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Lenovo Watch X Smart Watch $38.92 US (~$54.99 AU), Sports Edition $39.99 US (~$56.51 AU) Priority Shipped @ Gearvita


Been in the market for a stylish smartwatch that doesn't look too much like a fitness tracker and Gearvita were kind enough to provide a record low on this. On offer is both the Standard version and the Sports version with the only difference being the watch band and colours.

Besides telling the time on the OLED display, other features include water resistance, continuous heart rate monitor, sleep tracking, pedometer, alarm, reminder, remote camera shutter and a companion phone app. The watch itself is made from zinc alloy with the standard version offering a stainless steel/milanese band and the sport version offering a silicone band.

Choose Australia Priority Line at checkout for faster shipping. It's only a few cents more than standard shipping.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate.

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  • There's plenty of terrible reviews on this product.

    • What do they say about the product?

    • I checked out the MakeUseOf one and his reasons for being terrible were exaggerated. First he had issues finding instructions on how to set it up, but once he did it was working. The second reason was that he found fitness bands offer more fitness functions….. yeah shouldn't that be blatantly obvious? Not to mention it was $70 US at the time of his review.

      This seems to do the watch part and the basics just fine.

      • From https://www.wareable.com/hybrid-smartwatches/lenovo-watch-x-...

        Even then, the Watch X began running slow after just a day. It's deeply flawed stuff from Lenovo.

        Can anyone confirm if it does run slow?

        • I got one of these from a previous deal - yes it does eventually run slow, though I would say it took a week for me to notice it (by which time it was a few minutes slow). There's a function in the Lenovo watch app to resync the time, but I found it a bit cumbersome tbh - it asks you to enter the current time the watch is displaying, and then you hit a button and it moves the hands back to sync with the correct time per your phone; however there were more than a few times where this function didn't work properly on my device. I also could never get the weather location working, so the watch would just show blanks for the weather. Finding instructions was also pretty difficult, though once you've synced it there's not much more too it, the trick is really just downloading the right app (on android anyway).

          I paid more than this though - for this price maybe it's worth the downsides because it's a pretty slick looking device and the battery life is excellent given that it has a tiny screen which isn't always on.

      • This seems to do the watch part and the basics just fine.

        If it runs slow (albeit with a manual resync via the app), one could argue that it doesn't do the watch part fine.

  • Whats the difference between X and the sports edition? Also is the Plus version available or is that known as the sports edition? I'm still contemplating getting the lenovo 9 hybrid smartwatch since I like the look of the watch face.

    • I actually mentioned that in the OP. Basically the sports version has different colours with a silicon band. Neither are the Plus edition.

      • My bad didnt see that. I think I'm still keen on the Lenovo 9 but thanks for that.

        • Don't buy the 9.

          I used it for a week. Was useless.

          The watch itself was fine. But the app was unreliable, crashed a lot. Which means all the fitness data isn't being recorded. Which means it's just a standard watch most of the time.

          I wonder if this X uses the same Lenovo app.

        • Another thing I should add about the Watch 9, it's time keeping is not very accurate. When you set it up, you sync it to the time on your phone. But it goes out of sync very quickly. In a day it is behind by I can't remember if it was minutes or seconds. The most basic watch might be off by 5 minutes after a few months, but this is unheard of.

          You have to resync the time with your phone quite frequently. It doesn't automatically keep synced. Whatever quartz they use inside is of low quality.

          There's a reason this watch was sub $30. It looked stylish but is not worthy of being called a 'smart' watch.

  • So this would do pretty good if I wanted a semi passable watch that has SMS message notifications? Been looking for something I can link my phone to when I'm on call and miss my alert text.

    • +1 vote

      My wife has been using a AmazFit Bip for a year. Great semi smart watch, looks a bit like Apple watch I guess.
      Screen is always on and she gets about 42 days between charges, yes, 42 days and then tells her to charge it.
      It was around aud$80 from Aliexpress DHgate Banggood type stores.

      Has the usual fitness stuff, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, notifications of messages ( shows a few lines) .
      Been good, reliable, and waterproof ( she’s worn it in showers and at the beach, maker says it’s waterproof)


      Look into Amazfit bip.

      I have one and going strong for the last year and a half or so. Got it for $40.

      Battery 30+ days, the glass on it it's amazing. That's giving me the sh*ts because I can't find a reason to change it. I can't manage to break/scratch the glass through normal use. I've hit the watch against the walls, rocks, doors, etc. Not 1 scratch.

  • Most smart watches do this and so too do hybrids. Make sure to reach the description just in case I'm wrong though.

  • Lenovo's support for this product doesn't exist as these were released to be sold in Asian countries only…the weather feature of the watch and app only work in Asian countries…

    • Are you sure? Plenty of people have managed to use this outside of Asia and the app is accessible on Google Play.

      • the app may be accessible but the weather part of the watch and app aren't meant to work outside of asia…I was informed by a lenovo rep on the forums…

        • That's quite different to the app working only in Asia 😉 Thanks for the heads up.

  • Does anybody know what a notification looks like on it?

    • https://www.wareable.com/hybrid-smartwatches/lenovo-watch-x-...

      EDIT: Just realised that this link probably doesn't help with your question!

    • Let us know if you find out. I've been looking for an answer to this as well. I saw a video where the guy mentioned if vibrates and shows you received a message or call, but that's it. He didn't show anything.

    • I own one but don't wear anymore as it ran slow and became a pain to continuously resync to the right time so can't share a picture, but notifications basically cause a vibration and show up on the little screen as two lines of text showing which app has generated a notification. Beyond this I don't think it showed much detail.

  • It shows only one watch face. It's not an all screen watch is it? Physical hands and just a small cutout that is OLED?

  • Useless watch. Better getting other smart watches. Never will buy Chinese watch again.

    • No shit coming from you. You gotta be the most biased anti chinese poster around here. 90% of all your comments are denigrating them or their products. Quit being an (profanity)