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Charles Tyrwhitt 3 Shirts for $99 with Free Delivery


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"*Terms & Conditions: The Shirts for $39.95 offer applies to Business, Casual & Polo shirts. Luxury and Dinner shirts are priced differently. The 3 shirts for $99 offer applies to all shirts individually priced at $39.95. Subsequent shirts or shirts sold individually will be priced at $39.95. This offer is limited to one order of up to 6 shirts per household and is not valid in conjunction with any other offers or vouchers, but can be used on Charles Tyrwhitt’s website Clearance section. The Free Delivery offer applies to one single order and applies to our Standard Delivery service to an Australian address only. Brass collar stiffeners usually $10 for 3 pairs. Excludes button down formal shirts. The offer end date is 1st June 2019. We reserve the right to withdraw, amend or extend this offer at any time, without prior notice. See our website for further great offers and full terms and conditions. Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts Limited - Registered address Cottons Centre, Cottons Lane, London, SE1 2QG, UK - Company No. 2914928 - UK Vat No. 821 1491 60"

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  • Wow. Finally it's back!

  • Their shirts are not bad, the only problem is they do not have pockets. I know the traditional design does not have pockets, but really they are important.

  • Can you post a link? Nothing showing up on the website

  • I know this has been discussed a million times over but TM Lewin or Charles Tyrwhitt?

    • i got my first CT shirts from the deal a few weeks ago, and I prefer the fabric of my TML shirts over them.

      also, CT slim fit is not very slim - I feel like their "super slim fit" is more of the standard slim fit.

      • If CT slim fit still feels too baggy, then which size to go for when buying TML?

      • Sounds like TM Lewin for me as the shirt I have from them already is a little baggy in places.

      • Different CT shirts use different fabrics. Some I really like and some I don't, but it's hard to consistently tell which a shirt will be when you order online. Still my preferred.

    • I am a regular wearer of TML and bought some CT to try. Unfortunately, I've found they have too much space in the shoulders and the arms are stitched too low and it pulls the shirt up too much when you raise your arms. I ended up returning them.

    • TM: Better fit
      CT: Better quality and fabric + brass collar stays!

    • I have bought a considerable amount from both the past year. Note that I order Super Slim for CT and Super Fitted for TM.

      CT - Better non-iron coating; brass collar stays; faster delivery [TM orders arrive 1 week later on average]; cheaper [only by a little]
      TM - Better fit and fabric feel; collars stay crisp

      CT - Shirts run very long - prone to muffin look; I sweat a lot more in CT shirts; collars age faster than TM ; shirt cuffs feel abrasive against my skin
      TM - Don't bother with their casual shirts - quality is far away from their business/formal line; Shirt sizing not consistent - [better to go in-store and try]

      My personal preference is TM over CT. My 3 favourite shirts are my 3 white poplin non-iron shirts from TM.

    • I have both and prefer TM Lewin, more for the fit than anything. Feels more like I'm wearing the shirt than the other way around

    • My 2 cents worth: I own about 5 TM Lewins and maybe 15 CT's.

      1. I found the TM Lewin poplin and twill shirts to be very thin (see through) when I tried them. I had to return them. Otherwise they have both stood the test of time over the years. I rarely wear a shirt to the point where they wear through (I have too many shirts!)

      2. From a fit perspective, it is all relative. These days because I very rarely wear a tie, the collar size is not important so I wear whatever fits the rest of my body best. So for instance, I am a natural 41 collar size but typically wear 39 shirts because I match to my body, not my neck size. Consider this if you never wear ties. Then it is about how the different sizes of TM Lewin and CT fit you. I personally cannot get a TM Lewin to fit me just right (I am in between some of their sizes), whereas CT has an Extra Slim Fit 39 that fits just about perfect (I agree with another poster when they say that the shirts are long…however, if the rest of the fit is correct then it looks fine then I find it does not balloon out).

      3. CT Shirts seem to have more choices in terms of textures/weaves which is cool.
      4. CT Shirt has brass collar stays (stiffeners) which are better than the plastic? TM Lewin ones
      5. CT shirts collars tend to stay starched and stiffer over time (in my experience). YMMV.
        The last two points are quite minor though, and would not sway me on my decision.

      They are both great shirts in terms of bang for your buck.

      I'm not 100% sold on the concept of Non-Iron as a lot of manufacturers use formaldehyde on the fabric in order to maintain wrinkle free, and that chemical is carcinogenic (cancer causing). I actually emailed CT Shirts years ago to ask them about this, and whilst they would not disclose the exact method that they used for Non-Iron they did confirm a small amount (less than other manufacturers they claim) of formaldehyde. I have some Non-Iron and acknowledge that they are better at keeping wrinkles away but I still have to Iron them.

      TM Lewin have a store in Sydney so you can physically try sizes on. With CT Shirts you have to order and try them, but they have a great return policy.

      I don't think you can go wrong with either given the sale prices they are regularly at.

      • I tend to find CT shirts fit a bit large. Their slim fit is more like a classic fit. I'm a big guy, so I'm usually fine with a classic fit but CT shirts

  • Bought 9 in the last deal and been wearing them for work everyday. The non-iron actually works as long as you hang it on a coat hanger to dry. Just keep in mind the Slim fit is like a regular in other brands. I was a bit hesitant at first ordering Slim fit considering that I go gym and have a V shape upper body, but Slim fit was perfect on me. And they're long enough to stay tucked in the trousers.

    • I'm with you man; I normally go for slim in a size up and it's spot on. Also agree on being able to tuck them in properly…

  • how to swap the size if found the size is wrong?

    • Reuse the same packaging they sent you, fill in slip they sent you and put inside, fill in package slip and stick it on the outside, go to post office.

  • Sounds like an ongoing "marketing trick", not a deal. The campaign started two weeks ago -
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/444097 (ended or paused yesterday?)

    • Hope it's the new normal but whilst the time difference between the last 2 offers was short before that there were no 3 for 99 deals for a while

  • Beware of their snail-mail junk mail. It's almost impossible to get off their list. I had to phone 4 times.

  • Think its expired now ?

  • Use incognito mode

  • Bought some from the last deal. Good quality shirts with free and painless returns. To echo others comments, don't be afraid of their slim size names. For me, just normal/in-shape body type, Extra Slim was perfect and fits like a slim in most other brands. Super Slim, the slimmest of their slim range, is a hair too tight around my chest.

  • Have bought and returned hundreds of dollars worth of shirts after a few sales now. My advice is to consider the slimmest style shirt you want, then go another one below that. I'm a bit fat and the slim is still too much. I'll be getting the tighest fit next time. Also double check the material type you want. Some shirts are very glossy/shiny, others feel like a bath towel, some are very silky. A lot of variation all within the non-iron ones.

    Return process is simple. Keep the box / package it comes in and stick a label on it. There is a small return fee (~$8 or something) if you choose to refund (no fee if you exchange). I've never tried the exchange system because I frankly couldn't be assed.

  • Ah, none of the casual shirts I want are in the multi buy

  • Dam i was checking out as a guest… then went back and created and account and it refreshed and the sale had gone by then on the same shirts went from 99 to 270$ … no thanks

  • For first buyers: if you're a slim guy like me, beware these are very baggy. Last time this sale was on I got a Slim, Extra Slim and Super Slim - one of each. All 3 are too baggy for me. Super Slim feels like a classic fit for any other brand, and the other two are even bigger.

    • What size are you mate?
      I usually buy 40/41 in CT in Extra Slim. I also buy 40/41 in TM Lewin in Fitted (equivalent to Extra Slim). Whilst the Extra Slim does have a small amount of extra fabric around the waist and arms compared to TM Lewin, it still fits reasonably well. I'm curious about your size as I wouldn't mind taking a punt on a Super Slim CT.

      • I got 38 collar 81 sleeve. I reckon the step from Extra to Super Slim is about the same as from Slim to Extra Slim. And yeah, for me the Super Slim is ok in most areas but the waist and under arms is baggy. Oh and the sleeve cuffs are massively oversized. I normally wear XS from most places, Superdry S fits me really nice too.

  • Great deal. Thanks OP

  • 3 for $119 for me. Did I miss this deal?

  • I ordered from the last deal and got stung with a 3% foreign fee. Didn't even think about it because I was paying in Australian Dollars. A quick 2 minute call to Westpac and they credited it back to me. But pay with a no international fee card if you can!

  • Casual shirts any good ? I've ordered the business shirts and they are long… I don't intend to tuck the casual ones in… Too long ?

    Fit wise equivalent to the business ones ?

    • You can pick the sleeve size. I almost exclusively buy from CT, quality of work and casual shirts is amazing value for money. The fit is great, you have a wide range of fits to pick from, I estimated my size first time around using their chart and fit perfectly.

      edit: Oh oops just read you are worried about the shirt length, I haven't had that issue but both casual and formal appear to be made to be tucked in, based on their lengths

  • Deal expired?
    Isn't that until 1st of June?

  • Is deal still active?

  • dead for me too…expired early! :(

  • I usually wear a 38 slim VH shirt. I assume I’ll be a extra slim 38 here?

  • Deal is still active. Bought 3 shirts a min. ago

  • no deal showing for me either

  • I think what's happened is the deal ended abruptly and then was reinstated (as posted above)

    This somehow changed the browser cookie (Chrome) for me and I couldn't see the deal until I cleared the cookie for CT Shirts specifically and then it worked as it should.

    So did end up ordering successfully over the weekend per previous poster.

    FYI Can see the deal right now also.

  • What do people think of their casual shirts? Same price as business shirts in this deal.

  • if someone could help me out it would be much appreciated.. i'm normally an XL slim fit in van heusen shirts what does that translate to in 'collar + sleeve' sizes? some result has lead me to a 44 / 90? i'm not too familiar with this form of sizing…

  • Just ordered 3 Super Slim shirts… and I'm disappointed.

    I actually think the Extra Slim shirts fit better (which is contrary to what the website says).

  • I've used this offer several times over the years but I wasn't able to click on the Payment button this time. Same thing happened earlier this year when the offer ran. I discovered that it was because I had checked out using my existing account. I feel like my account has been flagged with this offer or something. When I checked out as a guest and re-entered my details the order went through successfully. Might help other people who are having the same problem

  • anyone bought their pants before, care to share?

  • I had been waiting patiently for this deal. Time for a top up on business shirts.

  • I don't recommend anyone with a slim build to get the dress shirts. I had to send them all back for refund.

    Their slimmest cut, Super Slim, is not slim enough and just does not work in general. Clearly they do not know how to design for people who do not do bicep work outs. The shirts have huge baggy arms. Their classic and cutaway collars are fat which look horrible with a slim fit suit lapel.

    Also their light coloured shirts are translucent and show nipples.

    • i should have read this before my purchase. same issue for me, super slim but still a bit loose on the waist and the arms are definitely not proportional to a super slim. returning items are quite a simple process however.

      Ending up buying Oxford size medium, after trying in store.

  • can anyone who tried them confirm if they really are non-iron? cause the worst thing about wearing shirts is ironing them

  • Just to add my thoughts on the fit: I have relatively broad shoulders and a slim waist and the super slim fit fits me really well. I have previously tried on TM Lewin shirts, but it was either shoulders too small or waist too large.

  • Is this deal still active? Can't seem to get it , even on incognito mode

  • Worked fine for me today

  • Was still working yesterday, just wanted to order now and seems to be expired.

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