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NetGear Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi RBK50 $380.97 Delivered @ Wireless 1 eBay


NETGEAR Orbi High-performance AC3000 Tri-band WiFi RBK50.
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  • Why I'd never consider Tenda - Amazon Review:
    "These devices generate a lot of unwanted, unsolicited network chatter to internet web locations (some in China). If you block one or a combination of these requests, more and more requests occur to different internet locations and with increased frequency. Their tech support wanted to telnet into my network to “fix” the issue, and refused to provide me with the password or instructions to perform the fix myself. After I refused to let them into my network, they offered to supply me with a fixed firmware within a week…which was never sent."


      In contrast, I did read the Google equivalent permanently remains connected to their own servers.

  • Got the RBK50 a few months ago at this price. Has to be the best mesh on the market atm. Sounds like next gen is coming this year.

  • Thanks - bought one

  • I've got the RBR40 about 10 months ago and it has been great. I would buy these except there is nothing wrong with my current setup.

  • I'm a noob with networking and computer stuff…

    So I have Telstra cable with their supplied Netgear modem. No nbn yet in my area but predicted to happen this year. Could I use this now and if I upgrade to nbn?

  • Might be worth looking into the performance of AX3000 devices instead of this, as they have a lower starting price.

  • Finally, finally pulled the trigger on this one.

  • anyone know if office works will price match eBay? likely no, but just asking in case they do.

  • Is this Better than RT-AC68U in term of Performance? My PC is just got about 3-4 bar out of 5. Considering to get this Orbi and Connect the Satellite to the PC via Ethernet of the Satellite. Would that Improve the Performance to the NAS file transfer?

    • RT AC68U is fantastic in general - objectively i find the RBK50 improves coverage of WIFI dramatically and the conection between Satellite and base station is very solid - - day to day dont see any dramatic difference with transfer rate though
      Assuming that your computer is distant from your router and in a fixed place - I would consider a Powerline adapter such as TP-LINK AV2000 ($ 100 to 150) if transfer rate between your computer and the router is what your are after - much more bang for your bucks

      • thanks for the Suggestion. I have tried with the TP-Link AV2000, but problem is the house is built on Three phase therefore the Cable is not quite in line Hence i get the orange light rather than green light on the powerline adapter. Therefore the transfer rate is not much improvement compared to the Wifi.

  • Thanks OP… placed the order finally.

  • Not familiar with mesh but why would one use this as opposed to RBK30? RBK30 seems to be doing the job well for many from another deal

  • Please can someone advise on the following:
    1. Will the RBK50 (one router, one satellite) or the RBK23 (one router, two satellites, less bandwidth, fewer devices) be better for a two story home, 580 square meters (many devices)?
    2. I live on an estate where internet is provided by the body corporate (I think it's their own dedicated cable to the home/node). This is linked to a Telstra cable modem in a steel cabinet in the garage (no username or password necessary, wifi disabled). From there a cat5 cable runs to my media room, where a Linksys router is in bridge mode and provides wifi to the home (with a few wired connections to it as well). I am having issues with the Linksys router (overheating, dropping internet etc.). In my setup, can I replace the Linksys with the Orbi and use that for my wifi?

  • beware….
    15% off at checkout has gone…

  • Hey ya, I bought two units, but I've decided to keep only one.

    Anyone wants to buy it off me for the cost price as per the deal above? Else, I'll send it back for a refund (but I'll lose out on shipping costs - and this thing is massive).

    Melbourne, Collingwood/Epping based.