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We're well into the Mirrorless revolution, and perhaps that's why this stunning Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 Nokton lens has seen more demand than ever before. If you're behind the camera, and seek the drama and romance of great cinema, this Voigtlander lens is quite likely what you've been looking for, having ignited the hearts and minds of photographers and videographers the world over. Take your photography and videography to the next level, and achieve the cinematic style results you've been craving. The Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 Nokton MFT Lens is the subject of glowing reviews and numerous gorgeous videos from some of the world's leading creatives, and amateurs who can now also look just as good! Panasonic's GH5S and Black Magic's PCC 4K have made it even more popular. Selling Out Soon (Australia) is delighted to provide creatives with such a beautifully crafted Voigtlander camera lens with which to do your best work. What can you can create with it?

"Absolutely perfect for the exciting new Panasonic DC-GH-5S and Black Magic's revolutionary new Pocket Cinema Camera 4K with an MFT mount!" - Photo Review


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  • EXTENDED OZ WARRANTY — Get Triple (3x) Official Voigtlander Warranty — a full 3 years
  • Hard to find brand new, due to worldwide demand. Factory will not produce more units until end May.
  • Save $325 off the non-discounted price (when paid in Australian Funds) This comprises $257 using your exclusive OzBargain code, and and extra $68 in store credit from Selling Out Soon = total $325 saving
  • Selling Out Soon brings OzBargainers a significantly lower price than even the most powerful photographic stores in the world B&H and Adorama if you can get them to ship here, plus the shipping charges, the third party fees (if any) plus GST, plus waiting.

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REVIEWS: (see the deal for more reviews)

This lens lives on my camera.

"I had many M43 lenses before buying the 17.5mm Voigtlander. On the normal end I had the 25mm Panasonic which I used a lot, the 20mm Panasonic and 14m Panasonic, which I rarely used, and the kit 12-50 Olympus which I never used. I bought the Voigtlander 25mm because I saw it second hand at a good price and decided to try it out. It was so much better than the PanaLeica that I decided to also try the 17.5mm. I bought it at Adorama in the second hand store, and since then the 17.5mm has been on my OMD around 90% of the time. It is not small, it is not light, which are the two reasons I went from DSLR to m43. And there is no autofocus, and you have to manually select your aperture. And it's not weather sealed. Those are all the negative aspects. The image quality is unbelievable, it gives the images a look that makes them pop. When I take images with my Panasonic/Olympus lenses, I have to play with them a little in Lightroom. A little S-curve, a bump in the saturation or whatever. With the images I take with the Voigtlander lenses this is already done, the images straight off the camera look exceptional. Wide open, the image can be 'glowy' in the center and downright soft at the edges. This is most notable at the near-focus limit, which is close enough to the lens to allow almost macro shots. Stopping the lens down to 1.4 removes this glowy character and gives a very sharp image center, and acceptable edges. It never approaches the sharpness of, say, the Olympus 75mm, but that is a pretty high bar and it's definitely able to hold its own compared to most other lenses. Apart from the fantastic IQ the build quality is sublime, it feels like a finely machined Swiss engineering tool. The weight is just about OK on the OMD, I can imagine it would be very front heavy on lighter m43 cameras. There is a distance scale that makes shooting from the hip without using the EVF very possible, great for candid street shooting. The bottom line is that this lens costs a lot, and requires careful manual focusing which some people may not have the inclination or patience for. If you don't mind the manual aspect, I can only recommend this lens. It's such a fun, useable and attractive piece of gear that after 6 months with it I think it may be one of the best value for money pieces of photographic gear I have ever bought."

Voigtlander 17.5 F.95 is a Homerun!

"If you enjoy low light capable equipment and speed, this is the lens for you. It allows for tremendous depth of field control. This lens is quality built and is a solid chunk of glass surrounded by an all metal housing. You feel the quality when you handle this lens. The weight is noticeable on a smaller MFT body, but slap it on the Olympus O-MD E-M1 or similar body and it actually feels great. Smooth focus along with half and full aperture stops. There is also a silent smooth aperture setting for movies. Great lens!! Feels like you are using a Leica. Suburb pictures even wide open. You can't go wrong here. This is a must have in your MFT kit."

Great lens for the BMCC or any MFT camera
By Two B.

"We've bought this lens and it's 25mm brother/sister. I've really enjoyed using this lens over the last few weekends on our BMCC cameras. Perfectly sharp when stopped down a little bit, and this one and the 25mm have an awesome ethereal feel when wide open and shooting at a macro level. They've paired well with our MFT BMCCs, I don't have any other lenses at the moment to compare sharpness or contrast with just yet. I know they do well when compared with the SLR Magic lenses too. We're glad we bought this 17.5mm though, it gives us a roughly 35mm field of view on our cinema camera. We've fallen in love with the MFT system because of this lens!"

  • Reviews courtesy of Adorama

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    What mounts do they come in?


      Hi there :) This Voigtlander deal is for the Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 Nokton MFT Lens — which is a Micro Four Thirds mount (otherwise known as MFT). Many buyers use them on their Panasonic GH-5S camera, or some BlackMagic cameras. But they'll work on any camera with a Micro Four Thirds mount. If you want to see the other Voigtlander lenses (and/or other mounts) Selling Out Soon does deals on, see Voigtlander here.

      Because Selling Out Soon is Australia's sole online-only dealer, you'll get 3 years Extended Warranty on every Voigtlander lens you buy from us. Warranty is official Voigtlander and is from Sydney.

  • +1 vote

    Hard to find brand new

    So difficult. I mean, that was so hard to find

    And again

    $1395 posted, for those playing at home. Represents a real $100 saving for this deal, compared to the competition

    If you bothered to read the marketing waffle, that is..

    Save $325 off the non-discounted price (when paid in Australian Funds) This comprises $257 using your exclusive OzBargain code, and and extra $68 in store credit from Selling Out Soon = total $325 saving

    Wait wtf? So $1125 isn't the real cash price for this, there's extra store credit BS included in that?

    • +1 vote

      Hi Spackbase, we truly believe OzBargainers deserve the best deal.

      And that's why we've provided it here. There is simply no better price in the world.

      • Respectfully, if you dig a little deeper, what you said isn't right
      • The links are to stores who don't have the product, although they may not say so on their websites. We're not judging, they're both good dealers.
      • Also, no authorised dealer with stock is even close to this deal.
      • In addition, no authorised dealer without stock is even close to this deal either
      • It may be worth noting it's always easy to offer a cheaper price if one doesn't have stock (meaning they can't honour their offer)

      Sorry, we did check, but both your references are incorrect (as is your price claim of $1125, which we didn't make)

      This one: So difficult — I understand the sarcasm, but it actually does turn out to be "so difficult", if you want to get the stock they're advertising, because they don't have any. And they can't get any until the end of May, if it's not pre-sold prior.

      And again — in this case too, they don't have stock either. And they can't get any until the end of May, if it's not pre-sold prior.

      Both the above prices are pretty good (not as good as the Selling Out Soon deal of course) , but they don't have what they're selling. This is commonplace for retailers, we've got no problem with law-abiding, authorised dealers doing business the way they choose, and in fairness, you probably couldn't have known they don't have any stock from looking at their websites. But you could call them just to make sure.

      Store Authorised Reputable In Stock Lowest Price Stock Next Available
      George's Yes Yes No No End May
      Leederville Yes Yes No No End May
      Selling Out Soon Yes Yes Yes Yes Now

      1 So all are reputable stores, selling authorised stock, but so are we, and here at Selling Out Soon we work very hard to make sure that buyers are treated with dignity and respect.

      1. TLDR: only Selling Out Soon has the lowest price, is in stock now and you'll also get Triple standard warranty 


    Amazing, $68 store credit considered as part of the savings lol.

  • +1 vote

    Great lens, I've own it since 2012. However, Olympus 17mm f/1.2 lens from NoFrills eBay is a better buy now and it is cheaper too!


      Good find. Is it a good lens taking photos for young children?


      I regret not buying one in 2012 when I got my first MFT camera. IIRC it could be had for around $800


        Yes, in the US, it's US$899, plus shipping at the moment. You may have been able to get one from B&H then, but not now. Even if you still could, they're a bit more expensive in the USA, especially when you factor in GST plus shipping costs. Worth thinking about an overseas 12 month warranty vs Selling Out Soon's 3 Year local warranty too, for most buyers, since it's in Sydney. But then again, we hardly ever have anyone needing warranty assistance for Voigtlander, so that may be easier to factor out, although spending over $1000 it stands to reason that more warranty is better.

        It's common to hear complaints about price (the 'Australia Tax') and reps talking up local warranty, which is understandable, from their perspective. It's not often buyers get the best of both, in Australia.

        TLDR - Cheaper in Oz now. Plus 3x Warranty, and it's local.


      To be fair, these are fairly different lenses, mostly as this is MF. Personally, I'd take the Olympus as my MF skill is rubbish =p


    Any chance the instore credit can be used for this purchase?

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