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ALDI Camping Sale: Instant Up Tent 4P $129, 6P $179, Screen Room $99.99, 240V Mattress $39.99, Solar Kit $179, OneZee $49.99


Instant Up Tent 4 Person $129, 6P $179

  • Pre-attached poles
  • Insect resistant mesh
  • Front awning with 2 poles
  • Internal storage pockets, lantern hook and power cord zippers
  • Durable 190T polyester
  • Carry bag for easy repacking
  • Size: 2.4m(W) x 2.4m(L) x 1.85m(H)

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OneZee Added, thanks to hinee.

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  • +12

    A 240V mattress? What a shocking product!

    • +6

      Used at B&Bs in North Korea 🇰🇵

    • +6

      Thanks JV.

      Wait what.

    • 240V, not surprised.
      I heard of people who use these high powered motors, didn't believe it until I saw it online…

    • I blame reddit for this kind of humour. Damn you reddit! And you too, Iforgotmysocks!

      • +2

        Dads have been around a lot longer than reddit…

  • +4

    waiting for Bunnings to drop their version of the instant up screen tent.


    • +2

      Have they already dropped the price? Aldi's is $99.99 while bunnings is $99.

    • thanks for pointing this out! Been waiting to buy this at Aldi; didn't realise there was a Bunnings equivalent

    • is bunning's better?

      • Last two camping trips I have been on I’ve witnessed two of these instant up screen tents be absolutely demolished by the wind, including snapped poles on both. Could be user error I guess.

        • You can often get the proper ones for $150

  • +1

    It still needs to be pegged down. You still need to put a fly on, and peg that down - with guy ropes. It still needs poles assembled for the front awning. So, over a regular dome tent you're only saving the time taken to extend the poles and clip them in place?

    • +2

      A dome tent in which you can stand up would be way bigger and harder more cumbersome to set up.

      • +5

        I have a dome tent which is just a little smaller than this by the looks (I can stand up just). It's not cumbersome to setup, the only difference is that the poles have to be unfolded and snapped onto the tent.

        When I saw "instant up" I wasn't expecting so many poles, pegs, and ropes.

      • I had a 10p dome tent that I used so much the floor eventually wore out.

        I replaced it with a rectangular 10p instant up and a square 6p instant up.

        The 10p instant up is a real pain. It takes longer than the dome. The 6p is quicker than the 10p as I can leave the fly sheet permanently attached (be careful not to pinch the fly in the frame when packing up) and it requires far less pegs.

        These smaller advertised ones are probably ok for the time taken. But it should be said they are much bigger when packed up, heavier and more fragile.

        Also, it's hard to find a good done tent. The market is full of rubbish ones these days.

    • +6

      The instant-up feature is actually pretty good. The fly is already velcroed to the inner, and pegs are optional unless it's quite windy.

      Setup time is <5 mins, even with one person. Mine gets a fair bit of use and it's surprisingly good for Aldi gear.

      • people living in last century just can not be convinced, no matter what the fact is.

    • +1

      On grass the pegs will take 20 seconds, the two front poles and ropes take another 30 and the fly is already attached. You'd need to put out guy ropes for a dome as well. While putting up a dome tent is a piece of piss, instant ups really are the next level again of simplicity.

    • +2

      It still needs to be pegged down. You still need to put a fly on, and peg that down…

      Hang on, every tent needs to be pegged down.

      If you don't want a fly then spend the extra on canvas.

      What are you complaining about, 2 awning poles?

      I don't have much faith in Aldi tents but "instant up tents" have their benefits…quick set up with one person is probably the biggest.

      Cons mentioned below in weight and bulk but everything's a compromise.

      My advice for anyone looking to buy camping gear…go with experienced campers the first few times and borrow gear. If you like it (and not everyone does) then buy good quality second hand.

  • +1

    Thanks OP - been meaning to get a new 240v air mattress. They are excellent! But they age terribly… Mine are a bit rubbish about 4am and need a top up.

    • +1

      The first few times you pump up an air mattress it will stretch and need more pumping up

      This shouldn't happen after your first few uses, if it does then there is something wrong with it.

      • +1

        Yeah there is a hole somewhere. I've had it for ages and it has been abused by drunk people sleeping in all sorts of ways. It did good. It's time for it to retire.

        • +2

          Take it out the back and do what needs to be done.

  • +4

    Thank you for including the whole catalogue! I hate seeing one or two good items from Aldi and then wondering what else is on sale.

    • you can sign up at the aldi website and get the catalogue emailed to you about a week ahead of the sale starting - if you want. You only get the one email a week so its not spammy

  • +5

    You didn't mention the most important item, the sleeping bag onesie!

    • how is this in terms of warmth and winter camping?

    • I would like to know too!

      It's $49.99

      Sleeping bag is $19.99

      Anyone tried this before?

  • Thanks - been needing to buy a better solar panel and battery for those remote trips.

  • +1

    Instant up tent is great, good room for 3, starts getting cozy with 4. Can basically stand up fully if you're normal male height. So easy to go up and down, much jealousy among other campers.

    Build quality OK but tarp had some holes glued back together and fly netting had a little hole in it. Haven't tested in bad weather though.

      • +6

        Like this

  • Any camping stores that usually match Aldi? Looking at getting a 4person instant tent.

    • +5

      If you can find an Aldi tent in their store, you may have a chance at a price match.

      • +1

        Meant more like for example how Bunnings matching with similar products

  • Keen to know what size battery the box takes.

    • +1

      The one on the same page I would assume.

  • +4

    Every ALDI sale requires camping out front before it starts.

    • +1

      It's the chicken and egg dilemma all over again!

      • +1

        I don't know if I'd trust chickens or eggs from Aldi. Their produce is very hit and miss.

  • Thoughts on the deep cycle battery plus box? How do you charge the battery?

    • +1

      Mostly via the car while travelling, supplemented by solar while camping a few days.

    • +1

      You'll want a mains power battery charger. Standard car alternators are not great at charging deep-cycles like suggested by Wolfy. They can do the job, but it will never get back to a full charge.

      • Thanks, so will need a 240v to 12v inverter to charge off mains?

        • +1

          Keep an eye out for something like this for 240V charging.


          Will need 12V charging option when on the road. Probably best to get an auto electrician to sort out alternator charging though. Plenty of straight forward solar options for battery box but best to go for both of you think you'll do long trips

  • -1

    Hmm anyone missing Savas?
    He hasn't logged in since 10/02/19 :(.

  • I can't seem to find the solar kit or the battery box.
    Where is it listed?

    • In the full catalogue.

  • Hmm doesn't seem like there's much on offer in this sale? No swags or water boiler thingos. Hopefully more stuff comes out.

  • Anyone tried the 20 dollar sleeping bags (300g) or their onesie?? it doesnt have much spec but how do they fair during winter camps?

    • I have 2x Aldi sleeping bags. Light and medium weight. Find them useful functional and good build for normal family type camping. Not sure I'd use for hiking or in the snow, but happy none the less.

  • Anyone had experience with their Merino T-shirts, I'll probably grab 2-3 to add to the rotation, no changing room at ALDI though but I'm guessing I can just return them? Anyone have comments on fit or durability?

    • My favorite merino T's are from SportsDirect, however I prefer my Aldi ones to those I have from Macpac or Icebreaker.

  • Can anybody comment on the fishing rod combo?
    Any good for a beginner?

  • Has anyone bought the ALDI action camera and what did they think of it? Also the hiking jackets.

  • how the mitre saw compare to ozito from bunning

    • Popular idioms would have you believe that it is fallen…

  • -1

    The onezee seems overpriced for what it is, some kind of ‘trending’ marketing (copying the popular onesie which is a better product) relying on people to purchase it in order to take an instagram picture (like the one in the catalogue) then put it away and never use it again, or go straight to landfill.
    Seriously think it will be a challenge to do anything when wearing that thing, a serious fire-hazard and think it will be more comfortable to sleep in a decent sleeping bag.

    It does come off as a ‘oh I want one’ product rather than ‘oh a bargain’ (which Aldi special buys are known for).

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