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Free Shazam Xbox Avatar Costume @ Microsoft Store


Once you are signed in click 'get' then you will be able to apply the costume to your avatar on your Xbox console or Xbox app for Windows PC.

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    Hooray the real Captain Marvel

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      Agreed! This always confused the hell out of me growing up.

      • I thought it was a ripoff of superman?

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          Kinda not really, he’s part of DC, same as Superman. He can rival Supes in his abilities but based off magic rather than off the sun.

          puts nerd glasses away

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    looks like one punch man to me

    • 100 pushups

    • Looks like Goku in killer instinct mode.

    • You are not the only one.

  • +7

    When I saw the first trailer I honestly thought it was a comedy ad for the Shazam app on your phone

  • I thought that was Saitama.

  • lol I thought they were giving away original costume, so I was ordering it.

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    I should sue but it's supermarket special day tomorrow.

  • I never heard of this character until I got JB Hifi spam email yesterday advertising that it's coming out.

    DC/Marvel need some quality control. It's an all out race to the bottom of the superhero barrel.

  • The new incarnation is like a teenage geek Hancock before he got old and bitter.

  • +2

    Sick. Now I can pair the horse head I got for free a year or two back with this costume and be the coolest horse related superhero ever.

    Though the new avatar system on Xbox One is pretty cool, I painted myself yellow and made me into Kirk Van Houten. Anyway, this suit is for the 360 avatars right? I can keep my Xbone one as it is or…

  • Anyone else have trouble actually applying the costume on Xbox?

  • Satoshi Nakamoto aka bankruptcy man?

  • Awesome!!

  • Anyone else creeped out by that photo?

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