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PlayStation Store March Madness Sale: PS4 F1 2018 $26.95 (Normally $59), Persona 5 $31, Tomb Raider Def. Ed $8.95 + More


Hello everyone, long time viewer first time poster!

Was looking F1 2018 on PS4 and found it was on sale $26.95 (listed for $59 on Amazon) and along with a whole bunch of other games for digital download:

Persona 5 - $30.95
Persona 5: Ultimate Experience - $47.95
Middle Earth: Shadow of War Definite Edition - $30.95
NBA 2k19 20th Anniversary Edition - $54.95
PES 2019 - $22.95
PES 2019: Legend Edition - $29.95
Tomb Raider Definite Edition - $8.95
F1 2018 - $26.95
NHL 19/FIFA 19 bundle - $54.95
Madden 19/FIFA 19 bundle - $54.95
Borderlands: Handsome Collection - $13.95
Hitman 2 - $47.95
Yakuza Zero - $13.95

There are 163 games (including bonus editions) on sale. Enjoy!

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  • If anyone wants a reco for a good jrpg, grab persona. Easily get your $30 worth back in entertainment.

    • Also recommend it for people that aren’t necessarily JRPG fans.

      My prior experience with them was some old SNES games; never really been intrigued by Final Fantasy and the like, but loved the Persona games. The art style and humour is a standout.

      • Yes imo persona series is far superior to ff affer you get over the whole nostalgia side of things. I just got ff9 on we've come a long way.

    • I loved P4G on Vita it was amazing, however I found that 5 was lacking something. I didn't care about the characters at all.

    • Agree with persona 5. It is a long game. Hltb says 96 hours. Mixture of jrpg and dating Sim.

      I pretty much got a PS4 for it and played the game without reading spoilers and just finished it couple of weekends ago. Might start off slow for some people but do push through.

      • This is a good summary IMO.

        I’m currently playing through it myself. Still doing the story and about 60 hours in… so maybe 2/3rds through…? 90+ hours out of $31 is a good deal!

        I’d say it’s like FF x Pokémon x Social/Dating SIM - all with a wicked soundtrack.

        It starts off really slow and you’ll be thinking “why is everyone raving about this game so much?”
        Take your time with it. It gets better once it opens up a little!

    • man you guys, convinced me to spend. thanks!

  • Annoying that Yakuza 2 is more expensive that Yakuza 6 (I am aware the 2 is actually a newer release).
    I think I was able to buy Yakuza 0 and 1 for around $20-30 so I'll wait for that price.

    '+1 for Persona 5, personally I thought it was better than P4G in every way, but that could be because it was my first foray into the series, still loved P4G though.

    • I just paid $45 for physical 'steelbook' copies of 6 & Kiwami 2 the other week. Given how much of a steal 0 was when I bought it had no issues spending a bit more on the others.

  • First TR is amazing

  • Ah Persona 5. Story, gameplay, soundtrack… Oh the sweet soundtrack…

    GOTY 2016

  • Persona 5 is good. Not many other games tackle psychopathy and feel like first gen Pokemon at the same time.

  • I have a tip for all the new persona 5 players, TAK[E] YO[U]R T[I]ME

    EDIT: I am so tempted to buy Yakuza 6 or senran kagura, but I gotta focus on year 12 :(

  • is hitman 2 worth buying for 47.95 ??

  • Damn hoping Amazon with price match F1 2018 as I want a physical copy.

  • Thanks picked up F1 2018. Not a bad game if your into racing games.