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Free Battery Change for Swatch Watches @ Swatch


Needed to get a new battery for my Swatch, went searching and found an old post that I completely missed, thought I would post again to remind everyone.

Need a new battery for your favourite Swatch? From now on, Swatch will replace it at no cost to you.
Take your Swatch to your nearest Swatch store and ask for a free new battery today.*
We will exchange the batteries of your Swatch directly in our Swatch stores located in Australia (excludes duty free).
Reenergise your Swatch. Now for free!

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  • nice, have one. battery still ok, but next time going to myer :)

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    All swatches get free battery replacement for life. Has always been the case for the past 10 years since I had them.

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      Post is a good reminder.

    • Did not know that. Thanks

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    Useless if you're in Brisbane as they have closed their store.
    Now if you need a battery replacing OR spare parts (in the case of my kid's watches) you have to ship it back to Melbourne to their service centre.
    The reason I bought the kid's watches was because they had a store in Brisbane making it easy to replace a battery or get new straps etc..

    • Yep. Brisbane truly is a hole. Still have to fly to Sydney for the US embassy (massive pain in the ass). Whoever came up with the term BrisVegas truly needs a beating. They obviously haven't been to Vegas and experienced options/freedom.

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      Not completely useless.
      I managed to get a free battery replacement last September at the Swatch store at the Brisbane International Airport Terminal.
      This post has just reminded me it is still in my bag.

    • I think Adelaide closed too.

      Is it really anyone’s fault other than our own for not buying enough Swatches?

    • Did you try at the Museum? thats the last place I saw a swatch, or a watch for that matter.

    • For those in Brisbane - CBD Watch Repairs do good work and are reasonably priced.


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        Seconded. CBD Watch Repairs is the only place I'll go in Brisbane.

        EDIT: Holy guac I didn't realise how ancient this post is.

      • For a battery change? Surely it's DIY or free?

    • Everyone just buy smart watch or fitness band with display these days even for kids. Swatch is a goner

      • Omega swatch .. blaucpain swatch?

  • Doh. Not all stores participating. Only two in Sydney - City or Brookvale. lol

  • How about scratch replacement / polishing?

    When I purchased it, the sales rep said it doesnt scratch.

    Will they repair / polish scratched faces?

    At cost, or included with warranty / after sales support?

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      I bought my watch in Hawaii years ago and Swatch @ Sydney Centrepoint are happy to buff scratches and polish for free.

      They also have never asked for the receipt.

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        There you go movieman, a quick flight to Sydney will polish up your swatch a bit free :-)

    • I’ve had stores buff them before but Adelaide only polished it with a cloth I think.

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      I used to work for Swatch many moons ago, the glass is called plexy glass, which imo essentially is plastic so it can scratch quite easily.
      We use to offer free polishing, and unless they changed policies i believe they still should.

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    Just get a Seiko 5 and you'll never need to replace the battery ;)

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    A nice service. Did the battery change in Melbourne DFO South Wharf smoothly.

  • I've done this a few times. Just confirming I've changed my batteries at Emporium and Chadstone (Melbourne) and they both had great service. On a busy period, staff noticed me and asked if I needed help; I was in and out less than a minute.

  • Do they change Tissot watch batteries too? (I think Tissot are owned by Swatch)

    • Tissot are owned by swatch but will not be able to replace tissot batteries in store. you will have to find a tissot store or contact head office.

    • Swatch Group also owns Omega; maybe a free battery for them too :-p

  • Strap replacement and adjustment is also free of charge.

  • Too bad the chadstone store no longer available…

    • It’s now in the city which is perhaps more convenient for more people

  • My mom has a 20 years old swatch that we bring to Swatch for a free battery change lol. Not sure how long the watch will last.

    Good value here as well considering how expensive battery change can be. Eventually i just learned to do my own battery change including changing the gaskets.

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    Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth only.

    CBD and airports only. Not very convenient.

    • Those cities cover approx 50% of Australians so those living in those cities might disagree

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        Would you travel more than 10km for a free battery replacement? >50% of the population may live in those cities, but those cities are up to 80km wide.

  • i wish I knew that.
    mine stood around with an empty battery for a year and wouldn't start again with a fresh one.
    Turns out its best to have then running even if not in use.

  • Good to know, my Swatch has had a dead battery for about 10 years. I never wanted to replace the battery since the darn thing is so loud.

  • Been there like forever no? I remember doing this since early 2000s 😬. Depending on the outlet they’ll sometimes even polish up the glass (for free or very affordable cost)

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