one month Game pass key.

Better be quick. The Europeans are onto it.

Free trial offer for new subscribers, limited to one code per person.
Non-cumulative codes that can only be used once per Xbox account.
The code must be used before March 31, 2019.

Credit to Dealabs

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  • says URL not found

    • Try again. I just updated OP link.

  • I thought there was already a one month free trial?

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure trial is 14 days not a month.

      • Just redeemed, 1 month.

  • +1

    Got one, thanks. Didn't need to use a translator - captcha was a maths question.

  • +4

    Confirmed working on expired Game Pass

    • +1

      Can also confirm. Time to smash all those games in one month!

  • How you put in the code?

  • Got one cheers op !

  • thanks guys.

    I don't have to redeem this until the 31/03/19 right?

    • yep

  • got one, thanks op

  • +5

    Thanks, that got me 2 month free with re-occurring billing left on for about 5 minutes.

    • +1

      Me too except i left it on for 1 minute!

    • I just did that and it didn't give me any extra month free. I had an inactive account.

      • It pops up the question do you want to turn on recurring and you get a free month

        You select yes and it turns on

        When you go into subscriptions page and disable the recurring it'll say subscription expires 22/05/2019 which is 2 months from today

        • I didn't get the prompt (xbox.com). :-(
          Tried turning on & off in account settings, but no bonus month.

          • @Linkwick: I did it through the website too

            It pops up after you enter the code

            I had previously had recurring billing and I had turned it off and my subscription had expired last year

  • Spare code, It doesn't let you add an extra one and its for one month cheers OP


    • +1

      another one: HQRF9-MTDQ7-Q9WHJ-JP3RQ-QVM4Z

      • Thanks, saved me filling in my email.

      • 3V6RM-TP2KD-4TYKF-P22CJ-Q2MJZ and another lol

    • IF anyone takes these keys, please acknowledge. Thanks for sharing everyone.

    • more here

  • Got one. thanks!

  • Nice, got one.

  • You can just enter any random email and it pops up LOL heres another one


  • +2

    Don't bother learning French and use my 4 unique codes. They didn't work for me as i'm a current subscriber. bonjour!


    • Lol. The real question is why did you get 4 codes for something that expires in 10 days

    • Thanks! Used TJD6G-J4R73-GRJ3X-QJHXF-HQCQZ

    • Thanks used the second one

    • Bottom three codes have been redeemed by others, top one is remaining.

    • Used the first one :D Thanks!

    • +1

      All my codes are done! Thanks for playing.

      I just love getting codes hey!

      I wish phone numbers were 25 numbers and letters!

  • Another code up for grabs 2WHH7-D94M9-MDRTK-PCR39-XG6TZ

  • wish I had of passed primary school math and I could get one, captchas are too hard

    • +1

      We need Mathnerd.

  • Just redeemed one.
    Here is another one

  • Chrome didn't work for me, had to use Edge.

    Votre clef :)

    Spare key if someone wants it: TC9W7-T4MVV-FYV3P-6PM9H-VQ97Z

    • +1

      Thanks used


    Spare code.

  • +6

    Cheers OP - managed to get two months free, one for the redeemed code and one for turning on recurring payments.

    • Damn, I turned them off and missed out :( It's so easy to cancel too! I hope others see your comment

    • Yep did the same nice pickup

    • How do you turn on recurring payments when redeeming it? Does it ask you?

      BTW - thank you OP.

      • When redeeming it, it asks if you wanna subscribe and what payment method - I just said no and turned it off :(

  • +2

    Don't enter your email. It doesnt even check, just enter anything

  • Spare code:


  • My code is up for grabs


    • Thanks

  • Thanks OP

  • WMYCR-H3GK6-9423Q-X9TR3-VM4JZ

    Spare code

  • +1

    Ah im a current subscriber and dont expire until April


    • +1

      Used code. Thanks for sharing

  • Ha ha, damn I got this confused with the live Gold subscription

    What to do with a game pass, barely have time to play the games I have

    • Try out games you’d never expect to buy?

      • +1

        More like some how try play games that you barely even have time to play because you already have too many games.

  • how do i use the code? I already have 2 months subcription i got for $2

    • +1

      You can't use the code if you currently are subscribed, only for new or inactive members



  • Awesome, turn on re-occuring billing and get 1 bonus month….. Then de-activate re-occuring billing and end up with 2 months!

  • Was gonna use it on my missus account, but mine actually expires in May, thought it was the end of March, my bad. So here's mine since it'd be wasted on me obviously.



  • No more left?

    • -1

      Says there are 17424 keys left?



    • Thanks!! Tried to redeem a 2nd on Xbox.com, but invalid (1 per account).
      At least that means this shouldn't be Broden-ed. :-p


  • 2 months for nicks thanks op I just have to get around to using it now😀

  • New customers only
    The free trial is for new customers only :(

    • If your gamepass is expired it works.

  • If your gamepass is expired it works.

  • Thanks OP! Got 1 month.


    Extra code

  • This seems real suss. What’s the catch?

    • Nothing. This is Microsoft's gaming future. They want as many people hooked as they can.

      • -1


        • Stadia is the ouya of the games for service model.

          • @nomoneynoproblems: Not the first time this has been tested but seeing as Google is literally taking over the world, maybe they’ll make it work.

  • It says on the site that if you don't redeem they key someone else can. Sounds slightly sketch.

  • Good Stuff!! Works for me :)

  • Can I redeem another code after my one month is finished?

    • The code must be used before March 31, 2019.

  • Thanks, though it would have been nice to use these over and over again

  • vevry noice, cheers

  • what can i use this free 1 month xox pass?

    Any free games i can download or play for free ?

    • It’s similar to Netflix, play any game/s in the catalogue until the subscription expires.

      All games available from Game Pass are full versions and can be played for free.

    • But unlike Netflix .. you cannot stream the gameplay - you'll need to have good broadband to initially down load large mega-GB of game data

  • Thanks Op - redeemed around 315pm and there was over 16,000 keys still left

  • Free code


    Please reply to comment if you have used it

    • Redeemed, thanks hotstuff

  • +1

    Heres a code for someone, let us know if you use it!


    • Redeemed, thanks!

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