This was posted 3 years 1 month 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[VIC] 66% off off Ralph Lauren Shirts $49 @ DFO Essendon


Plenty of different styles and sizes available.

Also short sleeve polos for $39/49 and long sleeve polos for $39.

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    Can confirm Birkenhead aswell
    Picked up 3 - shirts and polos $49

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    Normally $200? WTF…

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      My mistake! RRP was $149

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    Can anyone confirm if this offer is available at other Ralph Lauren DFO locations?

    • Would also be interested to know this.

      • Same

        • — looking for legend of the day who can answer this —

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    ROFL, $49 for a logo and basic garment that cost $2 in some third world country. And all to make yourself feel important and above the rest of society because you can afford expensive logos despite your true financial status. Awesome deal for anyone so vain. Up vote for me!

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      I realised this when polo shirts are always going for $20USD in outlets in the US, they're not anything special. Nice quality shirts though.

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        In the US (and possibly here) they run low cost colour ways exclusively for their outlet stores.

        For instance, at their outlet store you can get a Navy Mesh Polo with light blue logo for $40. But the normal Navy Mesh Polo with Red logo is still $80.

        If you see a Navy Mesh Polo with light blue Polo logo, you know its from an outlet store.

        Whats the difference? Nothing…just the logo colour, the price and your perceived 'status'

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      I've had some polo ralph shirts for 10-15yrs. before they wore out around the cuff

      that's not too bad, and certainly better for the environment than buying 3 less sturdy shirts.

      • I've got $4 Primark (UK version of even cheaper than cotton on) t-shirts that is still strong after 10 years 100% cotton. Not sure about PRL polos and the environment cost of that logo!

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      Sounds like you’re projecting there. I bought a heap of Polo shirts in the US for $20 a pop because I like the design and quality, they last longer than your average shirts and feel nice. I couldn’t care less what people think about them. If you think that’s the only reason people buy them, you are a little nuts.

      • Mentally nuts vs financially nuts… FIGHT!

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      It is a brand with rich history and their clothes fit nicely. Would never buy them at full price, but I always get years of wear out of the polos and shirts and like the fabrics they use. I've tried other polos and have not liked the fit at all, so will stick with these at this price.

    • The US versions are made for dryers, and hence a lot more durable than the Aussie crap.
      I have a couple from the US and after 12+ years, and at least 100 washes later, look damn good.

    • Have an upvote you filthy animal ;-)

    • We truly live inside of a society

    • had to login to up vote

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    Can corfirm DFO Airport - Brisbane, however I still felt it was too pricey.

  • This is actually really good considering buying a used RL shirt costs the same amount. Anyone else notice in the last 2 weeks a sudden demand in the used clothing market on ebay? Just me?

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      All those interest only loans converting to P&I from now to 2020!

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    Paid $17 USD for the T-shirt’s and $23 USD for the polos at the waikele outlets in Honolulu recently


    • $49 is US$35, so not that big a difference. $12 shipping would be reasonable if you bought 1 online from the US.

      In saying that I paid like US$25 at San Diego Border Outlets. And I paid $25 for a pair of Adidas Cloudfoam Racer TR in a colourway you can't get here. Awesome shoes.

      • Not having to take an expensive trip to Hawaii would close that gap pretty quickly.

        Or we can just send a volunteer to buy stuff in the US and share with the OzBargain crowd.

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    What can I say but?

    I'm like, "Yo, that's 50 dollars for a t-shirt."
    Limited edition, let's do some simple addition
    50 dollars for a t-shirt, that's just some ignorant bitch shit
    I call that getting-swindled-and-pimped shit
    I call that getting tricked by business

  • The RL polos are pretty good compared to say kmart ones, but obviously cost way more. Can anyone recommend a good polo for less than this sale price? One that will last more than 3 washes. Cheers

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      • not If you like the risk of colour fade, and no I don’t warm water wash.

    • The initial shape and cut is better, but still not that great. I bought one from an outlet store in the US in October and its already lost its shape, faded a bit and even starting to pil after around 3 washes. Really poor quality for the price.

      I would highly recommend a Black Henleys Polo I bought last year but I cant find it anywhere online. That is heaps better. It is much thicker, heavier material and has held its shape and colour after a few washes.

      I used to also be into Ben Sherman Polos but I have noticed that the quality of their material as dropped over time too. I haven't bought one recently but the couple I had around 6-7 years ago were pretty good.

    • 3 for $99 on this deal

    • CT for $33

    • Uniqo is pretty great, wish they sold them with their logo still

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    Just to confirm, these are Ralph Lauren and not just Polo Ralph Lauren?

  • How big are the logos? I prefer something minimalistic like Lacoste

    • about the size of a ten cent coin

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        Brilliant! I'll have to go to DFO and pick up a shirt for myself

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    Just bought Brooks brother…
    Which quality is better?

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      Brooks sister is way better

  • These are like 12USD in the united states and hoodies are like 25USD

  • For when you truly need to look like an a-class preppy (profanity), go no further than a salmon polo with popped collar.

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    My last Ralph lauren polo lasted me 6 years. It's still in amazing condition other than the colour fade underneath the pits. Ignore the $5 kmart polo peasants on this thread.

  • Is the pricing this weekend only? If anyone happens to drop by Moorabbin DFO today could you please let me know?

    Don’t know if I have time today but would like to try to get there if I can.

  • Anyone that has a really old polo shirt, say 10+ years, compare it to a new polo shirt. The quality and feel of the fabric is different. It's not to say the current ones are that bad just not as good IMO.

    • Shrinkage. It is a bit like food manufacturers who keep on shrinking the weight to keep to a price point.

      • Yeah not sure if quality is getting worse as per say but does certainly feel different to the touch, not as thick and elastic.

        • True. Natural fibers like Cotton and Wool are getting more expensive so they put synthetics in it. That is why they are pushing all these shiny suits as fashionable.

    • Apples and oranges. Pique weave polos? Cotton, polyester, acrylic, elastane? Etc

  • Went in store. The $49 price is only for the cheaper RL polos with the picture of the bear that are normally about $109. The regular ones are around $100.

  • Not much variety at all. Normal polos are $79. Most $49 shirts are not that nice. Bit of a waste of time, only got one shirt.

  • Really bad colours are $49 the normal colours are $89

  • And I'm hear just waiting for UNIQLO sales costing half the price of that lol

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    Only the crappy Polos are 49, the one no one wants, wish I could neg vote

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    Time to look like an eshay

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