expired Large Thickshake $1 @ McDonald's (via App)


Large Thickshake $1 @ McDonald's (via App)

Latest deal from the Maccas app.

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    Been waiting for it

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    Hey do you ever sleep dealbot

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    Do you sit at home refreshing maccas app at midnight so you can post a deal?

    Good job.


    Is phone fine?

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    Just putting it out there, I don't like the updated app I was forced to download.

    $1 large thickshake though is nice :D

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    T h i c c s h a k e


    Nice. Good way to get people in so they spend moreeeeeee


    Can you use these offers via Drive thru?


      I did last time, I think you are supposed to quote the code when you order. I forgot to do this but showed the QR code when I was paying and there was no issue.

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    I was thinking how these compared health-wise to the Frozen Coca Cola, so I did some research.

    Large Frozen Coca Cola:
    Sugar - 45 grams
    Fat - 0 grams
    Energy - 780 kJ

    Large Chocolate Thickshake:
    Sugar - 68 grams
    Fat (Total) - 11.3 grams
    Energy - 1980kJ

    I am surprised by the lower energy of the Frozen Coke, i.e. better to have a Frozen Coke, I guess due to the lack of fat.

    For comparison, Boost Juices range from 800-2200kJ, with most around the 1500kJ mark (so better to have a Frozen Coke?).

    Of course, no-one is going to Maccas to eat healthily but I just thought I would share the information.

    I am not a nutrionist (IANAN).


    PS Interesting now the nutrition information on the sites are all in PDFs with micro fonts.

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      When you order via the app the calories are stated right next to the price in the same size font. They're not hiding the ball, at least not in the app.


      Ice vs Cream.

      It's quite simple


        Sure that's what I guessed.

        However, I've seen bus ads espousing the negative of frozen cokes, slushees, … 20-30 teaspoons of sugar.

        Haven't seen any explaining that thickshakes have more sugar and much more fat / kJs.

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      If you are just kilojoule counting, you're doing it wrong.

      By your approach, it's better to have a large frozen coke (780kj) then 2 bananas (786kj).

      Also, what did you expect? Frozen coke is mainly water. Thickshake is mainly dairy.

      Same with Boost Juice. Most of the smoothies have a yoghurt base.

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    Thick shake is 22.76% of daily energy intake.
    Drink 4 a day and you can still consider your self on a diet.

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