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Up to 50% off Xiaomi & Minix (Mi Band 2 $15.37, Amazfit Bip $81.90 Free Shipping) @ Apu's World


Hi, OZB Peeps,

Today we have a limited promotion on select Xiaomi & Minix models.

For products not in this collection, use code OZ15 for 15%off any product on site

This promotion includes Mi Band 2, Amazfit Bip, Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Kit, Xiaomi Mijia 360 Camera , Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Earphones , Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones, Roidmi 3S, 70Mai Dash Cam, Mi Laser Projector and much more!

For the Minix we have secured a bulk deal on the Minix U9 with A3 air-mouse, and selected USB-C products and unheard prices for local stock.
All products available on main landing page use APU30 to take further 30% off.
Some Extra models added QCY, Blitzwolf…

Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Kit (Global Version)( $94.47)
Mi Band 2 ( $15.37) Sold Out….
Amazfit Bip ( $81.90)
Xiaomi Mijia 360 Camera (Global version) ( $55.97)
Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones ( $39.17)
Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Earphones ( $29.37)
Xiaomi Mi Pro HD Earphones( $36.37)
Minix U9 ( $167.97)
Minix U9 with Minix A3 airmouse ( $192.47)
Xiaomi 70mai (Global English) ( $55.97)
Xiaomi Roidmi 3S ( $23.77)
Xiaomi Laser Projector (Global Edition) ( $2239.30)
Minix Z83 Windows Mini PC ( $244.97)
MINIX NEO C-D, USB-C Multiport Adapter for MacBook Pro ( $90.97)
MINIX Neo C-UH USB-C to 4-Port USB 3.0 HDMI Adapter ( $34.93)
MINIX Neo C-4K, High Performance USB-C to 4K HDMI Cable( $34.93)
Xiaomi USB 3.1 Type-C to HDMI ( $41.93)
Xiaomi Mi Wi Fi 2 (Global version) ( $10.47)
BlitzWolf® Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charger ( $23.77)
QCY Q26 Pro Single Bluetooth Earphone ( $17.47)

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  • -2

    today we have a limited promotion

    why limited?

    • +1

      It's limited due stock levels we have about 50 pieces available of each model.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

      • thanks

  • Any deal on air purifier ?

    • +1

      Sorry not at the moment, we can look into it for the next sale.

  • +6

    Thank you, come again

    • +1

      @worthy1 beat me to it

  • +1

    Hi rep. Any news when Amazfit Bip 2 will be released?.


    • Hi not yet, no ETA for the global model.

  • anyone know if its still worth getting xiaomi band 2? was looking at three but not sure if I should wait for that one.

    • +1

      It's a very decent price considering it'll coming in a week not 6 weeks like from overseas sellers. I had a mi band 3 before which was great but lost it swimming a couple months back. For $15 it's worth the downgrade to mi band 2 as I mainly use it for call notifications and track sleep and fitness.

  • Great price on the Mi Band 2!
    After the Roidmi 3s but its 23.77 where in past deals its usually 12-13$ with the ceapest being ~$10 aud

  • Mi Band 2 ….. Sold out

  • Xiaomi Mijia 360 Camera (Global version) ( $55.97) - can this run on the Singapore server or does this need to be on the China Server?

    • Hi there I am checking with Xiaomi and I will let you know what they say.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

    • singapore Server works for the global model only.
      Straight from our Xiaomi rep.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

      • Thanks! Sooooo is this 1080p or 720p?

        Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera
        Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 1080p Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera $99.00$69.95 Keep your home safe with the Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera, which features 360° panoramic views and night vision, so you’ll

        Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 1080p

        Capture clear 720p footage
        Video Resolution 720p

        • Sorry it should read 1080p.

          Kind regards Paul Jo

  • When I select Xiaomi Mi Pro HD Earphones, It is offering a superb deal that includes the earphones + car USB charger for combined price of 20$..

    What are the usual delivery times?


    • Hi that's a glitch I will fix that.


    • +1

      I see the purchase has gone through we will honour that price, even thats miles under cost.

      Enjoy, good ozbargaining work.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

      • +1

        Thanks Paul.

  • +1

    Thanks rep, ordered the Amazefit Bip

    • To welcome happy we could help.

      Kind regards Paul Jo

  • Hi rep, no bluetooth twin earbud? only single? Thanks.

    • Hi Eric,

      Just the singles ATM, you can use them in dual stereo if there are 2 together.

      At the discount a stereo pair is pretty good value.

  • Are newer versions of 70 mai dashcam and amzafit coming out soon?

    • The chinese versions are due soon, we only sell global models, they are usually a a few months behind local Chinese release.

  • missed, hopefully another promotion soon.

  • Thanks, received by Mi Band 2 this morning.

    • Hi Andyman, great to hear.
      Kind regards Paul Jo

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