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Telstra Plus: Earn 10 Points Per $1 Spent on Bills/Recharge (from May 14) + 1000-10000 Bonus Points for Joining (before June 30)


First post so please be gentle if this is a useless post! I am not affiliated with Telstra in any way. Just thought I'd share.

New rewards program from Telstra offered to new and existing Telstra customers.

Join before 30 June to score bonus points. 1000 points for members with less than 5 years continuous tenure with Telstra, 10000 for members with more than 5 years continuous tenure with Telstra. Link to bonus points conditions.

Earn points (from May 14): Earn 10 points per dollar on every bill or recharge and soon you’ll be able to redeem your points towards must-have devices, accessories and more.


Anyone over 18 with an active personal (consumer) Telstra service who has a Telstra ID can join the program.

If you don't already have one, it's easy to register your Telstra ID. Please allow up to 24 hours for your Telstra ID to be activated before you can join Telstra Plus.

If you are not the account holder or full authority you will need to ensure the account holder or full authority representative joins first.
The current Telstra Plus program has been designed for personal (consumer) customers, however we may launch a Telstra Plus program for our valued business customers in the future.

Coming soon we will launch a Telstra Plus rewards store where you can use your points towards redeeming devices or accessories.

Telstra Thanks benefits, such as discounted movie tickets, discounted sport tickets and pre-sale concert tickets, will be moving to Telstra Plus soon.

Thanks to pennypincher, speculate that Google Home Mini Speaker = ~14400 points.

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    While you can sign up now, you won't start accruing points until May 14

    • Thanks, added to post. Also added link to bonus points conditions.

    • do you know if the Telstra Thabks program will continue to operate? (Only thing I care about is cooperation with event cinemas)

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        Will transition to Telstra Plus eventually. FAQ as follows;

        *Telstra Thanks benefits, such as discounted movie tickets, discounted sport tickets and pre-sale concert tickets, will be moving to Telstra Plus soon.

        Provided that you're eligible to join Telstra Plus, you can still enjoy all the Telstra Thanks benefits as long as you join the new rewards program at Telstra Plus
        We will let you know when Telstra Thanks benefits are ready to move into Telstra Plus.*

  • Free to join?

  • Telstra creates new customer reward points program

    Meanwhile, a household spending $255 per month that also earned bonus points by adding a new service would earn enough points after two years to receive a 25 per cent discount off a Samsung Galaxy S10 (which retail for $1349) or a 40 per cent discount on a Samsung S8 (which has a recommended retail price of $999 but can be found cheaper)

    sounds rewarding..

  • This replaces Telstra Thanks

  • Hmmm their FAQ ain't working correctly, possibly you can only earn these with eligible credit card payments….given I use Paypal to avoid the credit surcharge they automatically apply that sounds pointless.

    Wouldn't be like Telstra to make something sound better than it actually is…

    • I don't have a credit card surcharge when I pay my mobile bill. Direct debit from an amex.

      • Hmm just read terms
        If you have a 13-digit account number who are on a fixed, mobile or single bill account, direct debit payments made from a credit card will not incur a payment processing fee.

    • I'm definitely not trusting Telstra with direct debit. If it doesn't apply to Paypal, guess I'm out.

  • Fingers crossed movie tickets remain same low price.

  • I've signed up for my "1000 bonus points" but I have no idea how much this is. Judging from 10 points per $1, so this is $100 worth, it's not that much.

    I hope Telstra Thanks still carries fully over.

    $80 a month — across mobile and/or home broadband — would earn enough points after 18 months to fully redeem a smart speaker.

    So, 14400 points for a smart speaker?? (presumably a Google Home Mini)

    In other words, if you pay $80 a month then on 14 November 2020, you can redeem your points for a smart speaker.

    Doesn't sound that rewarding

    • If we get to keep the Current perks of Telstra Thanks + this. guess better than it was before and what other providers are offering?

    • I'd assume it's Google Home Mini mentioned in the article. RRP is $79, so $79 reward on $1440 spend, or 5.49% - much better than other reward programs out there, if you don't take into account their premium pricing?

      • Putting it that way it seems alright. But I'd be interested to see a comparison of buying a Google Home Mini outright + being on a similar plan.

        I've still got 10 months on the $59 F&F deal when this starts in May. I also have some other stuff I pay for using Telstra billing (not sure if this counts).
        That'll give me around half the points needed for a Google Home Mini (assuming I get 1000 bonus points) - $35-$40 or so?

        That being said, if there's another repeat of the F&F deal that's good I'll be able to earn much more.

        • Similar to buying Google Home Mini outright + flying with Jetstar compared to flying Qantas?

          Telstra's just doing what other companies in different sectors doing, differentiate their full service offers from budget service offers: Telstra vs Belong; Qantas vs Jetstar; Virgin vs Tiger; Medibank vs ahm, etc…

          And as I said, it's not too bad if you don't take into account their premium pricing.

    • Your presumption was right

      14400 points for a Google Home Mini


  • Did Apple give the idea of PLUS to Telstra or the other way around?

  • Hopefully we're not forced to earn and redeem points for access to current Thanks offers…

  • I just recharged for 6 months a couple of days ago arghhh

  • "Telstra Plus is not available for business customers"

    But I'm not a business customer, I must be on their old legacy system. Oh Telstra you'll never get it right, won't you?

  • I'll be honest, the line in the News.com.au article "The program is designed to incentivise customers to spend more with Telstra and move their family’s mobile and home internet accounts over to the provider to maximise the points benefit." is HIGHLY unlikely to be effective in the Ozbargain commmunity.

    What kind of mug is going to move from a $10 per month Belong mobile plan and a $80 ABB plan for the promise of "jam tomorrow"? Telstra's minimum plans are horrendously expensive in comparison, their BYO mobile plans starting at $49 with a 12 month tie-in!


      If you want you could go to Boost prepaid mobile and spend $150 for 12 months expiry. That even gives you a whopping 80GB of data to use within 12 months, unlimited calls and text within Australia, unlimited calls and text to 25 selected destinations, 1200 minutes to 30 selected destinations plus 1200 MMS to 55 selected destinations. This all equates to $12.50 per month with 6.67GB of data.

      I am not associated with Telstra and/or Boost.

    • is HIGHLY unlikely to be effective in the Ozbargain commmunity

      Most of the sites users seem to be happily using credit card rewards programs which work automatically and unconsciously just like this program does.

    • Yea I think what they want you to do is if you have kayo/netflix/apple music to pay for it with your exisiting telstra account instead of direct to get the points

  • OP, any details about the reward ratio?

    If I have to earn 1 trillion points to get 10% of an outright handset the there is no point about appreciating the program. Instead, I will feel like I am being assaulted by Telstra(see me as an idiot).

  • From a news.com.au article:

    "Telstra Plus membership comes in three tiers: All members, Silver members and Gold members. When you sign up, you will be allocated a tier based on your average spend in the past 12 months. If your monthly spend is more than $125 you’ll be Silver, more than $250 a month and you’ll be Gold.
    Interestingly, Silver and Gold members will get a better class of customer service.
    All members will have access to discounted movie tickets, pre-sale tickets and “front of line access” for a variety of sport and entertainment experiences.
    Silver and Gold members will have access to additional entertainment bonuses not yet announced but will also have a better class of tech support. Silver members will receive a one-off Telstra Platinum tech support call online or over the phone per year while Gold members will get priority call handling and around-the-clock tech support online or over the phone through Telstra Platinum."

    As somebody with only one telstra service (a $49 postpaid plan), I really hope that the movie tickets and AFL streaming stays available on the lowest member tier.

  • "sorry something went wrong" in login

  • Why May. I just got hit by a big international roaming bill this month. Could've upgraded straight to gold status

    • I would expect this would be included in your previous 12 month's spend for the purpose of tier calculation.

  • "Sorry something went wrong" after I've checked the box accepting T&C and click "Join Telstra Plus" (already logged in/verified).

  • The idea that the bigger spenders get a better service, "better class of customer service" is absolutely crap.
    For that reason, I'm negging.

    Clearly not all customers are considered equal or greater fairly.

    • Agree, I just moved off Telstra after years of sticking with them. Now i get better service and better packages for a better price. Ill take that over points any day.

      • I have had no issues with customer service. But the whole point-system concept is a farce anywhere it exists. They just have you collecting bread-crumbs so you keep coming back just to swipe that points-card. Guilty fly-buys member here, it’s just been a habit to swipe the card, but it’s been many years and little to nothing to show for it in terms of actual ‘rewards’.

        • Plus the unconscious changes to spending decisions where you lose money by merely being "rewarded" (some people actually say earn as though they're making money).

          And the further losses that occur because tracking and marketing works. Again, unconsciously and automatically.

          • @Diji1: I think at one point ‘fly-buys’ became a household term, and people have all been blindly swiping since. Even early on when just starting out, the most we would be able to claim was one or two $20/$50 vouchers once in awhile (this was decent although it was only spendable at participating retailers).
            Rewards have all been going downhill since then (we noticed the gaps between being able to claim vouchers growing more and more), the value of each point being quietly reduced to nearly nothing (the amount of points they are selling products for on their page is a pipe dream, even if you combine those bonus point offers on receipts.)(particularly annoying is the ‘bonus points’ offers on shelf product prices.)

            I think there is definitely some psychological exploitation going on, as once engrained as a habit, even knowing that the rewards are so little, we keep swiping. (Maybe the ‘out-of-reach’ aspect of points required also keeps people hooked.)
            Less and less I let it dictate where I shop, but still it is appalling how little they offer.
            A group of people are getting real fat off these ‘lack of rewards’ and we are all just dumb and blind to the fact.
            I admit fly-buys is probably the worst of them all, but the whole concept is dodgy, it’s like V-bucks or whatever that game currency is, you are investing into a fictional currency that the makers can control the value of by adjusting how many points are required for rewards. And when you slowly reduce the value people take decades to catch on, by the time which they just could not be bothered to quit. (Admission of being duped/trying to benefit as little as possible.)

      • Who have you moved to? I'm keen to jump ship asap. Sick of Telstra's lies and deceit. Voting with my feet.

        • Aussie Broadband. Cant recomend them highly enough and neither can the reviews they get. Good luck getting off Telstra though im at 3 weeks trying to get them to port my Voip number. Absolute nightmare dealing with them, spoken to 20+ people, all no help, finally asked to speak to a manager who was Australian and she was able to figure out and help my problem with 10minutes, only for them to then screw up the transfer once again.

          • @worthy1: I only have two mobile plans with Telstra at the minute. I'm not getting the industry standard 30GB / $49 right now. I'm only getting 15GB / $49 p/m so that could be my way out. I'll checkout Aussie Broadband for sure.

            • @Rodrrico: I will be switching to Boost prepaid once my plan runs out. You can get 30gig/$30 a month and because you can setup autopayment being prepaid is not an issue these days. Get the benefits of the Telstra mobile network with a better package.

  • My original comment was going to be, can you recharge now and get the points in May.
    Since people are having trouble with login I think you have to recharge after May 14 to claim the points.
    There is no mention of this ‘new point system’ in the Telstra App (which was updated yesterday for iOS).
    Being an incentive to spend more, I think they would have updated systems to show it everywhere (including an option to sign-up in the App). (App shows the usual old offers, movie rentals etc).

    Join before 30 June to score bonus points.
    Earn points (from May 14):

  • works for broadband members too

  • Dammit would've been 5yrs in September :/

  • Why do I feel like this is eBay Plus all over again?

    But, signed up anyway (fomo)

  • This whole class of service thing, feels like an incentive for those on bronze class to leave

    • It's not even "Bronze Class" it's simply "Member"

      They aren't even trying to make the lowest tier (under $125 a month!) sound good.

      Wow, I can get internet + home phone + mobile for under that.
      (No, I don't pay for a landline - but I could and would still be in the lowest tier).

  • Cool thanks for this share.

  • Anyone having issues attempting to register? Always getting a 'Sorry something went wrong' message, multiple browsers and computers used.

  • Read section 2 of the terms and conditions.. pretty dodgy stuff ???

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