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Qi Wireless Fast Charger Dock - 2 for $15 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay

  • 1 Free item per order (cheaper one for free)
  • 500 items included in the promotion
  • Can use this link to search or filter.

OP Edit: BOGOF Offer Extended

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  • +2 votes

    Plus $15 postage! :O

  • Do you know if you can place multiple orders eg 2 to get 4?

  • Any reviews on this unit?

    • I have used this model for overnight charging every day for the past 9 months with my Galaxy S7 and it has worked flawlessly with no issues.

      • +1 vote

        Can I ask a question about your phone when it reaches 100% charge?

        Does the notification LED light turn green and the charging is stopped?

        My wife's S7 Edge does this with Xiaomi 10 W wireless charger, and checking with Accu Battery shows no charging current.

        Whereas my S7 Edge stays red with a Choetech wireless charger (which looks like one of these) keeps sending a charge current through (although only small current) even when 100% full.

        I'm thinking of buying another Xiaomi wireless for $25.


  • I got charged $30 for 2 units…. mmmm

  • Collection: Click & Collect - Select store at checkout.

    I guess it's still $15 to CnC? I don't dare to move to checkout.

  • I had no issue checking out with 2 at $15 with an active Ebay Plus membership.

  • Got this deal a few weeks ago when I had $10 eBay credit.
    Works through thick cases, only slight downside is a blue indicator ring that fades on and off while charging which is noticeable in a dark room.

    Don’t forget to peel off the plastic on the feet to stop it sliding.

    • mind sharing how hot/cool the phone is when charging with this stand? any temperature readings? many thanks

      • I don’t have a temperature reader but it very slightly heats up when I put it on a stand and watch a video at the same time. No noteable difference when just charging.

        • cheers for sharing.
          FYI there are apps that help you monitor (and alert you) charge level, these apps in most cases have a thermo built in. the app i use is just called BatteryAlarm from apkmirror. version 1 is better as it has dark theme if that's your tea.

  • Anyone keen to share the spare one, pls pm me.

  • Does this work for Google pixel 3l

  • One for work, one for home. Cheers

  • worked for me. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP!!

  • I've got a metal disc stuck to the back of my phone so it can attach to a magnetic cradle in the car. Will the disc interfere with the induction charging?

    • ye this is not for you. I had to forgo my wireless dock because i use 3 wireless docks at work and home. I use a wireless cradle dock in the car now..works pretty well. Not sure on the strength and stability of those Magnetic Ring Wireless Docks/

    • I guess it depends on the positioning but I used those pads (not a stand so maybe this one will not work). The metal piece is at the bottom, so it doesn't interfere with the charging. Just be careful as the metal piece will heat up while charging if it's positioned incorrectly.

  • Anyone in central syd with eBay plus willing to split the cost.

  • Note that a power plug pack is not included, just the unit and a cable. You can choose one in the list on that linked page. It's another $15. No problem for those who will, of course, use their iPhone etc plug pack or run the cable from their PC/Mac. But the deal is for two of these and many people don't have a space plug pack.

    Only white units left.

  • Ok so tried to resist but couldn't in the end, signed up to free trial of ebay plus otherwise wouldn't have paid $15 postage. No brainer at $7.50 per charger. Thanks OP!

  • I don't think it is a fast charger for iphone 8+?

    • I don't think anything is fast charge for Iphone 8..
      Limited to 7.5W, the charger can output 10W, but the IP8+ will only be able to accept 7.5W

  • i got charged $15 for 2 units + $15 shipping (even with ebay plus).

    Odd thing is that at checkout it was $15 total, then i only noticed it after paypals email.

    • I think you'll be alright. My PayPal also says $30, but my credit card charge is only $15.

  • I purchased and have a spare one in MELBOURNE if anyone wants to meetup and split

  • What's the best option now that this is expired?

  • Anyone had them posted yet?

  • Received my 2 today and they work very well with S10+ and S9

    • Are your Samsung's saying quick charging or just charging wirelessly?

      • So I found some odd behaviour. With the supplied micro usb cable the charger was not triggering fast charging (just normal), but when I used a different cable I already had it worked every time. Weird

    • So yours actually says "fast charging" on the screen? Can I ask what adaptor and cable you're using? Do you use a case?
      I have tried mine with 2 different fast charging adaptors, 3 different cables, with and without a case, and it never fast charges my S10+. Just regular wireless charging.

  • I sent them a message through ebay asking why they havent dispatched yet. They sent me a reply saying they have dispatched it today, didnt give me any reason or apology.

  • Hi guys, received mine today.
    First wireless charging pad thing for iPhone XS.

    Does the charging stand require a specific input?
    Only receive a very short micro USB and the stand.
    Do I need a 12W USB block?

    Or can I use the standard 5W one supplied with all iPhones?

    How do I know it’s fast charging?

  • Received mine yesterday but going to return.

    Doesn't charge my Note 8 and wife's S8 plus through our Spigen cases :(

    We have a variety of 4 other wireless chargers that charge fine with the cases, so this is disappointing.

    • I have Spigen cases on S10+ and S9 and they worked.

    • Same here, this is the worse wireless charging stand ever.
      Doesn't charge my Note 9 when you have a thin or thick case, it only charges if you have the phone fully naked.
      Going to return this.

  • I've got a Pixel 3 and the charger just flashes the blue light when I put it on the cradle. The phone doesn't show the charge icon or any charge status. The instructions don't mention what the flashing blue LED means, anyone know?

  • Got mine yesterday. Neither fast charges my S10+ using either S10+ Fast charging adaptor or with my older S7 Edge Fast charging adaptor. Tried with supplied cable or Standard Samsung Micro-USB. Also tried with a friends S8, only standard charging speed (although it doesn work with a case on unlike other people reported). Very disappointed. Any chance of a refund?

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