[April Fools] Webjet Brexit Sale. $1 Flights out of The UK

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You may have heard about the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Hell, you might even be one of the lovely people who voted for it. It’s tough out there for you Brits; no one knows what is going on. Even your political pundits aren’t shocked anymore.

Why would you want to go to Europe after this? Forget that package holiday to Benidorm, who needs it? Try something a little further afield. We understand. Our prime minister changes almost daily, but we’re relaxed. That’s because it’s so bloody beautiful over here. No dramas – just palm trees, sparkling shores and rad waves.

Webjet Australia are here to help so you don’t have to stay and deal with the no deal. Get out of the rain and come on over to sunny Australia on one of our $1 international flights, departing daily from all major UK cities!

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