expired [PC] Steam - Borderlands 2 - AUD $6.48 @ Steam Store


First post ever - be gentle.

Borderland 3 is coming this September and the hype has got me thinking how good Borderland 2 was. Saw the game on Steam and it is currently on sale for USD4.99 (~AUD6.48) until 11 April if I am not mistaken.


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    I confirm it's AU $6.48. I recommend getting the GOTY edition instead @ $11.42, which is great value. Or if you keen to play the original Borderlands too, buy Borderlands: The Handsome Collection it includes both at a greater discount.

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    It'll be interesting to see if BL3 is an epic store exclusive. It may be a no buy for me until it is released on steam.

    Also, get some shift keys here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/447765


      The rumour mill is pointing towards a 6 month Epic store exclusive but we'll see what happens.


        What's the go with the Epic store? I've just seen memes about them being shit - why is it sounding like they're a cut-rate Steam, and why are people using them as a launcher?

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          Epic is charging half the fee to publishers compare to Steam and the Metro Exodus kind of blown the entire thing up by suddenly pulling out from Steam and releasing on Epic exclusively for 1 year.

          Compare to Steam, Epic as a launcher does not have enough features except launching the game. Some games are exclusive to Epic launcher, like Metro Exodus which is exclusive until next year forcing people to use the launcher.

          It went as far as people accusing them of selling user data to Tencent which owns shares in Epic which is kinda over the board but some valid complaints as well like lack of review system, refund system, achievements, game support which people actually went to Steam forum to log a bug in the Epic build of the game.

          Kinda a mess but the game still plays.


            @Letrico: I see people saying Metro is 1 year exclusive on Epic store, how is it so when it can be bought at many different key sellers and then activated on Epic, isnt that what just about every game has been doing on Steam for the last what ever years?

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              @Arnor: Yeap. It is essentially what Steam did when they launched and people are so used to Steam being the "standard" and forgot Steam is a launcher and games are currently exclusive to Steam until Epic came stirring the market and causing a big impact to Valve.

              It was to the point that Valve actually did an underhanded tactic and posted a notice on their Metro Exodus page stirring people by saying it is "unfair" to consumers which further makes everything go into shit. The notice is still there on Metro Exodus page if you want to read it.


              Personally I don't care which launcher I use, as long as I can play the game I want. I have Steam, uPlay, Origin and other MMO launchers. Another launcher means nothing for me.


          Lack of features & anti-consumer practices aside, one good thing about the Epic store is they give you a free game every two weeks.

          So I just keep it installed for that.


        Sweet! Gives them 6 months to iron out the bugs, and for the price to come down, before I buy.


      I don't think I will be able to resist and will buy on release regardless of which platform and play like mad for months.


    feels sad. i got it and it ran awful on my rx 580… Kept getting half second stutters every 2seconds.. Tweaking it for a few hours and couldnt resolve it googling also didnt bring up any workable solutions.