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[WA] Ryobi 190cc Subaru 4 Stroke Lawn Mower $299 (Was $499) @ Bunnings (Midland)


$200 off the ticket price. Lots of stock as of today.

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    Is there a WRX version?

    • I want a 4” Cannon

    • lul

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      There's an STi version. It's sick.

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    Subaru have exited the small engine market, could be issue in the future….

    • No, Yamaha have purchased their assets.

  • Is it a boxer engine?

    • Can't be a boxer if it only has one cylinder.

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        Perhaps that 1 cylinder is horizontal? 1 armed boxer?

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          Haha "Why does this damned thing shake this much!?"

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    The engine is pretty good in this…..the build quality is a huge let down. I’ve had mine for 3 years and have had tack welds fail on the bumper causing it to fall off, while the platform seems to be tin which bends if you hit something. A good option at this price to get you by for a few years, but if you want one to last look at the more reputable mower brands.

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    I have this unit for about 3 years and it’s not a bad mower. Had no problems with it.
    Good deal for a mower.

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    190cc is a bigger engine than my motorbike. :o

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    Any chance of getting this price in Melbourne?

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    I've had this mower for about 3 years as well, and it's a great mower, quite heavy though… always starts on first pull, and never had any issues with it, has been very reliable.

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      I also start on first pull :)

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        the problem is ending on first pull

        • You need better lubrication mate

  • Will NSW pricematch this?

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    I bought this mower a few years back and I disregarded the online reviews, but I have to agree with them. Its very heavy, catcher is hard to put on as you put the top on first. Its very long to the handle, so manoeuvring in tight places can be difficult (refer back to being heavy). Build quality is cheap. Saying that. starts first pull 3 years on

    • I've had mine for a few years too and note that the catcher is quite small compared to another mower I have. I paid around $189 in Bunnings for my Ryobi Subaru.

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    Bargain mower price..

    Had mine for 3 years now.. as others have noted.. heavy.. catcher is small n difficult to put on..

    Bolts holding handles tend to vibrate loose..

    Would buy again though as it's been rock solid when tasked to do it's job!!

  • I have this mower for about 1yr and so far so good.

    Starts well first time and you can hook up your garden hose to clean the blades after you finish mowing the lawn. Quite fuel efficient compared to our previous one.

    I was at Bunnings the other day and saw the new Ryobi uses Yamaha engine now.

  • Is it self propelled

  • Would make a sick go kart!

  • No head gasket jokes? I am disapoint

    • The head gasket thing was about the Ford Focus rs, not a Subaru.

      • Err, you haven't heard of Subaru's infamous headgasket failures?

  • Called my local Bunnings, Maroochydore in QLD and still ticketed and scanning at $499. No price match offered. Anyone have any luck price matching?

    • No luck in Warrawong NSW, apparently this is a promo item not usually stocked and therefore does not qualify for a price match.

      • Strange seeing as my local has had them in stock for at least the last 12 months. Might pop in tomorrow and try my luck

  • My local bunnings says they are nationally priced and his came up at 499.00. Wonder why yours was a different price. I am at Tweed NSW store.

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    Anyone checked other WA stores?

  • Had one for 3 years too. Don't remember paying $499 for it though. No complaints other than the nuts and bolts on the handles will eventually vibrate loose and you'll lose them. Good deal for this mower.

    • I think if people are now aware of this issue and just squirt some loctite on them, they can avoid the problem

      • or use nylock nuts

  • So only love for WA?
    Does it pick up doublegees?

  • Don't buy this model, I bought mine 2 years ago when I was looking for new mower, Engine itself is great but overall build quality is what you'd expect from a $100 one.

  • Now All those getting around in sti jackets/caps can justify wearing the gear?

  • Can I take out the engine and use it on a Honda deck? Got an old Honda buffalo buck 19r but the engine died after 14yrs , the deck is still fine. Contemplating an eBay chonda engine hmm

    • I reckon it’d be easier if you can find the same engine again. That way it bolts up exactly the same and fits easily without having to mess around