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50% off Apple Accessories: 61W/87W USB-C Power Adapter $49.50/ $54.50 (OOS) | Apple Homepod $424 + More @ Myer Online/In-Store


see main link for all accessories, Price Beat at Officeworks for 5% off

If item is out of stock online check in-store myer, as per comments items still available in-store but each store will be different & likely bigger product range than online

3kW Reverse Cycle Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier DC10RC $319

all products available

Apple HomePod $424 - Price Beat at Officeworks - $402.8

Update: following popular items are now out of stock
12w USB charging adapter
61w Type C power adapter
87w Type C power adapter
USB Ethernet adapter
USB C Multiport adapter

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  • +11

    thanks, ordered a 87w brick. If only they had lightning - usb c cables, a rip off atm.

    • Chinese companies started making mfi cables now. Around $20 at the moment, brands like Momax, Benks have started pushing to the market, I’m sure it won’t take long for the sites to pick up the opportunity.

    • +1

      Anker make one now, should be very good quality like the rest of their products

    • My 2018 MBP 87w or wattever it is, is a steaming pile of poo.

      Routinely won't register a charge. Have to unplug and plug it back in.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Grabbed an 87w brick also :) Don't forget 5% Cashrewards cash-back!

  • +7

    To save people checking, there are no Magsafes for the older models and also no Lightning cables :(

    • +1

      damm was after a 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter as a backup since stupid bunny ate my original cable

      • +5

        Same, those things just do not last, bunnies or not.

        • +2

          Have I been lucky then?
          Mine are about to have their 6th and 8th birthdays!

          • @damion: The adapter-to-computer cord frays and breaks over a fairly short period of time. Magsafe adapters had thousands of negative reviews on the Apple Store website for this reason.

            Perhaps you're not moving yours around very much?

      • +1

        Bunnies seem to really like Apple cables, ours keep chewing through our phone chargers… (they don't seem to like all the other power cords which is good!)

  • I wish there were third party manufacturers of macbook chargers. I always have them frayed where they connect to the laptop

    • +2

      I am still using my original Magsafe charger for my 2012 Macbook Pro (that I bought back in 2012). I have had no issues, maybe i'm lucky.

      • +1

        I still have my orginal 2013 charger, I've just had to tape up the frayed end.

    • +1

      Wife took an old 2015 Macbook Air charger with badly frayed cable into Apple in Chatswood and they replaced it for free. At first they were going to charge but then the guys said, "Let me see what I can do", and came out with a free charger!

      • It's probably reasonable fraying from wear & tear, but every now & then, Apple surprises with free replacements. I must say that it's a premium price, but the service is generally quite good. Previous MBP from 2011 was just replaced last week so a good lifespan from it as well. Only problem now is that their prices have skyrocketed ridiculously over the past 5 years & justification for their products is getting harder & harder with an erosion of the ecosystem that they had previously (Magsafe, Airport, Displays, etc.)

      • Is it the white parts of the white plastic coming off, on the MagSafe end

        • The actual cable bit was bent and frayed - metal from the cable showing. Not sure how it happened as the laptop was our sons.

          • @shagaroo: Did they give you a brand new one in a box

  • +1

    "Appple" are these legit?

  • +1

    Both 87w and 61w power supplies are sold out now. I got to Officeworks for a price beat and by the time i got there they were sold out :-(

    • likely still available in-store myer

      • Won't allow me to enter a postcode on either unit on the website, so assuming it's not available. Guess it's worth trying if you are near a Myer.

    • I got to Officeworks for a price beat

      Why the hassle, isn't 5% cashback and free delivery a better option?

      • +1

        I was at my local shops when deal was posted. There is an OW there. Was easy to go in. Not available online now.

    • Whats the apple chargers like ? Better than 3rd party ?

  • Bugger, ordered an 87W adapter a few days ago. Rang Myer. It's on the dock for shipping so too late to cancel. They can't apply the current discount, but I can buy a new one & return the old one when it arrives. Unfortunately, in the 20 minutes it took for me to speak to Myer, the item went out of stock on the website & was no longer available to order. :(

    • +1

      when it arrives go back to myer refund & repurchase if discount price is still available

      • +1

        Yeah, that's what the guy on the phone said to do. If I'd thought of that earlier, I would have just purchased the new one at 50% off, then done the return in store later. Because I rang them, the item went OOS in the time taken by the phone call.

    • Check your credit card if they have a price protection guarantee?

      • Thanks. Did that. Amex Explorer. Sadly, no.

        • Amex explorer has 3 months price protection

          • @mefresh: Thanks @mefresh. Where did you find that? I can only find purchase protection, which is for theft, loss, damage, and refund protection, for if the retailer refuses a refund.

            • +1

              @bcarp: Apologies, you are correct - it doesn't cover price protection.

              • @mefresh: No problems. But you had me excited there for a while!

  • Any idea if this is in store as well?

    • +1

      yes it is

  • +2

    Good deal OP - Appple even deserved 50% more P's in the spelling of their name :-)

    • +2

      lol slow morning

  • Just grabbed the last 87w at myer adelaide Rundle mall. Still two of the 60s left. Also heaps of magsafe one and twos

    • showing out of stock now online. was it out of stock when you found them in store ?

      • Yes

  • +3

    All I wanna buy were ozbargined

  • +1

    Does Officeworks price match if it's out of stock at Myer?

    • just tell them its still available in-store just OOS online

  • -3

    Lmao $50 for a charger is a deal? (profanity) Apple.

  • Refused to PM at OW. For apple brick 🧱

  • +3

    Grabbed an Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock and a Space Grey Magic Trackpad 2 last night for 50% off in Sydney city.
    There was very little stock left so i didn't bother to post.

    • wow, I am on the market for trackpad 2, where did you buy it? so about $120 for the trackpad?

      • As above - Sydney City store.
        Think i paid $110 but it was the last one left.

    • Wow that's a huge bargain!

      Might pop by after work today…. Or will everything be ozbargained?

      • +1

        Last night there were a few Apple Watch bands, about 3 magnetic charging docks, some old iPad covers and some cables.

      • I visited this afternoon. Only some ipad/iphone case left, some Watch bands, charging docks left.

        Asked staff about keyboard or trackpad, these are out of stock in Myer CBD.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just in time. Grabbed a Thunderbolt 3 to 2… was never gonna grab it at the full price from apple store, what a crap price

  • Would the big usbc blocks be overkill for phones/power bank/jump start chargers?

    • probably, it would depend on the capabilities of the particular device you were charging …. but they're sold out now anyway.

  • Urgh, I just got one of their obscure adapters from JB Hi Fi yesterday. Never thought such a thing would go on sale.

    • This is because Myer is giving Apple the arse for being bullies. Myer will no longer stock Apple products.

      • I'm sure Apple are devastated a retailer of Myer's quality and scale will no longer be discounting their products constantly.

        • Maybe not from Myers decision alone, but the effects could potentially be devastating in the long term. With falling iPhone sales, Apple's ability to bully retailers into terms that massively favours them is waning. This will give other retailers like JB Hi-Fi something to think about the next time they negotiate terms with Apple,.and perhaps they too will stand up to the bullies.

  • OMG i missed out on the bricks. I might visit my local store on the way home.

  • I'm assuming the discount is only on some specific Apple accessories - but not all the accessories in the Apple category ?

    No discounts on the stands and when I try to click on some of the pages they are broken (404 / no destination) - which is pretty sloppy for a major store..

    • The sign in store said all apple accessories

  • +2

    Ya thanks OP just price matched the 10.5 iPad Pro leather sleeve for $89 at Officeworks vs $199 RRP at Apple. Huge bargain.

  • -2

    Bought 3 12W chargers and one MINI DP- DVI adapter.

  • Im going to give good guys and JB a try

  • Awesome. Got the camera adapter that I was planning to get on my upcoming trip to NZ. I think I already bent my MBP last trip I took it.

    I'm tempted to see what is available in store, Apple Watch accessories in particular but I don't have time to go till tomorrow. Gotta get myself a birthday after work.

  • +2

    2x 87w USB-C Chargers left at Karrinyup, WA + some other items. Managed to price match with OW by showing store stock online :) thanks OP!

    Here’s a stock pic

  • Just got one for same price at Good guys no problem, plenty of stock

  • Any 30w usbc bricks in Melbourne?

  • Anyone been to sydney city store this arvo and can report on stock?

    • +1

      Was there an hour ago and only saw iPad covers and thunderbolt dongles. They had some Apple watch bands as well.

  • +3

    61w Power Adapters back in stock online

  • Will the 87W charge a iPhone X?

  • Just been to sydney city store and picked up the 87w brick for $54.5.

    They weren’t on display and I asked an attendant to check out the back.

    He still has one 61w with him. Be quick!

    • Nice, any chance they still have magsafe bricks?

      • I didn’t see any on display and I didn’t ask cos I don’t have a MacBook that uses MagSafe anymore.

        Are you close by? Worth a quick pop in to ask?

        • Thanks, I'll visit another Myer closer to where I live. Hopefully it's not as busy.

          • +2

            @bikuta: Hey mate, just checked. No more magsafe chargers or USB C chargers.

  • +3

    Morley, WA stock pic - all 50% off marked price.

  • Got a couple of 87w usb c chargers at Myers Maroochydore. They had a few magsafe 2 and 61w chargers in stock as well, even though the website said they were out of stock.

  • +1

    This was what Myer Fountain Gate had at about 8:30PM last night (also about 5 USB SuperDrives behind the counter). Guy confirmed that Myer don't want to sell Apple anymore so they are getting rid of all the stock. No type c chargers as he said some guy rocked up at 9AM and bought all 4 and a time machine. I was tempted to get the track pad (probably would have it if it was the newer one) but I have one at work that I don't even use. Glad I did click and collect for the lighting to USB camera cable as there were none left. Used it to transfer photos last night from my DSLR to my iPhone.


    ETA: I would either call or go to a Myer because when I checked online yesterday it was saying 0 Trackpads in stock at FG and when I got there, there were 4.

  • 3kW Reverse Cycle Portable Air Conditioner with Dehumidifier DC10RC

    anyone recommend this for a tiny studio type room?

  • +1

    So with Myer no longer stocking Apple products it looks like Jb Hi Fi and David Jones are the only 2 that will give me a decent discount using gift cards.

  • +3

    Blacktown nsw, heaps of 5w, 12w adaptors, lightning cables and headphones. 2 pencils. 1 85w magsafe. Various adaptors.

  • Office works at Garden City Mt Gravatt QLD has a few 61w Type C power adapters left as well as a few other apple accessories

  • FWIW Apple has lowered the RRP for HomePod to A$469, so there's probably going to be cheaper prices to come in the near future for HomePods at least.

  • +1

    Saw 1 60w MagSafe and a few 85w MagSafe at the Chatswood Myers.

  • +1

    For anyone interested - Myer Perth has a good stock of the following items:
    - original Mouse,
    - USB SuperDrive,
    - 45/60/85w MagSafe 1 Chargers;
    - 48/85w MagSafe 2 Chargers,
    - iPad Pro covers, cases and sleeves,
    - iPad Smart Cover,
    - iPad mini case and smart covers,
    - 38 and 42mm silicone watch bands.

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