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10,000 Dining Points (Worth $20) When Booking with TheFork (Formerly Dimmi)


"This week we’ve got double deals, with bonus points AND our weekly Special Offers.

Book and dine at any restaurant until midnight Sunday 14th April 2019 AEDT and get 10,000 bonus TheFork Rewards Points*, that’s equivalent to a $20 restaurant reward.

To take advantage of this great offer simply enter the promo code FOODIE10 at the checkout. It's that easy.

To make things even sweeter, it's our Special Offer Tuesday with up to 50% off your food bill at hundreds of restaurants.

You know what to do!"

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  • Just a word of caution for those who are jumping on deals like these, and this isn’t a reflection on TheFork (formerly Dimmi).

    Some savvy restaurants are taking advantage of the fact that the blaring 50% off attracts a lot of business, and create set menus which you cannot alter.

    Some of these restaurants don’t make this clear when you book, and they also don’t make it clear that some items on the set menu are full price. One such restaurant I went through via this promo had no pricing on their TheFork menus, and when it came time to pay, was advised that only the main was 50% off in the set.

    So, not a comment on TheFork, just a word of caution on how some restaurants rort the promotion. Clarify the terms before you book!

    [EDIT] I’m referring to this deal which was previously posted

    • Just make sure it says "50% off food", not "50% off set menu" if you book via offers :)

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      You have to be careful of the differences in the special. There are ones which are % off set menu, % off food, % off total bill, I think I've seen one for drinks as well?

      Edit: some wombat beat me.

    • It's frustrating when restaurants do this. Do they not realise that such misleading practices can lead to bad publicity. Care to name and shame? First/last letters + suburb will do :)

    • I’ve also experienced restaurants promoting 50% off food but then giving you a different menu with less/more economical options.
      E.g. noticed at an Italian restaurant they removed all the steaks and forced you to eat pizza/pasta dishes only.

  • (formally Dimmi)

    What about informally??

  • Does one get 10k points just once in this promotion or as many times as you dine within this promotion?

    • If it follows previous promotions, then yes. I have done this in the past.

    • Previously I booked a few places and ended up with an extra 10,000 for each place. I think you just need to remember to key in the code with each booking.

      Note also most of the places in Victoria to redeem a $20 credit they’re mid to high end restaurants. For example we went to Lee Ho Fook and the prices are steep. So we effectively ended up with 1/2 plate of duck for “free”

      • Not so… Went to Henry and the fox with my $20 credit and they were having pizza specials for $12 and sxpresso martini which my girl likes for $10 so got a pizza and martini for $2.

        • I didn’t say all. I said MOST places are mid to high end. And not every restaurant has pizza specials. There is always an exception to the rule.

          Btw. I did not neg you. I don’t know who did.

  • Never saw anywhere to enter the promo code. Is it when u make the booking?

  • I entered the code in the Promo Code box but I don’t see the 10000 points?

    Also, regarding the 50% off deals, we also dined at a restaurant that had the terms the restaurant has the discretion to cancel the offer. We made a 645pm booking, half the party was seated at 645pm. Waiter comes at 703pm to take our order and tells us the offer is that you must order by 7pm for 50% off. We tell them that that isn’t in the t&c. He says he will speak to manager and then manager comes 15minutes later and says it’s in the t&c, and we tell him there is no term or condition that says you must order by 7pm. If the restaurant has the discretion to cancel the offer then they can make up any term on the spot. The waiter didn’t even come until past 7pm!

    • Did you stay? I would have left on principle.

      • I would have loved to leave because I’m also all about principle but we had overseas guests and a toddler in our party.

    • and what happened?

      • We got 50% off the food but were told the “to share” items were not part of the deal. I told him to review his t&c!

    • Yeah im not sure the code worked. It says i have 1000 points pending, it should be 10,000 points though.

      • Takes a few days from experience. Any issues, call them, I've found customer service helpful.

        • I can confirm that it will show 1,000 points and as Wololo says it “converts to 10,000 later.

          • @ibuy: Still showing as 1000 for me?

            • @harthagan: You’ll have to wait till the restaurant confirms your attendance. Sometimes they can be a few days behind. If not then double check you input the code to receive 10,000 points with the booking. If there is still a problem three to four days after contact the fork.

              Also check the terms on other occasions the t n c’s had a date which after that daye points would be awarded.

              I think you also needed to provide a review. Again check the t’s and c’s.

    • Username checks out :)

    • Don't you need to actually complete the booking first? The restaurant has to mark it as confirmed you dined there if not everyone would just make dummy bookings…

  • Another word of caution to add to the above chorus of cautions: the Dimmi/TheFork points are only redeemable when dining with at least one other paying person. I don't believe this was the case before, as I have previously dined alone, but the T&C's state it now.

    • isn't that depends on reward restaurant? i have been to ones in the past minimium two ppl dining n also dine alone.

      if this true these reward instant become half price voucher, also need drag someone to paid for redeem. program no longer a reward

  • For those who happened to make a booking already but missed inputting the promo code, you can modify the booking, and then you will find the input box on the promo code is disabled. What you can do is open the console editor in your Web browser (you can google this based on your browser) and edit the HTML and remove 'disabled=""' from the HTML tag (for details, google "how to edit HTML tag in browser"). If you do this correctly it will now allow you to edit the promo input box.

    I have tried this myself and verified that they don't have any backend validation for this. And after you input your promo code, save your booking changes. Then wait for the email confirmation from TheFork and you should see something with promotion in your email. For example in my case it's under the special like below:

    Restaurant: Da Guido 365
    Guests: 2
    Name: JOHN DOE
    Date: Tuesday 2 Apr
    Time: 6:00 PM

    365 Little Collins St
    Melbourne VIC 3000

    Special: 50% Off Your Food Bill
    Promotion: 57469

  • can you only use 10k points in one booking … eg just $20 off?

    you couldnt use 20k points for $40 off?

  • Booked on Wed using the code and still showing 1k points only. How fast did it take for others?

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