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[Pre-Order] [PC, PS4, XB1] Wolfenstein: Young Blood $39 @ Harvey Norman


Was checking the prices out on Young Blood earlier, only had interested due to it being surprise announced for Switch today.

No idea how stuff was before today, but the game is listed on EB only as having a deluxe edition, and that deluxe edition is 70 bucks. Now if you Google the game and EB, you find the PC version was 40 as well, so maybe they've decided all physical versions are now deluxe versions and they want 30 more, I don't know, I'm guessing.

In any case, I've put an order down through HN, here's hoping they honor it, and furthermore, will let me sub it in for a Switch version when they start stocking it.

Edit: Even the digital version is showing as 47 on PSN, so I'm assuming the price has gone up since HN got these placeholders across the board.
Edit 2: Xbox is 50 digitally, so yeah, definitely a price jump. Let's hope HN honor this one.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • No more hardly normal for me

    • Don’t like GST?

  • I wonder if physical PC copies will use Bethesda's own client launcher rather than being steam activated..

  • Ordered PC copy… noice!

    Thanks OP

    Hopefully there is no day 1 patch greater than the original install to download.

  • No love for switch?

    • I'd wager they'll update their site with the revised SKUs soon, including Switch.

      I'm hoping they'll let me swap it over for a Switch copy when I go to pick it up in store tbh.

  • -6

    Someone dl this in July pls and let me know if it's any good.

    I smell another redefining of gender roles in this one as the girls look for dear old Dad.

  • +1

    Appreciate the OP posting the offer but there's no way I'm pre-buying a Bethesda product in the near future.
    Arkane Studios involvement gives me hope, Prey was excellent, but I'm going to wait until well after release before even considering buying.

  • Deluxe Edition including the ability to give your friend a copy is super cool.

  • This is definitely an non-updated price. Ebgames had the game at a placeholder price of $39 at least a day or two ago, now you can only buy the deluxe edition for $30 more. It shouldn't be a full priced game as it's an expand-alone and not a full Wolfenstein game.

  • Was in the process of putting it in my cart but the page now gives a 404.

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