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Logitech Crayon for iPad 6th Gen, iPad Air 3, iPad mini 5 $69.30 Pickup or + Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


If you've got yourself one of the new iPads but are reluctant to splurge on the Apple Pencil, this might be a more palatable option price-wise.

It'll work on iPad, the new iPad Air, the new iPad mini, and is rumoured to work with the new 2018 iPads Pro once the new iOS update hits in the next few days.

Officeworks has it for $99, so you can price beat there.

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  • Anyone tried this vs apple pencil?

    Apparently crayon does not support pressure sensitivity

    • Yep. I own two of these. My biggest gripe is the shape of it. It is flattish rather than round like a pencil, so it feels more like using a carpenters pencil.

      Outside that, it works, from what I can gather, exactly like the Apple Pencil, but at a fraction of the price. It is much nicer to use than those rubber tipped shit touch screen pens.

      As for pressure sensitivity, not sure. Only used an Apple Pencil for 5 mins before I bought one of these for half the price.

      But just know, these are only compatible with the appropriate iPads. These will not work on just any iPad and will not work on anything else, like Samsung S-pen tablets.

    • No pressure. So if you're digital arting, no go.

  • It will also support, strangely enough, the new iPad Pros with Face ID when iOS 12.2 ships. But it's really meant for the iPad 6th Gen and I think will also support the new iPad Air and iPad mini. Not sure why it doesn't then support wherever Apple Pencil (1.0) can be used, like the iPad Pro 9.7-inch.

    • I guess Apple wouldn’t let ‘em License their Pencil technology.

      My Q: Does the Logitech one Require TIP REPLACEMENTS?

      If so, How Often & ar what Cost?

      (Could this Deal be a Razor Blade campaign?)

      iPad 6th generation (2018 release)
      (Model: A1893, A1954)

      And… yes, you’ll be feeding it Tips over its working Life.

      Shape is meant to keep it from rolling off your desk.

      • I read on [Officeworks Site(https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/logitech-c...)
        I bought one of theses Logitech Crayon recently only to find you can’t get spare parts for it in Australia only USA that’s if they will post to Australia. Logitech support not much good, had the runaround. At some stage the tips will wear or get damaged plus you’ll need the extraction tool to remove the tip. All in all the pencil is good, works well but you will have hassle with their support. . Like buying a car and nobody has replacement tyres! One day they might supply the parts but until then you can only hope. After it wears I’ll throw it and go to Apple at least they do spares for their own.

        This may have course changed.

        • It seems the tips are the same as Apple’s. Just that the orange bit stops you from unscrewing like Apple’s.

  • I think Apple sell these in their US Stores.

  • Wait, it is only one pressure setting? Thats not fun at all. For that i would expect it to be $50 max.
    I dont need 2000+ options, but 2 or 3 would surely be a must outside of using it as a pointing device.
    You can get 1st Gen Pencils 2nd hand for well under $100, much better buy…

    • Interested to know where you can get 2nd hand 1st gen Pencils for well under $100. The ones I've found have just been slightly below $100.

  • Or you could just buy the Amazon own branded one for $10. Works perfect

  • OW Link price beat to $65.84

    Since it is above $55, it qualifies for free shipping too - contact OW @ 1300 633 423

  • Currently these do not work with the iPad Pros!

  • If you're looking for a Tab S4 option (and cool looking equivalent), you could try the Staedler Norris Digital https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-Samsung-Staedtler-Noris-...
    Apparently works more like an S Pen (so no charging) but quite a good looking one.

    • …because people obviously click in to see a deal on an iPad accessory because they want to get something for their Samsung Android tablet…. :P

      • +2 votes

        hah i know, but people were saying this wasn't compatible with non-apple, this is a good cheap art-like alternative for non-apple users :)

    • MAny thanks for that. I was thinking about the Adonis Jot for my Galaxy phone. Updated - Damn, doesn't work on an S9+.

      My Tablet is a 5th gen iPad.

      • I was thinking about the Adonis Jot for my Galaxy phone

        Eew. Don't use those.

        I bought one for $70. They scratch your screen. Not recommended.

        They have a circular pad on the tip which is really stupid but that was the best solution they could come up with at the time. Now you can get fine tipped pens for capacitive touch screens that don't have a circular tip. Fine examples would be the ones Samsung ships with their tablets.

    • Out of stock for your link.

      How is it so cheap when other sellers are selling at $200+?

  • Isn there a good cheaper option?

  • will this work on the new 2019 ipad minis?

  • Seventy bucks for a stylus without pressure sensitivity …

    To be honest I've only used a stylus on SG Note 1 which had pressure and Nvidia Shield Tablet which had barely adequate pseudo pressure sensitivity. Using a stylus without pressure is more or less out for me because it sucks.

    • I saw a 9to5mac YouTube video comparing Apple Pencil (1.0) and crayon. Pressure sensitive is definitely nicer for sketching and painting.

  • Thanks OP - OfficeWorks happy to price match for $65.83.

  • Thanks OP. HN pricematched.

  • Perfect timing, iOS 12.2 came out of beta this morning!

    One thing to remember is this charges with a Lightning cable, which the new iPad Pro obviously doesn’t use. You’ll need one from an iPhone or older iPad.

  • OW amended the price to match JB while I requested for pricematch @ Pitt St store

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