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[Hack] $1.40 Cheeseburger + 'No Meat Burger' @ McDonald's via mymacca's App


Order the $1.50 cheeseburger from the mymaccas app and remove the meat for a $1.10 deduction. Then order a hamburger for $1.

Now you may be tempted to put the cheese on the cheeseburger into the hamburger but the toasted bun and sauced cheese will be already flavoured and slightly melted so what you really want to be doing is putting the meat from the hamburger into the cheeseburger instead.

Cheapest way to obtain a cheeseburger right now from maccas.

You also get a vegetarian burger too.

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  • +51 votes

    Lol this is so stupid that i love it…

    • +5 votes

      Mclovin it

    • +2 votes

      It's obvious that these are actual deals (even if stupid) as they would have been removed by the mods if they weren't. I'm not a huge fan of these for saving 10 cents but the system is in place where people can vote which is fair enough.

      I would like to make a suggestion though, just like "Targeted" deals get the tag in title can we have one for menu hacks like this? Saves people wasting their time clicking into it thinking it's an official offering from the vendor.

      Hack tag anyone?

      Edit: I posted in the suggestion thread here so go support me if you think this should be a thing.

  • +11 votes


    Maybe with that extra 10 cents you can do an English course.

    Sorry, but I'm over these deals.
    The patty on the hamburger (from my experience at least) is thinner than the one found on a cheeseburger.

    • +21 votes

      Nope, they are both 45.36g


      It was very tilting to read

    • +1 vote

      It's actually "Hamberders" according to Americans.

    • +5 votes

      I worked at Maccas, they are the same.



    • +5 votes

      Let's dig a little deeper into your statement…

      You think a the worlds fastiest fast food joint has 2 separate and individual small patties for two almost identical burgers with the same flavour.
      You think the reserve a slightly smaller pattie for the one without cheese.
      You think they efficiently find a way to separately store this slightly small small pattie in the extremely streamlined kitchens.
      You think they have trained all McDonalds staff to know the minor difference and to identify which is which durung lunch and dinner breaks.
      And you think their head office thinks this is all a great idea?

      And disregarding the above, what on earth has made you think a hamburger has a smaller pattie? How have you gotten through life wuth never having a conversation with a McDonalds employee?

      • +4 votes

        How have you gotten through life with never having a conversation with a McDonalds employee

        Everyone that works at Maccas (around me at least) is like 14. At that stage, they don't really care.
        They just cook fries and spend their $20 for their shift on vbucks.

        But yes, I've never had an intelligent conversation about McDonald's with a McDonald's employee. Maybe if there was someone older I talked to?

        I also find it hilarious how no-one negged me before people said "actually they are the same".
        Ah, the gift of hindsight!! People never change..


        explains the idiotic post also

  • +12 votes

    Remember to add 5x onion, mustard, ketchup and pickles on your pattyless burger :')

    • +4 votes

      90¢ for an ice-cream bun with all the fixin's

      (edit: 30¢ cones are 60¢ now? goddammit.. ok, $1 for ice-cream roll)

  • +3 votes

    I think you need to update the title to include the 2nd meatless burger you get with this hack.

    • -5 votes

      But that goes in the bin cos no value. It wouldn't be enjoyable. Why would you eat mcdonalds if its not for enjoyment?

      • +5 votes

        coz it's a bargain.

      • +22 votes

        So food wastage for a 10c cost reduction? What a great thing to do.

        • +3 votes

          I demand that you stop driving your car to the shops because it's a waste of petrol.

      • +9 votes

        But that goes in the bin cos no value.

        So let me get this straight. You are screwing around to save 10 cents by ordering a meatless burger + a burger with a patty. Must be quite tight to do this.

        But then contrastingly to your tightness you throw away the rest of the burger.

        I'm confused.

        It's like claiming the $1 Large Fries because it's cheaper than a small, and then only eating a small portion and throwing the rest.

        Why not just ask if you can just get the patty?


          Sorry, but small chips are $2.35. Might as well get the large for $1 and either ask them to just hand you a small or give the rest to someone else.

          • -1 vote

            @Miss B:

            but small chips are $2.35.

            $1.95 at my local. But that's irrelevant.

            ask them to just hand you a small

            Exactly my point. Instead of asking for what you know you aren't going to need/want/use.


          re the fries statement -

          I'm sorry? I'd order the large every time if it is cheaper than the small!

          And there is a (admittedly small) chance that I'd throw the rest out, as is my prerogative.

          If you'd rather buy the small, for more than the $1 large fries, I'd suggest handing in your ozbargain usage license.


            @crazyj: Sure, by all means order the large. But at least try to minimise wastage if possible.

            Note: you can still order the large for $1 but tell them you aren't needing a full large one. If you are needing a full large one great.

            I just can't stand how people order a large meal and only eat a few fries.

            With the offer they won't refuse to make you a smaller serving. Or save the rest for your dog.

            I'm certainly not saying to pay twice as much for a small lol, not sure where you got that idea from.

  • +6 votes

    Burgar you say?

  • +9 votes

    So you're telling me a burger with cheese, sauce, pickes and onion is 40c?


  • +18 votes

    Stop posting this ridiculous stuff on OzB. It isn't clever, or funny, or whatever you think it may be. And learn to spell.

  • +19 votes

    MSG comment in $1.50 Maccas Cheese Burger deal 74 minutes before this Deal
    Cheaper to remove beef patty for a 40c cheese & pickles burger and also order the $1 hamburger.
    Total of $1.4 for hamburger + cheese with extra bun and condiments on the side.

    Look familiar?

  • +11 votes

    So this is a repost of another comment.

    Definitely a neg.

    Plus personally I don't think saving 10c is much of a deal, especially when there's hassle involved.

  • +9 votes

    Joke posts aren't allowed.

  • +6 votes

    Bit early for April fools mate
    Plus some obscure hack should not really be a deal, especially considering you save 10c…

  • +13 votes

    Stop it, just stop it. That's enough hack posts, please find proper deals.

    This is just ridiculous. It's just a joke/troll post.


      I am totally serious. So a deal post with $1.50 is ok but having a way to get it for $1.40 is not?

      This site has many examples of doing something out of the norm for a discount.

    • +8 votes

      OP seems to have a history of posting "deals" that:
      - are inflammatory to the community (ie the gun post wave)
      - are "hacks"
      - are actually forum posts (things that are always free)
      - rely on memes for votes

      OP's first two deals are the only actual deals. These didn't get very many votes, so OP resulted to the above tactics in order to get a few votes.


        What gun deal? Oh ok i had a look you mean the belt deal? Its duck hunting season.

        Have you seen the BMW deal?

        All my posts are deals and they get alot of votes because they are good deals and help people save money.

        • +4 votes

          they get alot (sic) of votes because they are good deals and help people save money.

          Lol they help people save a whole 10 cents by dicking around with Maccas burgers. The only contribution you are making is to worsen the already exorbitant food wastage.

          I'm taking it you are that one to take a plastic bag from Coles/Woolies without paying for it and then not reuse it. $0.15? I'm not paying for that!

          Btw yes I've seen your BMW deal. The "high investment" joke is long dead. How many people woke up today and thought oh a BMW is on sale (because a new model is coming out but that's irrelevant) I'm going to go buy one.

          I liked your deals before (your first two) that didn't get as many upvotes, but actually contributed and helped people with actual savings.
          Not a free charging station at Target (it's purely marketing - keeps you in store longer, can't check prices at other stores).
          Certainly not Maccas 'hack' deals. People go their for convenience. Not to save 10 cents with all these adjustments. I'll admit it was funny the first time. Now it's just flogging a dead horse.


            @pennypincher98: So with your logic any deal on expensive assets are not allowed?

            Noone wakes up to see any car deal and decide to buy a car. You can extend that to fridges, TV, Furniture etc.

            Its a deal cos its a 100k car being sold at 70k. Someone in comments actually informed their company and they bought a couple. And fyi the most popular deal in the history of this site is the 80k off a tesla. So you think that should never have been posted?

            Just because you dont need something doesnt mean its not a deal.

            How is the free charging at Target not a deal? It never used to be there and now it is. Plus a service like this isnt available everywhere, its rare.

            At the end of the day, if these arnt deals why have they not been deleted? The mods here do a vigilant job. All the deals that remain active comply with rules here even if they are not useful to you.

            Can you also explain why this deal has.more upvotes than the $1.50 cheeseburgar deal? The people have spoken, nothing you can say to explain that.

            • +4 votes

              @Bryanalves: I'm not even going to bother all of this.

              You think the most popular deal equals the most people buying. That's not true.

              A 100k car being sold at 70k will be sold at 40k in 2 years. Everything depreciates in value.

              The people have spoken

              They sure have. Look at all the negativity in this thread compared to the positive comments. People are upvoting a long dead joke, not a deal.
              You can stick your head in the sand and pat yourself on the back as much as you want but the truth is people aren't buying your 10 cent hack.

  • +3 votes

    All that for 10cent discount wow oz bargainers are real these days with there deals and hacks

  • -1 vote


  • +3 votes

    I tried a meatless bigmac the other day (I'm vegetarian and got it as a quick snack before dinner) and it was actually pretty nice.

    It made me realise that it wasn't really the patty I enjoyed when eating them in the past, it's everything else!

  • +1 vote

    Seriously? It's 10cents dude.. if I could downvote I would smh

  • +14 votes

    Not a bargain. Trash like this rising to the front page obscures actual bargains.

    Stop ruining this site for the sake of reviving an old joke.

    Edit: negged because deal is “not the cheapest available”. It is not a cheeseburger.

    • -9 votes

      How many people do you think will do this and save some money cos they found out from this deal?

      For all the people that saved money this is a deal to them (40+ votes at least 40 people).

      Theres stats somewhere which say 80% of traffic here has no account. So probably around 200 people helped.

      • +5 votes

        If you seriously think that you have helped 200 people (or 305 people now, going by your logic) save 10 cents I'm not even sure why I'm trying to reason with you.

        Btw I ran out of negs a while ago. Please stop posting comments :)

      • +6 votes

        I'd say 95% of those who upvoted just thought it was funny. I highly doubt all those upvoting are actually doing this.

        I'd be embarrassed to order this to save 10c

    • +2 votes

      You are legend sir good speech!

  • +2 votes


  • +7 votes

    Sick of these "hack" "deals" clogging up the front page, especially when its a minor saving doe a lot of farting around (and in this instance, waste too).


    Don't listen to them OP, these are awesome. I'm McLovin it :D

  • +1 vote

    Thanks OP. I set up my own unlicensed McDonald's selling Cheeseburgers at a 10c profit a pop. The extra buns will be used in case someone orders their cheeseburger with extra bread.

  • -3 votes

    I want more of these deals and I don't even eat Maccas!

  • -1 vote

    What's happened to the good old ozbargain who'd do anything to save a couple cents.

    This is absolutely a deal - if people don't want to save the money, you don't have to. There isn't anything wrong with this.

    • +2 votes

      I prefer Deals where I get paid $$ for what I actually want👍
      (eg 20GB SIM with $35ea cashback profit)
      Can then spend the profit on maybe… a nice meal🍴

      Takes about the same effort as saving 10c on a crappy cheeseburger with this deal🍔

    • +2 votes

      Saved $1.40 & my time by not buying this - came with free serve of comments😉

      Now that's a great deal!

      • +1 vote

        Agree 100% smartest, are those who don’t even buy, save yourself a lot of money & good for the body and soul, your doing a favour for everyone and the environment, less trash as well.

  • +1 vote

    At a pre-tax minimum wage rate, that 10c takes 19 seconds to earn.

    So don't spend too long saving that 10c this week😀

  • +4 votes

    Yep, OzBargain pretty much now a a platform for supermarket specials. ebooks, SD cards, recurring eBay deals, and now 10 cent hamburger saving.

    Gone are the good old days!

  • -1 vote

    What do the mods do?

    Just delete stupid posts like this, would you?

  • -1 vote

    Thanks Bryan. Not going to use it but the negative votes here are all so silly and petty

  • +1 vote

    rename the deal title like $1 cheeseburger + 40 cents vegan burger.

    then most people would like the deal


    This is great, some people really need to lighten up. Thanks op!

    Definitely a legitimate ozbargain deal - saving money and getting more product. Why can't we also have fun things every so often? Probably nobody is going to use this, but the community is clearly showing that there is a larger percentage of people who believe this should be here than those who do not. Also, mods would have removed if there was any sort of violation.

  • +3 votes

    All these add ons I doubt anyone will do this just all talk, but nice convo at ozbaragin regardless.

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