expired VENSMILE 2X VS-312S Solar Powered Sonic Snake Repeller $35.94 Delivered @ Vensmile Amazon AU


VENSMILE 2X VS-312S Solar Powered Sonic Snake Repeller AU$35.9 @Amazon with Code: ORXIUKUD

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DOUBLE EFFECTIVE: 312S Send out a vibration in every 55 seconds by a electric motors , the snake sense vibrations as danger signals like people sense danger when have a earthquake , so snake treat it as a symbol of danger and will quickly move out the area normally never to return.
UP to 7500 Square feet of coverage range, so they can be placed approx 40 m (130ft) apart to get optimum coverage, it is always recommended to use two or more units to get the best results.
SOLAR POWERED: 312s built-in the best 4.8W Monocrystalline solar panel and 2x 1200mA recharge battery, perfect provide this device work 24 hours.
ELECTRIC MOTORS: VENSMILE Snake repeller built-in a electric motors, it can emitting a 2x vibration than other device for chased away snakes, also increased the effective range.
100% HUMANE and SAFE, safe around children and pets.No kill animals, endorsed by Humane Societies and Animal Rights Organizations in Worldwide.

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