expired Dyson V10 Absolute Plus $849 @ David Jones


Nice deal, you can also Price match with TGG, JB-HIFI, HN, etc

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David Jones
David Jones

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    A vacuum cleaner as expensive as a phone!

    AND a computer.

    Weird times we live.


      Also specifically designed to break down on expiry of warranty , like iPhone recharge ports etc


      What are you talking about??

      It's less than half the price of a phone.

      More serious, don't get this. It's a great cordless vacuum, but for the price range it's a horrible vacuum. Get the v6 for convenience, and a proper corded vacuum for hard cleaning

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        It's alright if you live in an apartment or very small house.

        I don't think it can replace a corded one. Some people can do it, but not me.

        Another strategy is to instead of doing all of your vacuuming in one day, split it up. Do some rooms today, some tomorrow, and charge in between. That's not how I like to do things though.

        At full suction, it only lasts 11 minutes or so. When they claim it's as powerful as a corded vac or better, they are referring to max setting. But that's misleading. It doesn't last long enough on that mode. The corded one can keep going for as long as you pay your power bill.

        If you're comparing the lower settings to a corded vac, suddenly not so good.

        It's nice to have, so you can get to tight spots, or do a spot vacuum without setting up the barrel vac. I do think it's expensive for the compromises you have to make though.

        The dust bowl will need to be emptied a lot more times than a bagged vac. Don't be misled by the 0.8L bin. My Miele is 6L. Mathematically that should mean I empty the bag once for every 7.5 full V10 bins which is not that much less frequent than the Dyson. Not true. Dyson vacs don't compress the dust inside. A Miele bag compresses the dust. It stores a lot more than 7.5 full V10 bins. It lasts me around 6 months a bag. I do maybe 2 Dyson bins a week.

        TLDR: It has its pros and cons. It's useful to complement a corded vac. There are things it can do better, things it does worse. I'd like to have both vacs but if I had to have only one I'd stick with the corded. Which is also half the price of the V10.

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          This is a masterpiece of a comment


          Agree. I have the v8, which is fine, but I regret buying it over my partners v6, which seems just as good but cheaper.

          While the convenience is good, the satisfaction of it wears off quick when you realise it's not doing the full job of a good corded vacuum. And with the poor battery, which takes a year to charge, I find myself needing to clean different areas almost daily. I also think it's very poorly put together. Way to much plastic.

          Since I'm constantly taking the head apart to remove the tangled mess of female hair - I've noticed how bad a device this is. It functions fine, probably exceeding my team expectations, but I know that once this thing gets a fault it's non repairable.

          Dyson had advertised their way into my brain as the top brand in vacuums. Having owned a couple now, I've finally concluded it's not worth the money they charge. Dyson are trash.

          Then again, I haven't got experience with any other cordless brands.


            @Salmando: The plastic is cheap but it's lighter than metal. These things are heavy to lift with one hand as it is because their weight is not balanced along the entire shaft, but concentrated in your hand.

            Could be hard for a woman to hold for long periods though.

            You're right about the annoyance of needing to clean the unit regularly. That's a problem with bagless cyclones.

            If I see a big job (dusting is often one) I always go with the corded and bagged. Less maintenance that way.


    Saying $999 when I click through to link……


    No longer available. price back and no button for purchase.


    V11 is out now, prices will probably keep dropping as the top of the line V11 is $1249 from Dyson online store


      Dyson is the Apple of the vacuum world.
      … Except Apple devices are actually good quality, despite being a rip-off… Dyson have all the premium of Apple, with the quality of… 🤔

      I don't know.


        my v6 basic version still going strong. cost 250$ i think it is pretty sweet stuff.


          I got the same for around $280. Works well enough, better than I expected - but I hate the soft plastic screws and such.

          Could use more suction