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[PC Steam] Shadow of The Tomb Raider: $44.97 (-50%), Deluxe Edition $52.32 (-56%), Croft Edition $72.57 (-56%) @ Steam


OK price for a game that was released in Q3 2018. Similar price to this deal from last year.

Base game: -50% $89.95 $44.97
Deluxe Edition: -56% $107.90 $52.32 (Base game + Deluxe Edition extras)
Croft Edition: -56% $164.84 $72.57 (Base game + Season pass + Croft Edition extras + Deluxe Edition extras)

Reviews for base game are mostly positive but are mixed for DLC.

Had enjoyed the previous installments. Thinking of pulling the trigger on this as I'm getting back into gaming.

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    It's $25 brand new on PS4. Pretty sad for a PC 'sale'.


    Any idea when the Linux version will be released… If at all?

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    As someone who played it, I thought it was the weakest entry of the reboot trilogy. It has great graphics, but the story was not engaging, and neither was the gameplay.

    The combat skills you learn make combat very fun. There just isn't a whole lot of it. They've severely toned down the amount of enemies you actually face. I think they heard criticism of the previous games where Lara single handedly kills 500+ enemies. So now you have long sections of the game where you just run around collecting things and talking to people but not doing any combat other than hunting animals.

    I personally would not pay $45 for it, but if you really wanted this game I guess you can't go wrong. I'd wait till it was $20-30.