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BlitzWolf BW-TC14 3A USB Type-C Charging Data Cable 1m US $2.19 (~AU $3.15) Delivered @ Banggood


Searching past deals pretty sure cheapest so far.

Don't forget to remove shipping insurance at checkout.

Price in title inclusive of GST.

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    Thanks. Ordered 2

  • How does this differ from the popular TC-09 cables?

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      These are cheaper and the cables aren't braided.

      • Thanks mate

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      TC-09 is USB 3.0 and the data transfer is more stable. These ones don't work well with Android Auto. Get this for changing TC-09 for data.

      • I was wondering about this as I've ran into issues with Android Auto and random USB C cables - cheers!

        • I had trouble too. I tried 2 cheaper Blitzwolf cables, genuine Samsung and couple other ones and eventually bought these ones. These work perfect with one car and the other one there are known connectivity issues now they have a service campaign update to fix it. There is buy 2 get 20% off at the moment on TC9 so its a good time to buy.

      • Hi can you attach a link to the tc-09? I wasn't able to find it via a simple search. I need a better cable for Android auto. Thx

      • I got the Ikea ones and tried using it for android auto but it did not work. Ended up returning it. Pretty disappointed given the cable costs $7

        • Rule number 1. Never purchase USB cables from retail outlets. There are plenty of BG, AlixExpress and GB deals here where you could get good quality USB cables under $5 delivered!

      • Thanks. I assume you said:

        • TC-14 for charging only (this, cheaper).
        • TC-09 for data (more expensive).
    • Any link for those?

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    Thanks OP needed a spare cable \o/

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    Thanks, never have enough spares.

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    Don't forget CashRewards

    • I love how I read this after I've ordered without it

  • I'm getting 2.86 each. Is it still 2.19

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      Still $1.99 US ($2.86 AU) + 10% GST which is added at checkout. Also don't forget to remove shipping insurance.

  • following

  • Are these better than Ugreen?

  • Would this cable be ok for fast charging an S8 plus and a Samsung chromebook pro?

    • Fast charges perfectly my s8. Highly recommend.

  • Grabbed one :) Thanks

  • $3.08 via the app (or $3.15 with shipping insurance)

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    Anyone else find some of these make high pitched sounds when in use?

  • Keep getting payment failed using PayPal checkout, anyone else?

    • Me too!

    • Just to add to this - it actually put the order through 3 times despite not taking payment - I had to go into my account and delete the orders.

    • I had to use the normal checkout then select PayPal as the payment method.
      PayPal checkout was resulting in an error.

  • Good if it arrives.

  • Bought 2x.. + Cashrewards… thx

  • bought 2, that insurance checkbox is tricky. well hidden and says they wont compensate if lost in transit.

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    why untick the insurance box? it is only 11 cents?

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      I have had orders lost in transit from Banggood/other stores and have always been refunded without having insurance. It is unnecessary, the store will refund you if they don't PayPal will.

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      Cause this is OzBargain.

  • How do you tell the models of these cables?
    I have a couple of them but can't see the version number anywhere.


    • Been waiting for a post on these cables to ask the same question.
      I know have about 8 of these cables and have noticed some charge faster then others but it's not easy to distinguish between them.

  • Any deals on 2m cables?

  • Thanks OP. Got 2.

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    good for ipad pro 11?

  • Will the Dash Charge OnePlus phones?
    Description mentions 6T

  • Good deal, however the price showing for me is $3.56 AU each (down from $4.14, 12% off).
    Is there something I'm missing to bring it down to $3.15?

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      They must have raised the price, will mark the deal expired.

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    It is 2019. All new phones are coming out as USB-C. Why is it still so damn hard to get decent cables??

  • what cables to you recommend for a samsung galaxy s8 plus for android auto. mine was working fine and now it doesnt. i tried the legit samsung cable and i can say "OK Google" which it recognised but anything i say after that doesnt register. i upgraded to Android Pie as well and that didnt fix the issue.

  • I already have one but I have a new phone now and I need one with a longer connector. Do Blitzwolf make these?

  • Received an email saying out of stock… Sigh (options are refund, exchange or wait)

    • No email yet

    • Same. It took them 3 weeks to realise?

    • Recently noticed several deals from Banggood result in 'out of stock' emails, what makes it worse is they wait several weeks before they notify you.

    • Same, and the refund option doesn't work on mobile.

      • $3.13 refunded.