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[ACT, NSW, NT & QLD] Event Cinemas: General Entry Movie Ticket $12.15 @ Groupon


Tickets have gone on sale for Avengers: Endgame. First session at 8AM on 24th April.

Cheapest way is through Groupon. Use CASHREWARDS for 15% cashback and 10% off the vouchers using the code: BDAY10 then redeeming them


$12.50 from Telstra Thanks (Telstra Account Required)

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Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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  • 3hrs long, bought gold class tix, worth the investment and my ass will thank me for it lol

    • You have a luxury ass.

    • +13 votes

      Dunno about that. With the current pricing of Gold Class these days, I’d say you’ve probably been bent over….

      • $24.50 each (reading cinemas, not event). That's around $8.16/hr that my comfort is worth.

        And the recliner and a smaller cinema with less noise & chip packets.

        Yep, still justifiable

        • I'm not sure how my local hoyts makes money on their gold class anymore because every seat is now a recliner.

          Are the gold class ones even more comfortable?

          • @iamhurtin: We've only recently had a hoyts convert to recliner and I haven't been there.

            Reading offers a recliner session for around $17.50 inc booking fee, but the added flexibility of gold class and the intimacy of fewer people is nicer imo but everyone puts value on different things

            • @Spackbace: Oh is it a separate room?
              I've had that at dendy lounge.
              It's really nice.

              That's definitely worth the money.
              I never understood paying more to just sit a few feet away.

              • @iamhurtin: Yeah it's a separate room. Just checked, there's only 46 recliners in the room. Waiter service so they can bring you food and drinks through the movie (including booze).

                • @Spackbace: Pretty sweet.
                  I'd feel too old doing all that though.

                  I bet the people doing the 22 movie - 59 hour marathon at amc cinemas wish they had such options

            • @Spackbace: Belmont Reading 17.50 seats are fantastic. With a movie like this, I prefer more people around to get caught up in the hype and the reactions. Gold Class for second time round maybe ;)

        • I don't think you can calculate value based on money/time in this instance.

          Mainly because viewing times vary between different movies, and then there's end credit scenes too. Not to mention there is a case that some movies are long but crap anyway.

          And what about action scenes? What if you have a movie like Black Panther, would you have to reduce the Value Rate due to it having more dialogue and less action. Or vice versa depending on your taste?

      • If you're in QLD you can buy offpeak (Can't use after 5pm on Thursday, Friday or Saturday) Gold class tickets via RACQ evoucher. Cost $24 each, which is still a bit expensive, but much more palatable on the the wallet. That's what I did.

    • Take a roho cushion with you.

    • All I can remember from my gold class experience was the oily food I decided to order beforehand.

      I was watching Beauty and the Beast and my mind was just focused on how incredibly oily the chicken was.

    • It's not as tight as some.

  • how to buy through groupon?

  • cannot redeem in Tasmania.

  • In before hipster comments and how bad these movies are

    • i clicked the link just to see how many people have thrashed the movie but pleasantly surprised that no one has done it yet. to these people i say - "you do you" while "we do us"

  • Combine with the Event Cinemas candybar offer and you're all set :)

  • You have to buy tickets separately because the code only takes off $1.35 no matter how many tickets you buy.

    Adds $5 for Vmax and $1.50 online booking fee.

    • $5 for vmax and $1.50 for online booking are a RORT.

      • Worth it for better seats and reserving your seats. My Avengers screening is more than half full already.

      • Definitely a rort, but ended up paying 10.21 after cashback x 2 + 13 for vmax and booking fee = $33.42 instead of $53 (Cinebuzz offer x 2) or $55 (normal adult price x 2).

  • Just checked Manuka in the ACT and tickets are only $10 without this deal.
    Manuka is generally cheaper than other cinemas but I’d suggest checking your local before buying this deal.

    • There's a reason Manuka is cheap… its a cinema that needed bulldozing years ago. 3 hours in those chairs should be illegal.

      • Limelight has cheap Tuesday tix

        • yep… when the kiddies are due for a movie day that's where I go! I live on the opposite side of town, but definitely worth it.

  • Am I the only one that find the banner photo is weird because all the ladies in that photo smile to the screen?

  • Valid to 31 July 2019. As always not valid on Sat from 5pm.

  • only $14 for our local gold class anyway for a 3 hour movie i won't bother with a normal seat

  • Funny how on the event page it says "Avoid hearing crucial plot twists and epic spoilers by being the FIRST to see the film on Wednesday"

    And god damn it, that's exactly my reasoning for seeing it as early as possible. Because I know some muppet online will spoil it.

  • What happened to the midnight screenings? Not making enough money? I remembered going to the midnight session for the first avengers movie…

    • Movies are usually premiered on Thursday in Australia. They recently got rid the Wednesday midnight screening and changed it to wednesday sessions after 6 so they can have more sessions before the premier game.

      But for endgame,it's premiered on Wednesday morning since the next day is Anzac day

      • I'm confused. The release date was the 24th, so why are the earliest sessions at 8am and not 12am on the Wednesday morning?

        I understand not having Thursday morning 12am sessions due to Anzac Day

  • If any movie deserves Gold Class - it's this

  • thank you op. purchased 5.

  • More than happy with just going the Hoyts recliner chairs. People delivering stuff is distracting and, if you go to a less popular session, there is hardly anyone in the cinema, plus the big screen.

    • +1 vote

      You haven't been to Hoyts in a while… they now deliver crap during the movie with any of the sessions with recliner chairs :(.

      Very distracting.

      And very expensive. A SMALL coke slurpie cost me $8! I almost walked away from the counter and left it there. Never again.

  • Booked village gold class. Can't wait!

  • We've got Gold Class vouchers from the Costco Vday deal, thanks for the heads up that tickets are now available, going to go exchange them for tickets at the cinema today.

    Does anyone know which food is decent/best value on the gold class menu. Obviously it's overpriced but we've got the two $10 vouchers for goldclass that we need to use towards food and drink anyway.

    • Recently got two dessert items for $35, it’s a special deal. One of the $25 sundaes and the s’mores waffles worth $19 - a saving of $9. You can get two sundaes and save $15 but it’s up to you. The waffles were really, really good.

  • $18.50 for 3D, Vmax, Atmos through event cinemas app. Worthy 3 Hr movie spend IMO.Location:SA

  • - Tony is back. Hulkbuster suit is upgraded !!

    • Or how about you stop acting like an (profanity) and let people decide for themselves what they want to know about the movie before they see it?

  • Can you buy endgame over the counter or it has to be online (event/Hoyts)

  • just wanted to confirm, there are no exclusions e.g after friday 5pm?
    got dupped when i bought a ticket of 10 from telstra lol

    but yeah i would say $1.50 booking fee and then $5 vmax upgrade so nearly $20 which i think should be $10 full price but alas everything is expensive in australia esp sydney lol

  • Bought 9 tickets to use up my Groupon credit that expires tomorrow. Few decent kids movies coming soon between now at 31/7. Thanks OP!

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