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Kogan Internet Wireless-AC NBN-Ready ADSL2+/VDSL Modem & Router - $79 Delivered @ Kogan


Kogan Internet Wireless-AC NBN-Ready ADSL2+/VDSL Modem & Router - Great Price
Assuming it is same as TP-Link AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit VoIP VDSL/ADSL Modem Router

KOGAN claims that this device will work with any ISP.. Also its the same Modem/Router you get for FREE if you sign up for any plans with Kogan

Superfast Wi-Fi – 300Mbps (2.4GHz) and 867Mbps (5GHz) speeds, are ideal for online gaming, HD streaming, and large file downloads
Superior Range – Two fixed antennas provide stable wireless connections and optimal coverage
Versatile Connectivity – With DSL, EWAN, and USB ports, the Archer VR500v is fully compatible with DSL connections, fiber/cable access and 3G/4G USB dongles

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  • Any good? Looking for one to replace the one that came with Optus NBN.

    • +3

      I have one, and dont really like TP-Link very much at all.
      Has no firmware updates and worked with them to fix a couple bugs.
      Their firmware is pretty sh!t as in they seem to rush it and maybe fix it later.
      I couldn't return it, so gave it to my father in law to upgrade his on ADSL 1 modem.
      Your correct in saying its a VR500v model number.
      If your using basic service (just internet) it should be fine for you.

      BUT i also wouldn't buy this from Kogan, as when i requested support from TP-link they referred my back to Kogan and wouldn't support me. TP-Link says this a special ISP build, please talk to your ISP. after a lot of back and forth, TP-Link finally collected logs and such and then released new firmware.

      • Frankly, I do not understand how anyone can trust consumer networking companies with the amount of both laziness and flat out stupidity they show in regards to security https://routersecurity.org/bugs.php

  • For FTTC, NBN even doesn’t provide the NCD login details for end users, how “KOGAN claims that this device will work with any ISP” works?

    • +1

      Because it's compatible with FTTN (having an inbuilt VDSL2) modem and with the WAN port works with FTTP and FTTC. Things like that.

      Also apparently the modem is not locked to Kogan Internet.

    • Well the simple fact is for FTTC that the NBN Connection Box is the modem and the login details are all preset by NBN and the ISP. All you would need to do is connect it from the NBN Connection Box to the WAN port on the back of Kogan VR500V modem by an ethernet patch cable and switch it to router only mode. And it should go. You may or may not have to set a VLAN tagging i don't know. But the VR500V does support VLAN tagging. That's how it works with FTTC. It's the same situation with FTTP too connects to the WAN port from the NBN Connection Box.

      As for FTTN well you get login details for that and of course that connects through the phone cord.

      That's how it works with any ISP.

      • The exception to any ISP is that some like Optus (or at least used to) won't have their network work with 3rd party routers unless you do some bridging.

      • Kogan VR500V, the TP-Link equiv?

        • It's a rebadged TP-Link Archer VR500v modem. It's noted about that in the deal description. So the TP-Link equivalent is the Archer VR500v.

  • Whereas the deal as it's always been at this price?. I was looking at this 2 months ago for $79 delivered.

  • these 2 Kogan NBN plans come with a free modem and they aren't locked in, Kogan Silver Unlimited for $65.90 and Gold Unlimited for $75.90.

    I'm currently with Kogan.
    The modem does everything except usb storage. Windows doesn't support SMBA 1 anymore due to security issues, but unfortunately the modem doesn't support SMBA 2 and there is no firmware update. coverage isn't the best too.
    so yeah it's a good modem, gets the job done and I'm quite happy with it, would have liked to have USB storage though.

    • +1

      SMB1 can be activated quite easily on windows 10 if you need to, however there are security risks.

      • Was considering that route, but didn't want to risk security.
        Going to be running Linux on a Android box instead and use it as a file server, I did try Android with some SMB 2 apps but just couldn't get it working.

  • Fourth picture even has the TP-Link logo on the 3G/4G dongle icon & modem/router icon haha!

  • Weird that they would supply an unlocked one for free with non lock-in plans? What's the catch?

    • You get no support with it, haha.

    • +2

      It's a good deal with no surprise catches - may as well get this modem plus a month of NBN for $66 than buy it outright for $79.

  • +1

    If it does the job same as tp-link AC1200, then its a good deal I believe.. why spend $100+ when you get for $79 ?

    • +1

      Well damn i spent $95 + delivery for the TP-Link VR300 AC1200 from Kogan a few months ago but damn it has 4 antennas. Probably gives more WiFi signal coverage. And the Kogan VR500V probably doesn't cover as much WiFi distance only having 2 antennas. It all depends on how much WiFi signal you feel you can get away with.

  • Good price for a ADSL/NBN compatible modem with phone/VOIP and gigabit ethernet.

  • $79 for a kogan rebrand. na no thanks, netgear do a better job for the same price.

  • Also its the same Modem/Router you get for FREE

    That should give you a clue about whether to buy this or not.

    • Only if you want KOGAN as your ISP - I don't…But since this is tp-link, I feel its a good deal

  • +1

    Given you can get it for free with the $65 plan, and there's no contract, you may as well sign up and get a month's internet free as well, and then cancel. Or just keep the service which is pretty good if you change the DNS

    • Which DNS to use?

      • i changed mine to google.

    • have you experienced drop-outs before changing DNS or what was the issue? Thanks.

  • I recently went on their 100/40 plan.

    Look, in all honesty, they're not AUSSIE BROADBAND, but for 75 a month, i'm getting daytime download of around 85 ish and upload of 30 ish.

    Not bad. Free modem is ok, wireless range isn't great though.

    • received a modem yesterday, waiting for my scheduled connection now, let's see how it goes (my first NBN connection at the property), being month-to-month can always change if it is not as expected.

  • It's 11pm and my speeds dropped to about 46mbps.

    Might see how things pan out over this month before deciding who to stay with or churn

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