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[XB1 / PS4] Assassin's Creed Odyssey - All Editions $47 @ EB Games


First time Poster so be gentle.

Noticed today that EB Games have all the Assassin's Creed Odyssey versions for XBox 1 and PS4 on sale at $47 each as part of the "Best Sellers" promotion. If you buy the Gold Edition for $47 this is cheaper than buying the Season Pass as a standalone option.

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    Coincidentally found this and bought the Gold yesterday for $47. Pretty good deal, having seen Origins this looks much bigger and longer.

    • +1

      Odyssey is huge… so huge that I couldn't finish it. First AC that I did not complete.

      • Yea there's so much to do, not sure if I'll end up finishing it either. Level 31 and I think I'm still in chapter 2.

    • +2

      I’m part of the way through the game and it’s massive compared to Origins. A lot more side quests to complete for example.

      I’m tempted to but the Gold Edition just to get the Season Pass and access to AC3 Remastered and then try and sell or trade my original copy.

    • +5

      They made it unnecessary long and boring to force you into buying microtransactions for speeding it up.

      • +1

        Love all the previous games except the last two. Origin this this one sucks. Who's got time to level up the character just to complete a mission?

        • If that's not bad enough the PC port is actual ass. Bad ports are always a hit or miss for some people, this was a miss for me. Game is unplayable on Ryzen 1700+GTX1070 @1080P

          • @Ostrk: What settings are you on? I have a 1060 and 60+ with very high?

            • @Debellate: A mixture of medium and very high. Like I said, hit or miss. For me, no matter what settings I play on there is always stutter that doesn't happen in other games. Have tried all of the ingame presets, have tried the GeForce experience recommended settings, have tried settings from YouTube videos, nothing helped.
              Also, 60+ fps is rare for me even a mixture of medium and very high.

              • @Ostrk: Yeah fair enough, I do experience stutter occasionally too!

  • Seems silly that even on half price Steam sale the PC version was still $45 for the base game.

    • +6

      Steam is not always as cheap as some think.

      • -1

        Yeah I was thinking to move purely to PC, but even a pretty old game like this that I was keen on, $45 is still super high for the base game.

        • +7

          a pretty old game like this

          Release Date: 6 Oct, 2018

          • @HomeAlone: Oh wow, thought it was older than that. Games industry moves so fast!

        • +3

          The Gold Editon includes the Season Pass and AC3 Remastered so contains a lot more content than just the base game and is currently at the same price!!

          Edit : Missed the bit where you were commenting on the PC price. Ubisoft have sales on the PC versions periodically.

        • +4

          Fyi steam nowadays has really bad pricing. Even DURING their big season sales you can still buy games cheaper from authorized re-sellers like HumbleBundle, Fanatical, GreenManGaming etc.

        • I agree that $47 is richer than I'd like even though I wouldn't call this game "old". Having said that, if you do go to PC, you can have Odyssey a lot cheaper than $45 through other channels.

          • @jonathonsunshine: I’d love to grab it for pc where can it be had for less than $45 (that’s legal)

            • @cc23: If you really want it right now there's not really many deals on. Just wait a while and they'll pop up. I posted one of $33 the other day on Amazon, so there's bound to be similar or even lower prices than that. If you are really that impatient, GMG has it for $40.22, but that's a bad price and I recommend to wait.

      • +1

        Was much better when the AUD was either on parity or above the USD, and they had prices in USD.

    • I posted a deal of $33 for a UPlay copy but no one seemed interested :(

      • That would be for PC only and not the Gold Edition on offer. My PC is over 10 years old so not up to spec to play these games now and have moved onto consoles. Perhaps others are in the same boat ?

        • Point is that it's way cheaper than Steam (look back up at the comment it's referring to). That said, buying Ubisoft games on steam sucks, because you load steam, then that loads ubiplay, then that breaks, then you spend 4 hours finding a no-cd crack, then you finally get to play the game.

          AC is only any good on consoles thanks to that.

  • Good game. The first AC since 2 that I've really been hooked on.

  • +1

    worth it especially for Gold edition.

  • Can anyone comment on the combat in this game? Last AC I played was Unity and I found the combat slow/sluggish. Is this similar? My favorite combat system was Shadow of mordor.

    • +1

      I’ve found it okay on my XB1 S. I am just too unco use a lot of the really good combos but performs well otherwise.

    • +1

      unity was awful - no comparison

    • +3

      The whole combat system in AC games is changed since AC Origins. Its so much better. I played AC unity for like an hour before I gave up. But Finished AC origins and Now playing AC odyssey. Loving it.

    • +1

      They completely changed the combat with Origins. Whereas before, it used a paired animation system where your character and the targeted enemy would perform a single animation, it now uses hit box mode, where any enemy that your attack animation passes through is damaged and they may then trigger a response animation. It makes positioning a lot more important, since you won't warp up next to the enemy to hit them.

      The game also uses an RPG-style level system, so attacks against enemies too many levels higher than you will be ineffective (including the hidden blade).

      As far as Unity goes, I suspect that the game simply wasn't balanced right. Or it had been balanced correctly and then they were told to tone down the weapons to make microtransactions more appealing. If you played long enough to pick up the overpriced top level gear, the game felt quite balanced.

  • great deal

  • +1

    Game is so big as it is almost disadvantage to have DLC as well included.

    Good deal but need just the base game for $20 before I bite.

    • Can always get the gold edition and think of it as two separate games: Odyssey and AC3.

      • +2

        Playing AssCreed 3 again is not an benefit!

        • I have only played the base game of AC3, and apparently the Remastered contains all the DLCs as well. Not sure how much content the AC3 DLCs add to the game.

  • I have the base game, can I buy this without needing to start a new game like the Witcher 3?

    • +2

      I’d say yes, since the gold edition dlc is on a code (only the base game is on the disc).

      • +1

        Thanks silverrat

  • Bought it, definitely getting AC3 with this is worth it

  • +2

    Does anyone know what trade-in value EB will give for the regular version? Yes, I know they give you bugger all, but it might be worth trading it for the Gold Edition. Maybe.

    • +2

      Was thinking the same thing, and may head in tonight or this weekend to check…

      • Keep us updated!

        • +3

          $11 trade in value (for Xbox One at least) without any other EB World bonuses. I bought the Gold Edition for the season pass alone and will trade the game back in when I pick it up after work today. Got one of those birthday bonus trade in coupons for another 50% trade value so should get around $16 for it, meaning I paid around $31 for the season pass which is currently $59.95 on the Xbox store.

          • @iCheap: Looks like I'll be trading at Cex then.


            • @TheSlayr: Trade in value for CEX is not much better. Something like $14 and they resell at $40. Fleecing at its finest!!

          • @iCheap: Surely it would make more sense to sell it on eBay? Going rate is about $35?

          • @iCheap: Thanks! Might give it a miss then. Even with the bonus trade in, I'll only get 12-something. Given that I don't think I'm even halfway through the main story, I've got plenty to keep me occupied for a long while yet…maybe I'll see what the DLC is going for whenever I finish this.

  • Hey guys - never played an AC game before.

    What would be a good one to start with? Ideally, a cheapie.

    • +1

      Start With AC Origins

    • +2

      I'd go with the Ezio Collection.

      AC2 and Brotherhood are classics.

  • Is this game repetitive like AC Origins (Fetch & kill simulator)?

    Though I platinumed AC Origins on PS4 but I hated every single minute of it.

    • Probably even more so in a way as a lot of the side quests respawn as well. The addition of the mercenaries is pretty cool and the Sparta vs Athens battles.

    • +2

      If you hated Origins you'll hate this.
      They just went overboard with content, and a lot of it was just repetitive.

      I played around 45hours and apparently that was only midway through the game. After finding that out, I lost all motivation to continue playing, the end seemed too far.

    • +1

      sigh me too, have been putting in an hour or so each night when working away cause nothing kills time like a busy-work AAA open-world rpg…..but Christ it's a mind-numbing plod; couldnt give a crap about the story and cut-scenes, one earnest voice actor who continues to show up all through it sounds like bloody Borat, and it is so.effing.repetitive… but like the slave I am I'll keep plugging away til I've ticked all the boxes, and when I get to the end I'll have wasted 70-80 hours of my life on it and will throw it away without ever thinking about it for another second, except maybe to humiliate myself over the time spent on it….

      Anyway, back to it I guess! Hoping to max out the Assassin weapon and the Tool Pouch so all the Crafting menu items have the gold background, before I do the same for all the weapon slots. And those stats won't update themselves!

      just shoot me.

  • AC ODDSEY is an awesome game. 166 hours level 60 54/78 achievements. Main completion 99.79% regions discovered 99.06% high points synced 98.95% ship upgrades 98.33%
    Have moved on to destiny 2. But still go back to mop up.

    • Do you have a job and/or kids?

      166hours is like a year and a half worth of game time for me these days!

      • I wonder how you would react when you find out that I have 1880 hours in CS:GO over three years. I am in high school so I do have time to spare but that's still quite a lot.

      • Hahahaha kids are all grown up and work doesn't consume my life. It works out to be just under an hour of gaming a day since release. But sure I've grinded hours upon hours on weekends.

  • Just ordered one, thanks.
    FYI, you can use EB gift card to buy this game, there is 8% off for EB gc as long as you bought Suncorp insurance and etc.

  • Gold Edition should be in the title

    • I did put all editions in the title. Do you think I need to specify Gold specifically ? The price is the same for normal edition and gold edition at the moment.

      • +1

        sorry misunderstood the all editions description as all systems, long day!

  • This gold edition doesn't really include AC3 remaster, or am i wrong?

    • +3

      Gold edition has the season pass, so yes, it should have AC3 as well as Liberation.

  • +3


  • +1

    thanks op…got one just picked it up too

  • +2

    It’s strange they have priced all the versions the same.

    • -1

      Not really its not new for EB to do that with different versions of a game. Just pays to look before buying.

  • +1

    I got AC Odyssey Gold edition on XBOX store in Argentina for about $25.

    As per the other comments, Odyssey is WAY WAY WAY bigger than Origins.

    Origins ending sucked ass to be honest.

    Glad i played Origins first, because had I played Odyssey then gone to Origins I doubt i would have played Origins to the end.

    I am about level 40 after about 50 hours of play on hard difficulty in Odyssey. The bounty hunters and mercenaries are relentless.

    • Hi,could you please tell me how to buy games in Argentina. The website always shows errors when I checkout. Thank you for your help

      • You buy argentinian xbox gift vouchers.

        Then change your region to Argentina on your xbox console

        Then buy the games using the vouchers…..

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got the gold version today

    • +1

      Finally going to pick up my copy tonight. Then need to work on offloading my original copy in a few weeks time :)

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