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KEF Q-Series Speakers Free Upsize Promotion - Q950 (RRP $3000) for $2500 (RRP, Q750) at Addicted to Audio


Australian KEF distributor, Advance Audio, is offering free one-model up upgrade of their standmount/bookshelf and floorstander range at retailers approved by them (list on link). No other discounts apply.

For Bookshelf Speakers: get Q350 for Q150 price
Floor Standing Speakers: get Q750 for Q550 price, or, get Q950 for Q750 price

Titular example: a maximum saving of $500 for getting Q950 (RRP $3000) by paying for Q750 (RRP $2500) at Addicted to Audio. (I chose A2A's quoted RRP as example, can be less elsewhere.)

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    You'd generally get these cheaper when on sale.

    Though I've noticed JB seems to exclude their limited Kef range from recent audio avalanche sales.

    Awesome speakers though…

    • A2A's normal price is cheaper than RRP, and it has store-wide % reductions on public holidays - I'd guess both will stack.

      Apparently there are also walnut coloured boxes, in addition to black and white.

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    $2325 at clef hifi as the starting price already. The q750 is $1795 at apollo so presumably you would get the q950 for this.

    • This doesn’t seem to be much of a deal. Feels intentionally misleading.

      • Apollo Hifi says the best price is $2350 for Q950, $1795 is the price only for Q750 which is a bit misleading IMO

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    Finally bought a pair of KEF Q350 with this promo and paired with Yamaha WXA-50 integrated amplifier as my entry Hi-Fi but mostly for TV. I am very happy with the sound of KEF Q350. Exceptional clarity and detail. The bass is also exceptionally tight, deep and punchy enough for most music genres.

    • How much did you end up paying if you don’t mind, am
      Looking for the same speakers along with the 950’s

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    I have been to a hifi store to demo the Q350 this week. it sounds pretty good for me(i have never listen hi fi speaker before xD) the owner would price match Chef hifi. $699

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